Top 17 Fascinating Beauty Hacks For Easier Life!

You don’t need to spend top dollar in the best beauty salons in your town or spend an enormous amount of time to perk you up. There are basic and simple ways of taking care of yourself without burning a hole in your wallet.

FeedFond has compiled top 17 beauty hacks that every woman of today should know to look their beautiful best always.

#17 Remove whiteheads.

Use the looped end of your bobby pin to place on the whitehead. Gently push down till the whitehead pops out.

#16 Static from your hair.

To get rid of static from your hair, just pass dryer sheets along the full length of your hair.

#15 Safe razor.

To prevent any cuts while you rummage through your travel kit, put a bulldog clip over your razor.

#14 Soft feet.


To get soft and smooth skin on your feet, wash them with a solution made from 2 cups warm water, 1 cup vinegar, and 1 cup mouthwash.

#13 Perfect puckers.


After you apply lipstick, suck your finger for a few moments to take of the extra lipstick that might stuck on your teeth. For an enhanced look, apply highlighter along the contour of your lips.

#12 Travel tip for cosmetics.

To prevent your eye-shadow, blush and powder from cracking during traveling, put cotton balls or pads on top of these to minimize the effect of being shaken.

#11 Baby oil instead of soap.

For getting a shave without the irritation and nicks, it’s safer to use baby oil than soap or foam.

#10 Matte finish to your lipstick.

To give a matte finish to your lipstick, apply the right shade of blush or some talcum powder after you apply lipstick.

#9 Brush wash.

Make a special plate for your makeup brushes by using a single-use plastic plate. Use hot glue to make random shapes and lines on the surface of the plate. After it dries, mix some water and shampoo and wash your brushes here until the water runs clear. Don’t forget to give a final rinse with clean water.

#8 Smooth polishing.

Apply some Vaseline or lip balm to the skin around your nails before you apply the nail polish. This will prevent any polish from touching your skin. Use a cotton bud to remove the Vaseline later.

#7 Dried eyeliner pen.


If you have a dried eyeliner pen, just remove the brush head and turn it around for a new one.

#6 Smooth eyebrows.


Instead of using gel to groom your eyebrows, you can use hairspray. Just spray some on an old mascara brush or an eyebrow brush and tame your eyebrows (Link to Top 8 Best Kept Secrets To Make Your Eyes More Expressive).

#5 Clean curlers and hair straighteners.


Use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to wipe the surfaces of your curlers and hair straighteners with a tissue. Finish off by wiping once more with a dry tissue.

#4 Clean nail.

To remove the yellowish stain from your nails from using nail polish, soak cotton pads in lemon juice and wrap around each finger. Cover with foil and wait for 10 minutes before removing them to fid white, clean nails.

#3 Broken nail.


To mend a broken nail, remove the tea leaves from a tea bag and cut off a piece to fit your nail. Glue on the spot where the nail has broken. Cut off any excess that’s sticking out. Shape using a nail file and apply a base coat of polish.

#2 Expiration dates.


Don’t forget when your beauty product expires. With a marker, put the expiry date on the bottle the day you open it. Manufacturers use a symbol to inform you of the expiration date.

#1 Dry mascara.


To bring back your dry mascara to working conditions, put a few drops of eye drops or contact lens solution into the mascara bottle and give a good shake.

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