Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls – Gift Ideas & Buying Guide

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Parents have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to taking care of their children, including picking out the right kind of toys appropriate for their age and development.

It gets even more difficult when you have to get toys for your 3 year old daughter because toys in this age bracket have a whole variety of categories.

To make the process of toy shopping a little easier for parents, we at FeedFond have carefully researched and created a list of the best toys for 3 year old girls that are highly recommended by other parents and countless children experts.

Top 10 Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls - recommended products

In this section of best toys for 3 year old girls, we will be talking about the pros and cons of each toy, along with their key features. Don’t worry, you’ll find a detailed buyer’s guide and the development milestones for 3 year olds just after the reviews.

#1. Melissa & Doug Service Station – Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

Melissa & Doug Service Station - Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls


It’s an all-in-one service station which includes two wooden cars in the parking garage and a portable elevator. This is a more traditional toy, the one which can be used at any time of day or night, indoors or outdoors. This playset for ages 3+encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and creative play. The constitutional handle makes it the proper take-along toy!

Why We Love It

Most girls are stereotyped to play with dolls and toy cooking kits, but this diverse toy with cars caters towards girls with different interests. The entire car wash serves not only as a puzzle that requires attention and focus, but also as a toy that can be used in many different ways simply through the gift of a child’s imagination.

  • Bright, colorful and has multiple dimensions to engage a child.
  • Helps develop cognitive thinking through puzzle-based design.
  • Promotes creativity—there are so many ways to play with it!
  • Light-weight with a handle which increases portability.
  • Only comes with two out-of-the-box cars, which are not replaceable.
  • The elevator doesn’t stay in place; it automatically returns to the ground floor.

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#2. ALEX Discover Button Art

ALEX Discover Button Art - best toys for 3 year old girls


The button art set from Alex Toys comes with 10 different pictures, 46 different buttons and a storage tray (to store all buttons together safely). The entire point of the toy is to entertain 3-year-old girls while also helping them develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Why We Love It

The different pictures act as puzzles which engage children with the help of the beautifully-colored buttons that snap into place to complete the pictures. Not only can the pictures be complete using the appropriate buttons, but also different colored buttons can be used to create artistic pictures.

  • Simple and requires no setup.
  • Comes with a storage tray to keep all the buttons.
  • Buttons are big enough for children to hold easily.
  • It’s not always very engaging.
  • Buttons might get lost.

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#3. Learning Resources Gears! Super Building Set

Learning Resources Gears! Super Building Set - best toys for 3 year old girls


The “Gears! Gears! Gears!” building set from Learning Resources presents itself as a colorful puzzle experience, which not only helps a child’s cognitive development but also provides an opportunity for imaginative play—your little one will spend a lot of time playing with this.

Why We Love It

Not only is this one of the most colorful toys from the entire list, but all of the parts are interchangeable—just imagine, endless design combinations to entertain your 3-year-old daughter.

  • Encourages imaginative play.
  • Includes interchangeable parts that can be used to make any combination designs.
  • It has many different elements which make it more entertaining, such as flowers, butterflies, bees, etc.
  • Many small parts, some of which might get lost.
  • Package does not contain instructions for building the structures show on the box.

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#4. Gymnic Rody Horse Sport

Gymnic Rody Horse Sport - best toys for 3 year old girls


The Rody Horse from Gymnic is a great, simple toy. It can be inflated via either a hand or foot pump to a size appropriate for your child and then can be used to jump around rooms for days on end. It’s made from easy, super sturdy, latex-free bands, BPA-free, and phthalate-free vinyl materials. It can inflate to about 21″ maximum.

Why We Love It

When discussing the best toys for 3-year-old girls, simplicity is definitely one of the factors to look at it, and the Rody Horse is definitely simple. It is easy to use, can be deflated (so it’s portable) and can be used either indoors or outside.

  • The Rody Horse is made of a super strong material to prevent air leaks.
  • It can be inflated to different sizes, based on the size/height/weight requirements of your daughter.
  • It’s easily portable.
  • It promotes stability and synchronization while providing a fun workout.
  • Requires a pump.
  • Can be inflated to  a maximum height of 21 inches.

