17 Best Bark Collars for Dogs in 2020

Best Bark Collar Reviews- Choose the Right Anti-Bark Collar

There are numerous times we’re stumped if and when our beloved dogs keep on barking at seemingly nothing. Not only does it bother us, but it can also be annoying for neighbors. And to make matters worse, sometimes they won’t stop barking when you’re in a hurry or stressed about things.

Thankfully with the invention of bark collars or more precisely, anti-bark collars, this kind of behavior in dogs can be curbed.

FeedFond has compiled a short list of the best bark collars for the money. We’ll also be covering how bark collars work and what type of collar would be advantageous to your dog. 

By the time you end reading this guide, we believe our bark collar reviews will help you decide the right anti-bark collar for your dog. 

Let’s jump in!

Anti-Bark Collars for Dogs – Comparison

Top Choice
Dogtra YS300 Dog Collar
Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Dog Training Device
SportDOG No Bark Collar 10R Bark Control SBC-R
PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar for Dogs 8 lb. and Up, Anti-Bark Training Device,  Waterproof, Static Correction, Canine
PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for Dogs, Citronella, Anti-Bark Device, Water Resistant
Key Features
Can distinguish bark from other noise, Multiple correction levels, Vibration warning before.
Reduced false shocks, 3-month long battery life, 7 correction levels.
Waterproof, Quick re-charge feature, Long battery life.
Works submerged up to 5 feet, Easy to use, Affordable, Safety feature turns off the collar after 50 seconds
Gentle training settings, Great for sensitive dogs, Unscented spray available, Long lasting battery
Our Rating
Top Choice
Dogtra YS300 Dog Collar
Key Features
Can distinguish bark from other noise, Multiple correction levels, Vibration warning before.
Our Rating
Buy from Amazon
Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Dog Training Device
Key Features
Reduced false shocks, 3-month long battery life, 7 correction levels.
Our Rating
Buy from Amazon
SportDOG No Bark Collar 10R Bark Control SBC-R
Key Features
Waterproof, Quick re-charge feature, Long battery life.
Our Rating
Buy from Amazon
PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar for Dogs 8 lb. and Up, Anti-Bark Training Device,  Waterproof, Static Correction, Canine
Key Features
Works submerged up to 5 feet, Easy to use, Affordable, Safety feature turns off the collar after 50 seconds
Our Rating
Buy from Amazon
PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for Dogs, Citronella, Anti-Bark Device, Water Resistant
Key Features
Gentle training settings, Great for sensitive dogs, Unscented spray available, Long lasting battery
Our Rating
Buy from Amazon

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The Best Bark Collars in 2020

Remember, every dog will react in a unique way to different stimuli. It’s up to you to see what works best for your dog. Here are our top 5 picks to help get you started.

#1. Dogtra YS300 Anti-Bark Collar

Dogtra YS300- The Best Anti Bark Collars for Dogs 


The Dogtra bark collar comes equipped with a microprocessor that can distinguish barking from other sounds. This unique feature puts Dogma at the top of our list. Not only that, but it also comes equipped with 7 correction levels so you can adjust it to your needs. 

The collar is on the expensive side, but the 2-hour rapid charge time and the vibration simulation prior to a shock makes it worth every penny. There are no additional batteries required to operate this unit. Though it fits  on medium sized dogs easily, but you can say it’s a more preferred bark collar for small dogs. 

What We Love About It

We love the product quality of this bark collar. It’s pricey for a reason! The Antimicrobial plastic made body is waterproof and totally safe on your dog’s skin. Even the contact points are made sturdier using high-quality surgical stainless steel. 


Pros: Cons:
  • Can distinguish bark from other noise
  • Multiple correction levels
  • Vibration warning before 
  • No gradual variation on settings
  • Not gentle


#2. Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe

 Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe- Best bark collar reviews


Our second best choice of products features Garmin, a stylish bark collar that’s loaded with features. It has the ability to detect barks and increase the correction levels when and as necessary. It comes with two modes—vibration and shock—so that you can choose how to train your dog. As it suits dogs up to 7 kg and upward, it’ll be perfect bark collars for large dogs.

The unit is also equipped with a bark odometer which records the number of barks and reduces the number of false corrections. This makes Garmin one of the most expensive bark collars on the market. 

What We Love About It

The collar comes with a rechargeable battery which lasts for 3 months per charge. Customers say that their dogs learned quickly not to bark when using Garmin Bark Limited.


Pros: Cons:
  • Reduced false shocks
  • 3-month long battery life
  • 7 correction levels
  • Can be alternated between shock and vibration
  • Very expensive


#3. SportDOG NoBark 10R

SportDOG NoBark 10R- Best anti-bark collar for dogs 


SportDog is a well-known brand renowned for making quality dog care products. It’s mainly a shock collar which only activates whenever your dog barks. The bark is checked by the vibration in the dog’s vocal cords and by the sound it produces. The best thing is if a dog nearby barks, the collar will not activate—it’s only activated if the dog wearing it barks.

The rechargeable, waterproof collar offers 3 correction modes and has a safety off feature if your dog barks more than 15 times under a minute. The device then restarts after 3 minutes again automatically.

What We Love About It

In addition to all these features, they added a clicker to promote positive behavior and a whistle to alternate the training tools. You’ll know all about 

Pros: Cons:
  • Waterproof
  • Quick re-charge feature
  • Long battery life
  • The sensor will detect bark from vibration before shocking.
  • Lower setting unsuitable for some dogs
  • Few faulty products returns


#4. PetSafe Basic Bark Collar

PetSafe Basic Bark Collar- Best bark collar reviews 


Petsafe is an established brand in the pet community and their basic bark collar reminds us why. The 6 correction levels increase automatically until your dog stops barking. The collar can also be submerged in up to 25-feet of water with a safety feature that shuts off after 50 seconds.

The collar is perfect for any dog over 8 pounds. Being a basic model, it comes in as the least expensive option on our list. Customers are very happy with the waterproof feature too because they don’t have to worry about the dog barking in the rain. 

