Best Baby Toothbrush in 2020 – Right Choice for Your Toddler

Best Baby Toothbrushes for Toddlers in 2019

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Are your little one’s first pearly white teeth starting to poke through one by one? Cherish these milestones as they’re a sign of your baby growing up. But be aware that it’s probably time to start shopping for a new baby toothbrush.

New teeth mean new challenges. Babies get their first teeth hidden beneath their gums while they are still in the womb. They will generally start to appear between six and 10 months old. Some may develop earlier or later than the average child – don’t worry, that’s normal

After seeing your child’s first teeth, it’s time to start considering your little one’s brushing routine.

We’re going to show you all the best baby toothbrushes in great detail in our handy buyer’s guide. 

Best Baby Toothbrushes for Toddlers in 2020

Best Baby Toothbrushes for Toddlers in 2019A good toothbrush is a key element behind a good brushing routine. So, choosing the best baby toothbrush as a parent is your first task. After exploring the different categories of products available, we’ve shortened it down to just 10 of the best baby toothbrushes, taking into account other customer reviews.

#1. Brush-Baby Toothbrush for Toddlers

Brush-Baby Toothbrush for Toddlers


Brush baby is a battery-powered toothbrush with soft sonic vibrations suitable for newborns to three-year-old toddlers. It has an LED light mode so you can see inside your baby’s mouth as well as three different modes to choose from.

This award-winning electric brush comes with a 2-minute timer with a gentle reminder every 30 seconds.

What we love about it

We love that the brush can grow along with your child. It comes with two different sized toothbrush heads – one for babies, and one for toddlers.

Pros Cons
  • Award-winning design
  • Soft sonic vibrations with battery-powered system
  • 2-minute light timer with 30 seconds pulse reminder
  • Comes with two different sized brush heads
  • Includes one AAA battery
  • No cover for the brush head
  • Brushes can fall out when chewed


#2. Oral-B Kids Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

 Oral-B Kids Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush - Best Baby Toothbrush


The revolutionary Oral-B pro-health rechargeable toothbrush is perfect for creating your child’s healthy oral routine. It is set to two minutes, the recommended teeth brushing time set by dentists, and gives a gentle jolted reminder every 30 seconds.

Many generic baby toothbrushes provide a sweeping, side-to-side action. But Oral-B kids toothbrush has a fully rotating 360-degree head which cleans teeth and gums efficiently.

What we love about it

If you scan the product, you’ll be able to see which characters you have on your device. As your child brushes, they’ll unveil more Frozen characters. Plus, they’ll be able to track their progress with a helpful calendar and earn more rewards the longer they brush

Pros Cons
  • Waterproof handle
  • Distinct shape
  • Disney magic timer option
  • Makes brushing fun
  • 2 minute timer and calendar
  • Expensive


#3. Mother’s Vault Bamboo Toothbrush

 Mother’s Vault Bamboo Toothbrush - Best Baby Toothbrush


The special part about this product is its smooth, comfortable and long-lasting bamboo handle. Mother’s Vault Bamboo Toothbrush is eco-friendly, and sustainable for the environment – a win win!

This product is not only sustainable but it also comes with all of the first-rate features you need. It’s soft bristles and light, comfy handles are just perfect for kids.

The product is made in China and has both adult and child sizes. The organic and recyclable design makes it stand out from the rest.

What we Love About it

The curve on this wooden toothbrush provides extra traction and support – great for little kids’ small hands.

Pros Cons
  • Eco-friendly
  • Smooth, long-lasting handle
  • Soft bristles for a better clean
  • Comes in recyclable packaging
  • BPA-free nylon bristles
  • Plain design might be boring for kids


#4. Brusheez- Children’s Electric Toothbrush

Brusheez- Children’s Electric Toothbrush


Brusheez is the perfect toothbrush for kids aged three years and up. It comes with a bright and colorful animal themed design that makes brushing fun.

You get a battery-powered baby toothbrush, animal-themed brush cover, rinse cup, replacement brush head, a sand timer and even a printed brushing chart in the package. 

Plus, it also includes an industry-leading five-year warranty and an elaborated instruction manual.  

This product comes with a versatile stand to keep everything in place. It fits easily on a bathroom countertop or even mounted on the wall – all the tools are provided for this.

