Best Inverted Bob Haircuts to Try This Year

Best Inverted Bob Haircuts to Try This Year

An inverted bob which is also referred to as graduated bob is characterized by its short back and elongated front. There are myriad of looks you can choose from and over a million colors (if you want to color your hair).

It all depends on how you need it to appear and the personality you intend to reveal. 

You can also opt for a few lobs if you want. The options are endless. We have collected and compiled some of the trendiest and popular inverted bob hairstyles in 2019. 

So, sit back, relax and go through this list, and before you finish, you will have chosen one or more styles favorite for you.

1. Short Blonde Cut

Who said blondes cannot have fun? We bet if you try one, you will never try any other haircut! While this inverted bob appears very short, it incorporates soft and playful layers using an ombre technique. It is an easy style you can try too.

However, you should be ready to maintain the color and gloss. That is all that you will need to do. And when the roots grow out, they add to the elegance of the style.

2. Black Inverted Bob Haircut and Extended Front Layers

Many women are afraid of chopping off their hair. However, in most cases, when you chop off your hair, you get something stylish as this. So, are you willing to take a step of faith and rock this amazing style?

Well, you will get enough volume for your style, and there will still be enough frontal length. 

This jet-black bob is without a doubt an exciting style and one that you should make sure you try in 2019. It is easy to keep, and you can apply different colors. 

3. Lob Style and Balayage Accentuates.

Lobs also called long bobs are some of the easiest styles to maintain. And what is admired about them is that the added length means that you can style them in a myriad of ways. It offers you the best of all the worlds. 

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4. Inverted Coppery Bob.

You can go red without being so bright on your head. There are various shades you can pick from. One of them is this coppery color that is excellent if you need a more natural style.

However, it is high maintenance. Just like any other color, you will need to utilize color protection hair products. However, the great thing about this shade is that it takes long before it tarnishes.

That means you will not have to visit a salon many times.

5. Sun-Kissed Graduated Bob.

This is a suitable inverted bob haircut for the summer and the spring. The sun-kissed hue highlights all the stunning hues running through the hairstyle. This style will make you feel like you are flying in the sky.

And as if that is not enough, the sun brightens the look of your style, hence intensifying your look.

Styling this haircut with long locks near the forehead offers it a soft and sexy feel. The ombre gives it a flawless finish, as caramel, blonde and chocolate shades sweep effortlessly through the entire style.

6. Short, Stacked Haircut.

Do you need a haircut with a lot of volume? Then this is the best one for you. This inverted bob has rich volume, and many will be envious of it. Though you can opt to backcomb the hair, it is not necessary.

The many short layers in this look contribute to its immense volume.

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7. Copper Bob and Blonde Highlights.

We have seen many inverted bob hairstyles, but this one is flawless and dreams for many women. When you look at how the copper color seamlessly melts into the blonde shade at the trimmings, you will agree that this is a mega style this year.

The highlights are excellent ways to come up with a smooth and softer look, instead of going for a uniform shade.

Final Thoughts

How you wear your hair not just says a lot about who you are but also goes a long way in ensuring your comfort and style. So if you are a busy person then you can definitely consider having an inverted bob hairstyle, to keep you looking stylish and save your time all at once.

Happy hairstyling to you!

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