What We Love About It

The collar doesn’t randomly give your dos a shock. The progressive correction feature provides lowest level of static at the beginning and gradually increases if barking continues. The battery indicator alerts you when it requires changing.

Pros: Cons:
  • Works submerged up to 5 feet
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Safety feature turns off the collar after 50 seconds
  • Quick battery drain
  • Only Petsafe sells replacement battery
  • Sizing issues


#5. PetSafe Citronella Bark Collar

 PetSafe Citronella Bark Collar- Second Best Bark Collar


Our last product features Petsafe Citronella collar, it is loved by many customers as it appeals to an aminal’s gentle side. The total package comes with a water-resistant collar, a can with 300-400 sprays and a 6-volt battery capable of handling any dog over 6 pounds and 24 inches.

Dogs hate the citrus smelling spray and in time, learn to correlate the action to stop barking with the smell and a spray on the face.

What We Love About It

We believe it’s great for dogs that are sensitive to shock or vibrating collars. So, you can say it’s more suitable bark collar for small dogs. 

Pros: Cons:
  • Gentle training settings
  • Great for sensitive dogs
  • Unscented spray available
  • Long lasting battery
  • Not suitable for stubborn dogs
  • Dogs can get used to the smell
  • Water-resistant, but not waterproof


#6. ELenest No Bark Collar With 2019 Upgrade Chip

 ELenest No Bark Collar With 2019 Upgrade Chip


The ELenest no bark collar with its upgraded intelligent chip uses vibration to detect sounds that prevent false triggering.

When it comes to the size of your dog, this no bark collar got that covered as well. Whether it’s a small a large dog, this anti bark collar comes with a high-quality reflective nylon strap that’s easily adjustable. There’s no chance that the collar will harm your dog!

The no bark collar is water resistant and can be worn both inside and outside. You can continue to train them whenever, wherever.

What We Love About It

We love the easy rechargeable system by using a USB cable. The no bark collar is designed to save energy plus, you can adjust the sensitivity, vibration, and shock levels to your likings.

Pros Cons
  • adjustable sensitivity, vibration, and shock levels
  • Upgraded chip prevents false triggers
  • Rechargeable battery system
  • Fits dogs of all sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Bright lights
  • Lights are plastic made


#7. DogRook Humane Anti Barking Training Collar

DogRook Humane Anti Barking Training Collar


The humane anti barking training collar by DogRook promises it won’t hurt your pet. It’s a bark collar doesn’t shock your dog into not barking. Instead, it has 7 sensitivity modes that emit sound and vibration which helps to train your dog to not bark.

The latest upgrade chip of this ultrasonic anti bark collar is able to distinguish between your dog’s bark and other dogs’ bark. It won’t react to another dog’s barking at all. It has reflective straps and is easily adjustable and can be customized for any breed of dogs.

The anti bark collar is perfect dogs weighing 11 to 110lb. It’s water resistant and comes with 2 sets of colored covers, 2 sets of batteries, and an e-book as well.  

What We Love About It

We love the upgrade that comes with 7 sensitive levels. By using sound and vibration it eliminates the cause for shock. The collar is not painful at all, it promises to not harm the dog.

Pros Cons
  • Water resistant
  • Uses sound and vibration
  • Doesn’t shock
  • Has 7 sensitive modes to choose from
  • Instructions only provided with a QR link to Facebook.


#8. No Bark Shock Collar by GLOUE

 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Levels No Bark Shock Collar by GLOUE


The No Bark Shock Collar by GLOUE has a new smart testing mode. The receiver automatically enters the test mode by adjusting the sensitive level to 0. It also has an indicator that lights up during the test.

The intelligent identification chip detects the dog’s barking. It can prevent false triggering by filtering out other unrelated sounds from the surrounding. This no bark collar also has a digital display on the receiver to show which level it’s at.

A red light mode for when the shock mode is on and a green light mode for the no shock mode. It also allows you to adjust the intensity levels and the static level for your dog.

What We Love About It

We love the digital display and the light indicator for the test mode. The no bark collar also has an automatic protection system that changes back to the initial state after the shock mode is triggered. It has a built-in USB rechargeable battery that’s more durable because of the waterproof feature.

Pros Cons
  • Rechargeable & waterproof
  • Has a digital display
  • Includes a protection mode
  • Has 5 adjustable sensitivity and intensity levels
  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for small dogs


#9. Rechargeable Anti Dog-Bark Collar by Dansrue

 Rechargeable Anti Dog Bark Collar by Dansrue


The rechargeable anti bark collar is possibly the right bark collar for small dogs out there. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean larger sized dogs won’t fit in it. The automatic sleep mode turns on if your dog barks more than 7 times during the non-shocking mode in under a minute. It protects your dog from facing any harm from the collar.

The anti bark collar has LED breathing lights built in it. Now it’ll be easy to spot your dog at night as the lights have a visible distance within 150-200 meters.

This collar has three modes you can choose from – vibration, shock, vibration and shock. It also comes with 4 adjustable sensitivity levels that can be seen in a LED screen. If you don’t want the shock feature you can adjust it by setting the level at 0.

What We Love About It

The anti-shock collar has an intelligent detection chip installed in it to detect false triggering. It can only work if it detects your dog’s barking, not any others. We love the automatic sleep mode along with the adjustable sensitivity levels, and the different modes you can adjust the device to.   

Pros Cons
  • Automatic sleep mode protects your dog
  • 3 modes to choose from
  • 4 adjustable sensitive levels
  • Has LED breathing lights and display screen
  • Prevents false triggering by detecting your dog’s bark from other dogs.
  • No adapter included
  • Not waterproof or water resistant


#10. PEDLZ No Bark Collar for all sized Dogs

 PEDLZ No Bark Collar for Small, Medium, Large Dogs


The no bark collar by PEDLZ is also one of the top bark collars. It has a multiple working mode that can be combined to your preference. Along with 7 levels of intensity for each mode, which means you can train your easily to not bark.