What we love about it

Brusheez is completely unique. It comes with a choice of four different animal themes your kids will love. Choose from a pink pony, a yellow giraffe, a green crocodile, or a blue bear, catering for both boys and girls.

Pros Cons
  • A versatile stand to keep everything in one place
  • 2-minute sand timer
  • Brushing chart
  • Removes up to 2x more plaque than a manual toothbrush
  • Four great animal themes for kids to choose from
  • No cons – we love this product!


#5. Jordan Step-1 Baby Toothbrush

Jordan Step-1 Baby Toothbrush for toddlers


The Jordan toothbrush has an award-winning design – it won the ‘Reddot Design Award’, an award for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council’. With a short neck and unique teething ring, the toothbrush is suitable for newborns all the way through to two years old.

Parents can rest assured that the toothbrush is BPA and Phthalates free which makes it safe for chewing and stimulating your baby’s gums. The colored bristles also indicate the amount of fluoride toothpaste to use.

Tailor-made for little ones’ first teeth, the toothbrush has a small head with soft bristles and an ergonomic handle for an easy grip.

What we love about it

This toothbrush has a very small neck which prevents a choking hazard. We love that these toothbrushes come in a pack of four colors that kids will love.

Pros Cons 
  • Award-winning toothbrush
  • Unique teething ring with short neck to prevent choking
  • Non-toxic chewing grip
  • Colored bristles to indicate the amount of toothpaste to be used
  • Pack of four vivid colors
  • Might be too advanced for some newborns
  • Bristles can fall off when chewed


#6. RADIUS – Totz Toothbrush

 RADIUS - Totz Toothbrush


Totz toothbrushes are unique. Their extra-soft bristles are perfect for a toddler’s delicate gums – they’re soft enough to be gentle on the gums but tough enough to get the job done.

No harmful ingredients are used to create a Totz Plus toothbrush. Moreover, it’s BPA, latex, and phthalate-free. Thus, it’s great for your child’s healthy smile.

With the Totz Plus easy-grip handle, these baby toothbrushes are easy for your little one to handle, so you can leave them to it!

What we love about it

We love that the toothbrush has a simple look; the prize is in the performance. It fits small mouths and comes with an easy-to-grip handle.

Pros Cons
  • BPA-free and FDA Approved
  • Safe brush head
  • Soft ‘special’ bristles
  • Assorted colors
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Plain appearance might be boring for kids


#7. Baby Finger Toothbrush by BabyBaus

 Baby Finger Toothbrush by BabyBaus


Babyaus is a finger toothbrush, made for babies and toddlers. It comes with a set of three brushes and three colorful covers.

This premium product helps to reduce plaque and tartar buildup in your little one’s mouth. Plus, it’s completely safe to use as its made with 100% FDA Approved food grade materials.

What we love about it

The design has a handy dual function. One side is made for brushing the teeth and the other side has massaging bumps for cleaning your baby’s tongue.

Pros Cons
Multi-colored bristles and handle
Great for a child of any age
Very durable and soft
Dual use for teeth and tongue
  • Might be too small for large fingers


#8. Firefly Toothbrush- Care Bears – 3

Firefly Toothbrush- Care Bears - 3


The unusual Firefly toothbrush comes in a pack of three toothbrushes with brightly colored Care Bears patterns. They come with easy-grip handles, soft bristles, and a powerful suction cup stand.

The brush reaches the interior regions of the gums and teeth to fight tooth decay. The recommended age for this baby toothbrush is for toddlers from two to four years old.

What we love about it

The Care Bear theme makes brushing teeth fun for little ones. They’re the perfect tool to encourage oral health in your kids.

Pros Cons
  • Includes a powerful suction cup stand
  • Attractive design for kids
  • Durable, soft bristles
  • Fights tooth decay
  • The brushes may be too big for young toddlers


#9. Colgate My First Baby and Toddler Toothbrush

 Colgate My First Baby and Toddler Toothbrush


This Colgate baby and toddler toothbrush is a fun way to encourage good healthcare habits early on. It is small enough to fit into all parts of your toddler’s mouth and comes with extra soft bristles for gentle cleaning, and a non-slip handle.

If your kids have sensitive gums, then this product will work well. If you purchase this product off Amazon, you’ll get a pack of six to last you through the years.

What we love about it

This toothbrush comes with a thin colorful handle which is perfect for your kid’s small hands and mouths. Plus, you’ve got to love the kid-friendly colors!

