People Are Sharing Their Best Christmas Moments Of 2019, And They Will Melt Your Heart


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Festivals, especially Christmas, provide us a chance to express love towards our family and friends. It’s a time to forgive, share happiness and welcome everyone with open arms.

The gifts we receive for Christmas aren’t always material things. It can be a hug, or quiet moment sharing a cup of hot chocolate. A family time to share happiness with the people around us.

Go on a rollercoaster of happy emotions and see these beautiful moments of Christmas 2019 compiled by FeedFond.

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# Spending Christmas With Grandma


This man rocked his Christmas wearing a cardigan and a Zelda hat. His Christmas was complete when he got to spend time with his grandmother who took him in 15 years ago. By the looks of it, she is an awesome lady and raised an awesome man. 

# Everyone Is Welcome


Being alone at Christmas sucks. But if you are feeling lonely, drop by the restaurant owned by this couple. They are sharing their Christmas cheer with hugs and mince pies! 

# Sister’s Dedication To Find The Perfect Gift


Sister asked the internet to help her find a toy for her disabled brother. The entire endeavor was a massive success. The toy company, Tonka, is also making 10 specialized trucks for her little brother … just in case! Read more about Max’s Trucks here

# Don’t Be Fooled By The Wrapping


Can you guess what’s inside the wrapping? This man’s brother is in for a surprise!

# Done With Chemo Before Christmas


Cancer is a nasty illness. But when this woman posted that her last dose of chemo was done before Christmas, everyone’s hope got a little brighter. The woman was suffering from Hodgkin lymphoma but it’s in remission. Best Christmas present EVER!

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# Christmas Contest? Go All Out!


Who wouldn’t want to dress up for Christmas? Check out this girl who made a Christmas tree with her hair! This might just start a new Christmas fashion trend. You go, girl! Hope you win the contest!

# Where Is The Charger For This Thing?


Maybe If I was colorblind, then would someone give me an iPhone? This man is super lucky to have such a wife! Now that I think about it, the iPhone has a really awesome display – full of colors. Good Luck man! 

# When You Meet A Stranger As Christmassy As You


This one is the best one I’ve found so far. I hope both of them did a little jig wearing such Christmassy outfits! The smiles would’ve been contagious!

# Santa Meets Legend!


Santa meets Conan O’Brien. I wonder how would their conversation go? Ho Ho Ho!

# Presents for Your Parents


There is no greater happiness than making your parents happy. This young person started out with an early Christmas present, and more are on the way! Merry Christmas to all! 

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