Now with an ungraded bark collar chip installed, it uses an ultrasonic wave to measure distance accurately. The anti bark collar can tell apart from your dog’s barking to others. No more false or random triggers!

Whether you have a small dog or large, this collar is easily adjustable. The advanced safety mechanism automatically enters sleep mode and deactivates the device if your dog barks more than 7 times in a row

What We Love About It

This anti bark collar recharges in just an hour and can last upto 14 days straight. We love that it can fit on any size of dogs, whether small, medium or large. We also love the multiple modes and sensitive levels that comes along with it.

Pros Cons
  • Multiple working modes
  • 7 levels of adjustable sensitivity
  • Can fit on any size of dog
  • Has a advanced safety mechanism
  • Water resistant
  • No instructions included


Why Do Dogs Bark? 

Why Do Dogs Bark? Barking is a dog’s way of communicating with us. There could be many reasons why they bark. They could be barking when they are feeling territorial, a sudden noise alarms them, they want attention, or simply just out of boredom.

It’s important to understand why they bark as it comes in handy when you’re training them. So, let’s take a closer look at the reasons of their barking. 

1. Feeling Territorial or Protective 

Dogs often bark because they feel territorial or protective. It happens especially when a person or an animal comes into an area the dog has considered to be their own. They start to feel threatened and start barking excessively.

Many dog owners use solid wood on their fenced yard. A dog can start barking at random strangers who are just walking by. They can feel threatened pretty easily.

They want to protect their territory. Or their owners from harm. The barking gets louder when a threat gets near them. They become super alert and aggressive.

2. They Are Alarmed

Some dogs will bark at random things. When something catches their attention they’ll start barking. It could be a sudden noise or an object that can startle them.

This sudden barking is not just limited to your household. They can happen anywhere at any given time. You could be walking your dog at the park and they’ll start barking for no particular reason.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to bark at squirrels when they’re at the park. They feel alarmed and thus, feel the need to bark at those things.

3. Out of Boredom or Loneliness 

Dogs love company. They’re pack animals and if they’re left alone for a few hours, they become sad. They might start barking when feeling unhappy and alone.

The barking could keep getting more consistent if they’re left alone every day by themselves. It’s better to come up with a solution before it becomes a permanent habit for your dog.

Barking or howling when they are alone can be curbed through training but it won’t stop them from barking completely. You may still find them barking when they’re excited among the known company.

4. While Greeting or Playing

Who hasn’t met a dog that starts jumping up and down when they see their owner? It’s possibly the cutest moment one can witness. However, with all that jumping and tail wagging comes a happy bark.

It’s a happy bark because they’re excited to see their owner. They’ll also do this when they’re greeting people and other animals.

Dogs also bark when they want your attention. They’ll bark when they want to go outside, play, or even while receiving a treat.

5. Having Separation Anxiety 

Many dogs have separation anxiety when they are left alone. There are a few symptoms that can help to identify if your dog has separation anxiety. They’ll start pacing, have inappropriate elimination, feel depressed, and can also be destructive.

Rest of the times they will just bark to hear the sound of their own voice. These are compulsive barkers. They’ll run around in circles or along a fence repeatedly because of the anxiety. 

What are Anti-Bark Collars?

What is a Bark Collar? - Best Bark Collar Guide

Simply put, a bark collar is an electronic device configured to register sound. When your dog starts barking, the collar will register it and send feedback that will stop the dog.

There used to be a time when bark collars used to take in all sorts of environmental sounds; however, as technology has advanced, modern collars are now advanced enough to differentiate between ambient sounds and barking.  

How Do Bark Collars Work?

How Do Bark Collars Work? - anti-bark collar reviews for dogs

The collar has a hidden microphone inside that detects any sort of growling, barking, or howling. It then sends a negative stimulus that startles the dog and stops the barking. The stimulus trigger can be in the form of shock, citrus-scented spray or an ultrasonic sound.

You have to properly configure the collars that utilize spray and sound methods, as it can affect nearby dogs.

It’s important to know how a dog anti-bark collar will pick up a sound (bark) before the device starts its corrective procedure. There are usually two types of sensors that determine the sound.

1. Vibration Sensor

A vibration sensor detects the vibration in your dog’s throat when barking. The sensor determines if the dog is barking, howling or simply whining. Vibration sensors usually ignore any sort of background noise.

2. Sound Activated Sensor

Sound-activated sensors pick up sounds through a channel that decides when to start a corrective sequence. They are most effective with dogs that howl versus bark. However, in rare cases, they may accidentally activate as the collar can pick up other sounds. 

Types of Bark Collars Available

Types of Bark Collar available - best bark collar guide

A novice in the world of anti-bark collars can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available on the market. In general, there are three types of bark collars using 3 different stimuli that prevent the dog from barking unnecessarily.

So, if one type doesn’t work for your dog, there are other options.

1. Electric Bark Collars

An electric collar is designed to deliver a harmless shock to your dog when they bark. The shock is mostly to startle and distract the dog and doesn’t cause any physical harm.

The dog focuses more on the shock and stops barking; however, bad quality of poorly configured collars may cause harm.

2. Citronella Bark Collars

A citronella collar is also known as a spray collar because of the way it operates. Whenever your dog barks, the collar sprays a small mist of citronella—dogs don’t like the smell of citronella. The mist is plant-based and it the safest option all around.

It’s best suited for dogs with a moderate temperament or ones that are too sensitive for shock collars.

It’s said that it might not work with stubborn dogs, however, there are studies that disagree with it.

3. Ultrasonic Bark Collars

As the name suggests, an ultrasonic anti-bark collar emits a high-pitched sound which can only be heard by dogs. The sound doesn’t harm the dog in any way and will simply interrupt and distract the dog when barking.

They are best suited for small and sensitive dogs. 

4. Static Bark Collars 

Considered to be one of the top bark collars, the static bark collar has a versatile element to it. It works by sending short static pulses to your dog once it detects their barking.