Pros Cons
  • Extra soft bristles
  • Small brush head
  • Non-slip handle to fit parents and child’s hand when ready
  • Vegan-friendly
  • The product on Amazon lists a pack of six, but sometimes only one toothbrush is delivered


#10. Haigerx Kids Electric Toothbrush- Sonicare

 Haigerx Kids Electric Toothbrush- Sonicare


The Haigerx Kids Electric Toothbrush is loaded with different features to make brushing more interesting for kids. It comes with cool stickers for kids to customize their own toothbrush and it plays music – it comes with four pre-loaded nursery rhymes!

The toothbrush comes with a safe waterproof handle, a 2-minute auto-set timer as recommended by ADA standards, and a USB charge point

With 30,000 oscillations per minute, the brush pulses remove more plaque than a regular toothbrush.

What we love about it

The fun features make this toothbrush a winner for the kids. It comes with cartoon stickers so your toddler can customize their own toothbrush and the musical rhymes entertain kids while brushing.

Pros Cons 
  • FDA Approved
  • Pre-loaded with four lovely rhymes
  • USB rechargeable brush
  • Comes with replacement heads
  • The audio can stop working


Baby’s Healthy Oral Care

Baby’s Healthy Oral CareCreating and encouraging a healthy oral routine early on is vital for your kid’s future dental health.

Although the central bottom teeth often appear first, your baby’s teeth can come through in any order. At first, they will get their baby teeth and later, the adult teeth will come through between the ages of six and 20 years old.

You should start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as their first tooth shows through. It’s the best way to get your child into the habit at an early stage.

Tooth decay and cavities can also occur if you don’t take care of your little one’s teeth. Tooth decay can be very painful for your baby. And that’s why maintaining a healthy dental routine is very important. 

What is Teething?

When your baby is constantly crying, drooling and trying to chew everything, it’s likely their baby teeth are starting to come through. Babies usually begin teething when they are around four to six months old. The four front teeth come first one by one. By the age of three, they will usually have a full set of teeth.

It could differ from child to child. Some kids take more time to develop their teeth and that’s when parents should use silicone brushes to rub on their gums. Tooth eruption is not always painful but in some cases, it is quite uncomfortable.

It’s wise to take your baby to the dentist after they get their first tooth.

When to Start Brushing?

Pediatric specialists recommend brushing your child’s teeth just after the first tooth appears. Even though these aren’t permanent teeth, it is still important to get into the habit of frequent brushing for your toddler.

Some parents start brushing even before the first tooth appears. That’s not necessarily important. But after the first tooth, the routine should begin.

What are the Types of Toothbrushes Available?

A fun toothbrush is important for creating a good brushing habit. Kids often tend to fight to brush their teeth. As a parent, it’s your duty to make their brushing more enjoyable for them.

A good toothbrush will make brushing your child’s teeth a lot easier. So, do a bit of homework on the types of toothbrushes available and select the best one for you and your child.

1. Finger Toothbrushes

Finger toothbrushes are infant toothbrushes that gently clean a baby’s gum and emerging teeth. It’s most suitable for newborn babies. Parents can wear the brush on their finger and gently rub it over their baby’s gum and teeth. You don’t need to use toothpaste in this case.


Baby wipes are a fluoride-free product which cleans a baby’s gums and little teeth. Wrap the wipe around your finger and clean your baby’s gums with it. It helps to remove any buildup and create a clean mouth for the future teeth to develop in.

3. Manual Baby Toothbrush

A manual baby toothbrush contains a head with highly clustered little bristles especially made for babies. It’s the same old regular toothbrush, it just has softer bristles, a smaller head, and an easy to hold handle.

4. Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is more interesting for kids. These brushes have a head that rotates up to 360 degrees for a well-rounded clean.

How to Brush your Baby’s Teeth

Brushing your baby’s teeth is not rocket science. All you need to do is choose the best baby toothbrush and take extra care.

First, pick the best toothbrush for your baby. A good-looking toothbrush will encourage your little one to brush more frequently.

Then squeeze a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste onto the brush.

Later, start brushing in and around your baby’s teeth. Make sure er that you brush the tongue as well. Hold the brush over your baby’s hand so that they can get a feel for doing it themselves. 

