15 Of The Best Parenting Practices That You’ll Be Thankful For

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All couples look forward to their entry into parenthood. But not many can foresee the trouble they might face with the little ones. Especially when it comes to stashing away candies, stopping sibling feuds, or keeping them busy.

With some simple yet innovative means, it’s quite possible to bring up kids and toddlers with minimum fuss.

Scroll down to see what FeedFond has compiled as the best parenting practices.

#15 All ready for school.


Get rid of the headache of picking clothes out for your kids every day!

#14 Rocking away in a homemade hammock.


Keep an eye on your toddler and keep her busy with this instant hammock.

#13 Learning to rock but not roll.


When dad’s dreadlocks serve as the child’s security.

#12 Recycle.


Don’t throw away that cot when your kids grow out of it. Use it as a work table.

#11 Monet in the making.


Indulge your child’s artistic side without running your walls!

#10 Monster spray.


Let your little one sleep in peace in his own bed without the fear of monsters.

#9 Fitted sheet to keep the sand on the beach.


Build a fitted sheet wall around the little one so that the sand stays on the beach and not in your kid’s outfit.

#8 Hide those candies in the vegetable pouch.


To make sure your kid doesn’t eat too many candies, hide those in a vegetable pack in the fridge.

#7 Busy bee.


Keep your kids busy during the long summer days by giving them a brush and some water to “paint” the fence.

#6 Time for everything.


Getting kids organized from a young age will teach them to respect time later on.

#5 Cardboard walls.


To stop kids getting into a fight, put cardboard dividers in between their seats.

#4 Clean toys.


Clean the Lego pieces every month to put the sheen back and keep them germ-free.

#3 Keep the warmth.


When you’re too tired but your toddler wants your touch, fill a glove with beans and put it on her back. She won’t know!

#2 Potty training.


Make potty training more interesting by placing your kid backwards and letting him draw on the seat cover.

#1 Right, left!


Teach your kid to put their shoes on right by putting stickers in the shoes to help them distinguish between left and right.

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Got any parenting hacks that you swear by? Share with us in the Comments section below!

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