There are various modes that can be set to various adjustable levels. You can control the sensitivity of the collar as well. You can customize based on your dog’s nature.

They come in all sizes and have additional features such as a vibration or sound mode. These collars can increase the level of sensitivity if your dog keeps barking and find out at which level they calm down.

Moreover, a few bark collars have automatic safety options that protect your dog through high sensitivity level if they bark. The device can go to sleep mode for a minute or so and start back at a lower level.

5. Shock Collars

Shock collars usually can be controlled by a hand-held transmitter. They also have built-in sensors that can detect your dog’s barks. They can deliver several levels of shock to your dog’s collar.

These anti bark collars also have a universal size that can fit most breeds of dogs. Some shock collars also have a no-shock option in them. These collars have multiple modes you can choose from. You can choose to use vibration or sound to train your dog.

These collars also have an automatic protection mode built into them as well. Some even have LED displays on them for the user’s benefit. These days, almost all types of collars are water resistant or waterproof. That comes in handy during rough weather.

6. Vibration Bark Collars

Vibration collars are collars that detect a bark and vibrates the collar to alert your dog through a sensor that’s built into it. The levels of vibrations can be adjusted.

Unlike a static or shock collar, these vibration collars don’t have much versatility in them. There were very few models made, but for those who don’t like the use of a shock or static collar, a vibration bark collar is a pretty good alternative.

7. E-Bark Collars 

E-bark collars or electronic bark collars are known to be able to detect the vibrations of the vocal cord when a dog barks. When it detects a bark, it sends a mild leveled shock to the dog’s neck.

These shocks can be similar to the shock you feel when someone shuffles their feet across a carpet and touch you afterward. Similarly, the E-bark collar uses an electronic pulse in the collar.

It helps to distract the dog and also lets them know that their excessive barking is not good. They are battery powered collars and are fairly easy to use.

8. Pulse Bark Collars 

Pulse bark collars are possibly the best dog bark collars you can rely upon. They are known to be the most effective when it comes to training your dog to not bark.

However, they are also the most controversial collars. They emit a static pulse to your dog when it detects that they are barking. Previously, these collars did not include sensitivity levels from which you can choose.

Now, there are new and improved pulse collars with several levels of sensitivity you can adjust and customize to your needs. They are deemed safe and humane to use as well.

These anti bark collars give out a warning beep when your dogs start barking. It doesn’t start sending pulses right away.

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Why do You Need a Bark Collar for Your Dog?

Why do you need a bark collar for your dog? - bark collar reviews guide

It’s natural for a dog to bark. They bark when they’re bored, stressed, hungry, excited or fear something, and lots more.

They also bark in reaction to various sounds or smells.

A sensible owner must be aware of when their dogs bark excessively and become particularly disruptive. It’s your duty to prevent your dog from getting used to such bothersome behavior.

A bark collar will help you correct this behavioral issue in a safe and effective manner. Not only will they reduce your dog’s barking, but it will also help your dog be more responsive to your commands as they won’t be distracted by their own barking.

Keep in mind that anti-bark collars are designed to prevent barking. If you’re interested in training your dog in a certain way, check for our guide to dog training collars

How To Properly Fit a Bark Collar on a Dog?

How To Properly Fit One On The Dog When you buy a no bark collar, there’s a lot of things you need to make sure before you put it on your pup. Always remember, before you put on an anti bark collar on your dog make sure to trim their hair.

Trimming the hair where the contact points are going to be will help the collar to be more precise and consistent. With that being said, let’s take a look at how you can fit one on your dog. 

The Test Drive 

The first step is to make sure whether the anti bark collar is off or not. Don’t put it on if it’s turned on. Next, your job is to make your dog stand comfortably.

If they notice something out of the ordinary they might get alarmed. Be gentle and try not to startle them. You can praise them while you’re putting the collar on to make them feel at ease.

Place the collar on your dog’s neck, check to see if it’s close to their ears or not. Position the contact points underneath your dog’s neck. You must wait here as well and see how your dog reacts. Remember to praise them or give them a treat if they’re being super calm.

These collars always come with instructions, give them a read before you start using the collar.

Fitting Session 

The next step is to check the collar’s tightness. Insert one finger between the end of one of the contact points and the neck of your dog. You can tell if the fitting is constricting or not.

If it is, loosen the no bark collar up a little until your finger has a snug fit between the contact and your dog’s neck. Let them wear the collar for a while first.

If they show no reaction, do another check of the tightness. If you see your dog has become too comfortable with the collar, recheck it because chances are it loosened up.

Also, remember to pay attention to your dog’s behavior throughout this process. Any alarming signs and you must take the collar off and start again the next day.

There are size specific bark collars available in the market. Before buying properly check if it’s a bark collar for small dogs or a bark collar for large dogs and your decision according to your dog’s breed or size.

Few Things To Keep In Mind 

There are a few important things a dog owner using a bark collar should be made aware of. It’s vital you don’t leave the anti bark collar on your dog for more than 12 hours.

Keep checking the fit of the collar every time you put it on. Examine them after you take it off for any signs of sore or a rash. If a rash or sore is present, stop using the anti bark collar immediately.

If the rash or sore doesn’t go away within 48 hours, take your dog to the vet to get it checked out. It might be a condition called Pressure Necrosis. It wears out the skin because of the excessive pressure against the contact points.

To prevent any rashes or sores, make sure to wash their neck weekly with a mild hand soap using a washcloth. 

Training Your Dog Not To Bark

Training Your Dog Not To BarkWhen a dog barks, it’s their way of communicating with us. They have very many valid reasons too. They could be asking for your attention, food, water, feeling anxious or alarmed, or they just want to go outside.

It can be difficult to differentiate which bark means what. That’s why it falls on our part, as dog owners, to figure out what those possible reasons might be.

With that being said, let’s take a look at how you can train your dog to control their barking – using both collars and the traditional way.

Training With Bark Collars 

Training your dog with a no bark collar can help reduce their excessive barking.