Building a Proper Dental Routine for your Baby

Building a Proper Dental Routine for your BabyDentists recommend brushing twice a day. The same goes for babies. Brush your child’s teeth once in the morning and once before bedtime.

Choosing the best baby toothbrush for your baby is crucial. Even if your baby fights brushing their teeth, don’t give up. Try different types of brushes to encourage a healthy routine. There are infant brushes and toddler brushes for kids so pick the one that’s best for you and your baby.

When your child doesn’t have any or many teeth to brush, use wipes to clean their gums. After feeding them, gently wipe any leftover food from their mouths. 

Replace your Baby Toothbrushes Often

Replace your Baby Toothbrushes OftenLike other objects, toothbrushes have a limited lifespan. Baby toothbrushes may even need to be replaced sooner than you think because babies tend to be rough on their toothbrushes.

According to the American Dental Association, baby toothbrushes need to be replaced or changed once every three months. Bristle wear is the main reason for this. As the bristles wear down, they are unable to remove as much as plaque and bacteria which can rot your child’s teeth.

It is better to buy two or more baby toothbrushes at a time so that you can change the toothbrushes every three months. 

How to Use Baby Toothpaste?

Many people believe that brushing your teeth without toothpaste is inadequate. That’s not true. For newborns, it’s best to clean your baby’s mouth without toothpaste with a wipe or baby brush. Just the movement will dislodge any buildup in the mouth.

When your child is a bit older and they get their first few teeth, using fluoride toothpaste is quite safe when supervised carefully. Squeeze out toothpaste the size of a grain of rice. Make sure that your child spits the toothpaste out of their mouth, rather than swallowing it.

Later, when your baby is a  toddler, you can use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on their brush. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is not the end of the world if your child swallows a small amount of toothpaste, but a large amount should be avoided.

Remember at this age, brushing is teamwork. Don’t leave your kids alone while they brush their teeth. Always use a dentist-recommended toothpaste for your babies. 

Criteria for Choosing the Best Toddler/Baby Toothbrushes

Criteria for Choosing the Best Baby ToothbrushesPicking the best baby toothbrush for your child is essential for their oral health. A proper dental care routine from childhood will last them into adulthood. So, picking the right toothbrush to encourage this is essential. Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself when buying the best baby toothbrush for your kids.

Are the Bristles Soft Enough?

Your baby’s gums and little primary teeth are delicate. As first teeth are coming through and their gums are fragile, it is necessary to pick a brush with the softest yet effective bristles.

Hard bristles can be painful and scare your child from brushing their teeth. So, make sure you’re picking ones with the softest bristles that can still get the job done.

Pick the Right Handle

The right handle is vital for your kid’s oral routine. Pick a toothbrush handle that is small enough to fit into your child’s hand. It should also have an easy-grip, non-slip or waterproof handle that will be easy for your child to hold.

Does the Brush Contain Harmful Substances?

Kids have a habit of chewing their toothbrushes. So don’t forget to check that the toothbrush is safe for your toddler’s mouth.

While choosing the best toothbrush for your toddler, check the substances and materials it is made from and whether it is properly certified. It’s best to use brushes with white bristles and no color added to them. If they are colored, check the probes of the brushes and the elements they use.

Go For BPA-Free Toothbrushes

Researchers show that Bisphenol A (BPA) is bad for infants and toddlers. Some toothbrushes may contain this chemical that can cause hormonal disorders.

High levels of BPA can act as a fake hormone, disrupting the real developing hormones in the body. So it’s best to use toothbrushes that are BPA-free.

Pick A Budget-Friendly Toothbrush

There are many expensive toothbrushes out there, but a high cost doesn’t always mean high quality. Remember your baby’s gum is very delicate so it’s not enough to simply pick the most expensive option.

Take a look at the brushes within your budget. You should do your research so that you know more about them. Read customer reviews and product features. Remember there are big brands out there that offer quality products at an affordable price. 


Your baby’s oral health should never be seen as a trivial thing. Many parents may think they should only start brushing their toddlers’ teeth later when they have their permanent teeth. But you should start brushing your kid’s teeth as early as possible.

A proper brushing habit is a must. Toddlers need to learn the routine early on as they will carry it through later in life.  Be careful to choose the best baby toothbrush for you and your baby. Keep in mind that babies love to chew their toothbrushes, so you should pick a brush that’s safe and free of any harmful ingredients.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. Happy buying!


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