Some of the bark collars have sensors, shock correction, adjustable sensitivity levels, and multiple modes in them that help you to train your dog. They are humane and safe to use.

It tells them when their barking is being inappropriate and when it’s not. When they get a shock correction while barking, they learn that excessive or unnecessary barking is something negative. This motivates them to control themselves.

Here are some of the best bark collars that help to train your dog to stop barking effectively.

Using E-Bark Collars  

Training your dog with an electric bark collar can come quite in handy. These anti bark collars have a small electric box set on them. Mostly, this remote dog training system consists of a wireless remote and a receiver.

Along with the sensors that help to detect when your dog is about to bark, it also has an automatic shut-off system built into them.

The sensors detect vibration in your dog’s vocal chord and then sends a small shock. Your dog will feel the shock whenever they bark. If you have a smart dog then chances are it will quickly catch on and ease up on the barking.

If you come across them barking continuously for some reason, be it at a stranger trespassing or an intruder, the collar will automatically shut off after sending a series of harmless shocks to your dog.

Using a Spray and Static Bark Collars

Even though dogs love playing around in the swimming pools and in muddy waters, turns out they don’t like getting sprayed in the face with water that much.

Spray collars are considered to be one of the top-rated bark collars that help successfully trains your dog to not bark.

The anti bark collar detects unwanted barking and emits a burst of spray in front of your dog’s face. Some spray collars give off a burst of air to startle them and stop them mid bark to break the pattern.

A static bark collar also works in a similar way. The only difference is it sends a mild pulse that may seem like a shock but actually isn’t, to the dog to stop them from barking.

It’s a very mild electric pulse and does no harm to your dog in any way.

Training Without Bark Collars 

Figuring out why your dog is barking can be tricky. There’s a lot of reasons why they could be barking, but once you so figure it out you can start to work on them.

You can help them to control their unwanted barking by giving them your time, patience, and lots of doggy treats. Training them to control their barking can be a tough job, but once you succeed, you’ll have the best well behaved dog ever.

So, let’s take a look at how you can make that happen.

1. When They Are Bored Or Lonely 

A bored and lonely dog will bark a lot. If you have a dog like that, then you need to come up with ways to be more active in its life.

However, if you have an indoor living dog that barks when you’re at work, ask a friend for help. Ask them to take him for a walk or play with him for a while.

When you’re home, you can also reduce the amount of his barking. If you sense he’s asking you to play with him, do that. Take him on a walk or give him pet toys to play with.

You can drop them off at a doggy daycare center or pick a hobby where both of you can participate. It’s the little and simple things that can help your dog to bark less.

2. When They Are Greeting 

Every dog rushes to its owner after they come back from work. Never acknowledge their barking. Don’t pet them either or make eye contact.

Once they are done barking and sits down, then praise them and acknowledge them. You need to pick a spot first.

Now, bear in mind that this spot has to be somewhere that they can still see the door but they are not too close to it. Practice making them stay there but don’t open the door immediately.

The key to training a dog is lots of praise, treats, and patience. Once you sense they’ve gotten used to this, you can start to open the door.

If they start barking, stop and start all over again the next day. Once they get used to that, have someone actually walk in through the door. It won’t happen overnight, you’ll need patience and yummy doggy treats.

3. When They Are Seeking Your Attention 

When they are seeking your attention, resist it as much as you can. This is crucial when it comes to making them understand that their barking doesn’t affect you in any way.

If your dog is barking for food or water, ignore them until they stop. Instead, bang their dish and fill it up. Your dog will catch on and make the same noise to get your attention.

The same goes with when they are barking to go outside. Instead of giving in to their barks, teach them to ring a bell. You can tie a bell to the door handle and teach them to ring it when they want to go outside.

Always remember, scolding or being loud with your dog doesn’t help at all. They’ll think you’re giving them attention and continue barking. The key is to ignore what they want until they stop barking.

4. Separation Anxiety and Compulsive Barking 

These types of barking are hard to deal with. If you fail to identify these barking things could get real bad for your dog.

It’s recommended that when you notice signs like pacing, destructive behavior, and running around in circles, you take them to an animal behaviorist.

Dogs who face these problems often need the help of drugs. It helps them to cope when they are learning new things. 

Benefits of Using a Bark Collar 

Benefits of Using a Bark Collar Bark collars are mainly used as training collars. You can use an anti-bark collar to train your dog to not bark. This also teaches them to be more in control of themselves.

A no bark collar helps them to realize that barking for no reason will result in you correcting them through the collar. It’s considered to be a very effective tool as well.

Here are a few ways an anti-bark collar benefits you and your dog.

1. Controlling The Aggression

If you’re someone who adopts dogs or brings home strays, then you’ll know how much work they need. A lot of dogs get abused, abandoned, or are forced to live under horrible circumstances by their owners.

When these dogs are rescued and taken care of, sometimes they become aggressive towards people or other animals. These can start dogfights or result in a bad injury as well.

You can use a no bark collar to train them. These collars can help to train them to not bark at other people or other dogs. It can also help with their aggression. You can bring it under control using the no bark collar.

2. Learning to Take a Walk In Peace

Often times it gets difficult to walk a dog. They’ll try to go one way and you’ll try to pull them the other way. Many dog owners face this issue and end up having a tugging match with their dog in the middle of a park.

You can use a shock collar to solve this problem. A low-frequency shock can teach your dog to listen to you when you two go out for a walk. They will learn to be more obedient. This will also avoid dangerous situations where your dog might want to start a fight with another dog.

Instead of scaring people away you use the shock collar to teach them to be a well-behaved dog. A well behaved dog out on a walk can make friends with the neighbors or help their owner start a conversation with them.

3. Safe, And Has Cool Customizable Features

Whenever someone hears shock collar, they immediately think it’s a collar that literally electrocutes a dog. In reality, that’s not the case. With the help of advanced technology, bark collars are now much more humane and safe to use on your dog.

There are collars that have multiple modes on them that you can choose from. Not to mention, the many levels of sensitivity that can be adjusted and customized to the user’s liking and preference.

There are automatic shut-off features that protect your dog after a few seconds shocking them. The anti bark collars are now waterproof and water resistant as well. The best part is these no bark collars don’t induce fear in dogs. Instead, it helps to create a more balanced and respectful training session.

4. Reasonably Priced

Many of the bark collars are reasonably priced. You’ll find plenty within your budget that are known to work perfectly for those who bought them.

You don’t have to waste money on putting up an electric fence or hire a professional dog trainer. Those things are expensive. An anti bark collar ranges usually from $20 to $300.

Dog collars help you save your money and make both your and your dog’s life easier. 

Drawbacks for Using a Bark Collar

Drawbacks for Using a Bark CollarLike all other products you buy, there’s bound to be some drawbacks to it. In case of an anti bark collar, there could be quite a few of them. Let’s take a look at what those are. 

1. Has a Potential To Cause Harm  

There are many dog owners who live in a busy city. Not everybody lives in rural areas. For those who don’t, having an anti bark collar placed on their dog can turn painful real fast.

A lot of no bark collars are known to have problems with their detection system. And living in a city where there are all kinds of noise, might set the collar off even when your dog is not barking.

This can develop fear, anxiety, stress, and even cause your dog to be hostile. It’s a very complex tool to use. There are very few collars that can successfully detect your dog’s barking and can tell them apart from background noise or other dogs’ barking.

If you’re thinking about using an anti bark collar, make sure you’ve consulted professionals who have knowledge about these things. Do some online research as well.

2. Not Always Effective

Bark collars are not always effective. Even some of the bark collars have their faults.

Many dog owners discovered it the hard way that their dog, instead of learning something from the training, rebelled even more when they wore a dog collar.

There have been cases that a dog wearing a Citronella collar kept barking until it was finished. Not only that, there are many human rights group who consider the anti bark collar to be inhumane.

A no bark collar may get them to not bark excessively but it can also harm them or alter their behavior completely if not used properly.

3. A Bit On The Expense Side 

There are bark collars that are made with cheap materials that break easily. These anti bark collars usually don’t cost so much. However, the ones that are more popular and are known to work best are always a bit on the expensive side.

Not everybody can afford an expensive no bark collar. But for those who absolutely need it must remember to always look at the pros and cons of an anti bark collar before buying one. 

Additional Information Regarding Bark Collars

  • It’s always a good idea to slowly introduce the collar to your dog.
  • Some bark collars do not stop barks and are used as a wireless fence
  • Positive reinforcement works best when training them with bark collars.
  • Try and find out why your dog is barking in the first place. 
Safety Concerns:
  • Do not use Anti-Bark Collars on puppies under six months or dogs under 8lbs
  • Abused dogs or dogs with high anxiety should never wear a bark collar
  • Don’t use a bark collar on any other animal
  • Use the correct size when choosing a bark collar
  • Keep an eye on the dog when the bark collar is active 

Dog Bark Collars Buyer’s guide

Best Bark Collars - Buyer’s guideBefore you set out to buy the bark collar, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Dog’s Weight 

Bark collars are sold according to a dog’s weight and not their neck sizes. When you’re buying a no bark collar you can see on the packaging that it mentions about the weight. They outline it in the products description along with some other useful information.

Read the description carefully and make sure it falls within your dog’s weight. You’ll have less hassle to deal with and your dog won’t suffer for it either.

2. Neck Circumference of Your Dog 

Another thing you need to be aware of is the neck circumference of your dog. It can be measured easily, just measure the size from where your dog’s neck meets their back. Then, all you need to do is compare the value with the length of the collar.

Also, check if the length of the collar can be adjusted or not. They will also mention in the product description about what type of breed or size the collar is best for. You can get an idea about the collar’s length that way.

3. Type of Bark Collar

There are several types of dog collars out there. To find the right bark collar that works best for you and your dog you need to be sure first about which one you want.

You can consult a professional dog trainer or your vet and ask for their advice. Also, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to use a shock collar, you can opt for the Citronella or Ultrasonic bark collar instead.

However, if you’re absolutely sure you won’t abuse the power of a shock collar, then go for it.

4. Type Of Dog

After finding the right type of no bark collar, it’s time to see what type of dog can be trained with one. There’s no need to get a collar that fits large dogs unless you own one. In that case, these anti bark collars can put a strain on a smaller dog.

If you have a particularly aggressive large dog, bear in mind they will need more stimulation than others. However, too much could make things worse.

5. Sensors

When you buy a no bark collar you’ll notice there are only two types of sensors available. One sensor identifies the sound of your dog’s bark and the other one identifies the vibration.

It can be quite difficult to tick the right sensor. The difference is that the vibration sensor doesn’t mix up other sounds or other dogs’ barking, unlike the sound sensor.

However, there are anti bark collars that have both sensors set in them. You can choose either one or use both. These advanced no bark collars decrease the number of false triggers which makes using a collar much more safe and secure.

Just make sure to read the product description before buying one.

6. Adjustability of the Sensitivity of the Device

Before buying the bark collar you should make sure that you can adjust the sensitivity levels on them. Otherwise, you can seriously hurt your dog.

This can severely alter their behavior and cause them to act out. So, the more levels of sensitivity an anti dog bark collar have, the better. Not only can you adjust the levels, but you can also customize them to your and your dog’s benefit.

7. Battery Life 

Some of the top-notch bark collars come with rechargeable batteries while others need replacing. Gone are the days when you could only charge a no bark collar in an electric outlet.

These days, there are USB cables that can be used to charge a collar using a power bank, car charging adapter, and even your laptop. They also charge quickly and last for a good while.

You can go for replaceable batteries too that lasts longer than the regular ones. It’s actually worth it even if you have to replace the batteries from time to time.

So, pick wisely when you’re out to buy the right bark collar for your dog.

8. Overall Durability 

The durability of a device is just as important as anything else. Whether the anti bark collar is dust resistant, moisture proof, snow proof, or waterproof is very important to look out for.

You can see in our dog bark collar reviews that we mention durability thoroughly. Most anti bark collars are made with nylon, which is most preferred by most dog owners and experts.

9. Effectiveness 

One way to establish an anti bark collars effectiveness is by making sure the collar you’re buying can fit all sizes of dogs. Whether they are small, medium, or large – size here definitely matters.

There are many companies that include a size chart along with their product. This helps the customer to understand and not buy something that won’t later fit their dog.

Make sure you check out everything about a no bark collar before you buy it. After all, you don’t want to make your dog feel any sort of discomfort from the collar.

10. Convenience 

Some of the best dog bark collars come in all different shapes, sizes, and types. It’s vital you pick a collar that’s your convenient and fits your preferences.

Whatever anti bark collar you choose, you have to think about your dog’s convenience. It could include the collar being waterproof or have adjustable sensitivity levels.

When you buy a no bark collar, the aim is to have a positive experience between you and your dog. So, do some research and find what can be convenient for both you and your furry friend.

11. Safety 

Bark collars at times raise questions about the safety of the dog. And it’s not wrong, ensuring your dog’s safety can be very crucial here.

You might end up buying a faulty product and endanger your dog. Thankfully, these days there are several ways you can make sure whether a product is safe or not.

There are organizations that inspect these collars and establish that they are indeed safe to use on a dog. You can do your own research or take a look at some of our bark collar reviews. 

Few More Anti-Bark Collars for Dogs

#11. ULZU.US Best Anti Bark Collar With Beep/Shock Mode   

 Best Anti Bark Collar With Beep/Shock Mode by ELZU.US 


The Anti Bark Collar with Beep/Shock Mode by ULZU.US is supposed to be another top anti bark collar out there. With a sensitivity chip that’s been upgraded to be more humane and less sensitive, this collar gets the job done and keeps everyone happy.

The collar comes with an automatic mode. It plays the warning tone and administers a level 1 impulse. The sensitivity increases with your dog’s barking and goes up to level 5.

It resets itself after 30 seconds once your dog stops barking. If it still continues, the collar automatically shuts off for a whole minute to protect your pup.

The anti bark collar is adjustable and can be worn by small, medium, and large dogs. It comes with extra electrodes that will allow you use the collar on short-haired and long-haired dogs as well.

What We Love About It

We love the automatic system and the solid generic construction of the collar. This collar comes with 3 extra batteries and multiple modes you can choose to administer on your dog. It’s also waterproof as well.

Pros Cons
  • Multiple modes to choose from
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with extra electrodes and batteries
  • Has an automatic sleep mode
  • Prevent false triggers
  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for sensitive dogs


#12. JANNIK REGIROCK 2019 Barking Control Collar

 Barking Control Collar


The JANNIK REGIROCK bark control collar is deemed to be the most humane anti bark collar. It uses sounds and vibration static shocks to train your dog not to bark.

With 7 levels of adjustable sensitivity of vibration and sound that you can customize accordingly, the no bark collar prevents your furry baby from any sort of harm.

Considered to be the best dog bark collar out there, the upgraded design includes an intelligent chip inside the CPU unit that lets you control the functions of the no bark collar directly.

Moreover, the smart sensors help to prevent false triggers and the sleep mode is super effective in saving battery life of this anti bark collar.

What We Love About It

We love that the collar can be adjusted according to your pet’s size and needs so he can breathe freely. Plus, to ensure your dog’s safety, the waterproof LED clip-on safety light comes with 3 flashing modes.

Pros Cons

  • Upgraded design lets you control the functions
  • Smart sensors prevent false triggers
  • Sleep mode helps to save battery
  • Has a waterproof LED clip-on safety light
  • Feels heavy for small dogs


#13. LOVATIC No Shock Humane Anti Bark Collar

 LOVATIC No Shock Humane Anti Bark Collar


The No Shock Humane Anti Bark Collar by LOVATIC is humane like the name suggests. Not only that, it’s also harmless and effective at the same time. It successfully reduces your dog’s barking with causing them any pain or stress.

It uses a progressive high frequency ultrasonic sound and vibration to reduce the barking. The anti bark collar comes with 7 levels of sensitivity that can be adjusted to your liking. Not to mention, the sleep mode that helps helps to protect your dog and saves battery life.

This upgraded design version comes with an intelligent chip that can prevent false triggers. It identifies your dog’s bark and responds to that only. Any other sound or other dogs’ bark won’t trigger it at all.

What We Love About It

We love the 7 sensitivity levels that can be adjusted and customized to the user’s liking. The sleep mode helps to protect your pup and save a ton of battery life. Moreover, we love that it fits all sizes from small, medium, to large dogs easily.

Pros Cons
  • Waterproof collar
  • Comes with a Spot Dog Light
  • Has 7 levels of sensitivity
  • Has an automatic sleep mode
  • Prevents false triggers
  • Not waterproof


#14. PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar

 PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar

The PetSafe Elite Bark Control collar has 10 levels of progressive static correction ability. These levels can be customized and adjusted to your liking. It works great to eliminate any excessive barking and train them to be more calm.

This anti bark collar has a detection system built in it that helps to eliminate false triggers. It can detect your dog’s barking from others. The collar can also prevent false triggering from other noises from the surrounding.

The no bark collar has another cool feature in it – the automatic shut-off system. Considered to be the best anti bark collar that protects your pup and saves battery life.

What We Love About It

We love that this anti bark collar has 10 levels of correction you can choose and customize from. This makes training your dog less stressful. The automatic safety shut-off is also one of it’s best feature along with it being waterproof.

Pros Cons
  • Has 10 levels of corrections
  • Has an automatic safety shut-off system
  • Smart detection prevents false triggers
  • Safe and humane
  • Not for large dogs
  • Expensive


#15. PetAmenity No Barking 

PetAmenity No Barking Control Anti Bark Collar 

The PenAmenity No Barking Control anti bark collar includes a dual induction micro-processor that uses sound and vibration to detect your dog’s bark from other barks and noises. The detection ensures maximum accuracy and prevents false triggers from happening.

If you’re looking for the best bark collar, this might be it. This anti bark collar has 3 modes you can choose from to train your dog with ease. Along with an integrated automatic protection mode, this collar also has a modern LCD display on it.

This no bark collar is perfectly safe and humane. The contacts are made with non-toxic silicone and the reflective strap is nylon made. It also fits dogs of all sizes from small, medium, to large ones.

What We Love About It

The ultra detection chip is the best feature in this collar along with the automatic protection mode that’s built in it. The battery charges fast in under an hour and can last up to 14 days.

Pros Cons
  • Waterproof
  • Automatic protection mode
  • Upgraded detection chip prevents false triggers
  • LCD display
  • Humane and safe to use
  • Not ideal for small dogs
  • Plastic made, breaks easily


#16. No Shock Bark Collar by POP VIEW

 No Shock Bark Collar by POP VIEW

The No Shock Bark collar by POP VIEW reduces your dog’s excessive barking without causing any pain or anxiety-causing shock. The intelligent anti bark collar uses sound and vibration to reduce the barking in a completely safe and humane way.

If you’re worried about the collar not fitting your dog, don’t be! It’s universal size fits all breeds and sizes of dogs. The anti bark collar uses a no shock unit that detects the movement of your dog’s vocal chords. It sends out a warning beep that’s followed by vibration if the barking still continues.

The no bark collar can be used in all weather conditions. The collar will continue to work and train your dog whether it’s snowing or raining. The nylon web collar has dual-retention plastic buckle that requires 2 points of pressure to unlock.

What We Love About It

We love the no shock unit in the anti bark collar. It works without using the need to chock your dog and it keeps the training safe and humane. The all all weather nylon collar is an excellent touch for those who live in harsh climates. Finally, the universal size is also an excellent addition to the collar.

Pros Cons
  • No shock collar
  • Waterproof
  • Universal size
  • 7 levels of adjustable sensitivity
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Requires frequent resetting


#17. Naturepets Bark Collar for all sized Dogs 

 Naturepets Bark Collar for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs 

Naturepets Bark Collar makes training your dog look like child’s play. The new upgraded chip ensures less sensitivity and more humane features that helps to train your dog effectively.

The anti bark collar send harmless warning shocks that progresses through 7 levels of sensitivity. It will stop working for a whole minute if your dog still continues to bark. The device protects your dog completely.

The no bark collar fits most breeds of dogs from Beagles to Dobermans. However, to ensure safety and comfort the anti bark collar should be used on dogs weighing from 18 to 120 lbs. This collar is easy to use and train your dog with.

What We Love About It

The intelligent chip includes 7 levels of sensitivity you can customize and adjust to your needs. We love the safety feature that aims to protect your dog and the universal size that fit dogs of all sizes.

Pros Cons
  • Has 7 levels of adjustable sensitivity
  • Has a safety feature that protects your dog
  • Humane and safe to use
  • Universal sized collar
  • Gets triggered randomly


FAQ About Bark Collars 

FAQ About Bark Collars There are many dog owners who have various queries regarding bark collars. We’ve made things easier for you by answering those. Here are the most frequently asked questions:


1. Are Shock Collars Dangerous For Dogs? 

Many companies now claim that their products are humane and safe to use. They promise that their anti bark collar does no harm to your dog. However, the sensation that comes from a no bark collar can’t be too positive either.

If it was, your dog would still keep barking despite the circumstances. It’s known that in Europe anti bark collars are illegal. Although there hasn’t been any severe injuries or deaths (that we know of), it still begs to differ.

A no bark collar restricts a dog’s ability to bark, something that is natural for them. It’s bound to cause some stress, anxiety, and behavioral issues.

2. Can Shock Collar Cause Brain Damage?

There are some studies that show that dogs, who were trained using a shock collar, turned out to be more aggressive. They became prone to being stressed or having consistent anxiety.

Of course, it always depends on the dog’s owner or trainer on how they use an anti bark collar.

Studies show that unlike those who were trained with a shock collar, dogs who were trained using traditional methods were less stressed and positively more well behaved.

However, since it’s not been proven to leave long-term effects on a dog, a no bark collar is still considered to be threatening to your dog.

3. How Long Should a Dog Wear a Bark Collar? 

An anti bark collar should be used for short periods of time. Its job is to help make your dog behave and also to make them stop barking. You must remember to switch back to a normal collar.

Keeping them on for long might be dangerous and could alter their behavior completely. Once it gets the job done, there’s no need for you to keep using it.

4. Does Bark Collar Stop Howling?

It’s unclear whether an anti bark collar can help with howling or whining. A whine or a howl has a different pitch compared to a normal bark. Some no bark collars probably won’t even detect it.

However, now that technology has advanced, some of the best dog bark collars have adjustable and customizing sensitivity levels on them. The new and improved sensors can detect even the slightest vibrations in your dog’s vocal cords.

You can set up your anti bark collar to a sensitivity level that can detect a whine or a howl.

5. Can Shock Collars Cause Seizures? 

If your dog is epileptic or has had some epileptic episodes in the past, then it’s best not to use a no bark collar as it might trigger the symptom. If they are healthy and fit, then you have nothing to worry about.

6. Are Bark Collar Safe for Puppies?

When you’re buying a no bark collar remember to check out the product description. A lot of information is given on how the dog collar should be used.

In general, it’s not a good idea to use an anti bark collar on a puppy. Some of the manufacturers of the bark collars advise dog owners to start using the collar when their dog gets a little older. The dog needs to be at least 8 lbs or more and also be over 6-7 months old.


It’s safe to say that there are thousands of Anti-bark collars for dogs available on the market and not all of them are manufactured equally. When buying, you must ensure that the product does not harm your dog in any way. So in this case, don’t opt only for most affordable, but get a reputable brand, even if it costs a little more money.

We hope the bark collar reviews above could help you make a decision by now. Share with us the bark collar you think will best suit your dog and let us know how our reviews could help you.

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