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#5. Kidoozie My First Purse – Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls


The “My First Purse” from Kidoozie is one of the best gifts for 3 year old girls. It provides little girls with the ability to role-play, while also having a ton of fun and developing critical thinking skills.

The adventure-ready “My First Purse” is perfect for widening mental faculties through imaginative and dynamic play. All the accessories featured in this best-selling set are made with toxin-free materials and have safe designs.

Why We Love It

The purse itself provides girls with the opportunity to pretend they are adults, having to look after each item within their purse, while also enjoying the ability to have their own purses like their moms, to go to tea parties and playdates.

  • It promotes a child’s ability to be more responsible.
  • There are multiple accessories inside the bag itself, which can act as toys on their own.
  • It’s light and portable; easy to take from place to place.
  • The accessories inside the bag can be replaced with real-life items, or with smaller toys.
  • May be too simple for some 3 year olds.
  • The packaging might not appeal to everyone.

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#6. Kidkraft Tasty Treat Play Food Set

Kidkraft Tasty Treat Play Food Set - best toys for 3 year old girls


With over a 100 different pieces, The Tasty Treat Play Food set from Kidkraft inspires all children to develop a love for cooking—which little girls often love at their tea parties. With a combination of a variety of different fruits, veggies, snacks, etc. it can provide a ton of fun for your little girl.

Why We Love It

Little girls looking to organize the perfect tea parties for their friends or just a regular playdate will love serving up meals from the plethora of items included in this set.

  • Doesn’t require assembly
  • Huge selection of items to engage 3-year-old girls for hours on end.
  • Additional toys such as the Kidkraft Kitchen can be purchased to make a perfect combination.
  • Pieces may get lost and cannot be purchased separately.
  • It’s not easily portable as there are many different pieces in the box.

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#7. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe - best toys for 3 year old girls


The VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe is a three-in-one desk with flexible interactive activity cards that comes with a variety of activity pages to engage your child all day.

Using colors, pictures and recorded vocabulary, it’s definitely one of the best gifts for 3 year old girls. It provides a curriculum with nursery rhymes, reading skills, animals, and numbers. It also transforms from a desk into a stand and chalkboard with an ample amount of storage space for art supplies to encourage play and discovery.

Why We Love It

The touch and learn activity desk not only results in your little girl having fun, but learning while playing. It has additional expansion packs that can be purchased separately to increase the amount of content already included with the desk.

  • Has a vast collection of content, which engages your little girl for countless hours of fun and entertainment
  • Has additional purchasable expansion packs
  • Changed into a chalkboard and easel from a desk
  • Promotes interactive learning

  • Needs batteries to run
  • Electric functionality may get damaged with rough play or heavy use.

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#8. Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike - best toys for 3 year old girls


Barbie Tough Trike is great for outdoor adventures—it’s durable and rugged tires take little ride wherever they want to go. Distinct features like a secret storage compartment under the comfort-ride seat enhance to the fun! And the wide, stable wheel base, easy-grip handlebars, and large foot pedals facilitate even the tiniest riders!

Brand Story Tricycles one of the best gifts for 3-year-old girls, couple that with the Barbie-themed for your little sweetheart from Fisher-Price, and you’ve got a winning combination!

Why We Love It

While more traditional toys are always going to be on this kind of list, the tricycle promotes outdoor activity and will be a toy that not only brings joy to your little princess but also ensures she gets a good amount of exercise while having fun.

  • Barbie theme appeals to most little girls.
  • Sturdily built to withstand wear and tear from daily use.
  • Promotes outdoor activity.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Might not a long-term toy as a 3 year old may outgrow the toy in a year or two.
  • Cannot be used freely as it’s a toy that’s appropriate only in certain places and/or surroundings.

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#9. Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie Dreamhouse - best toys for 3 year old girls


The Barbie Dreamhouse is exactly what most girls want—it’s definitely one of the most popular girls’ toys sold. It comes with three different floors, seven bedrooms, and a working elevator, as well as many other interactive items inside the house.

It comes with a simple brown packaging—which might look like an ordinary box from the outside but upon unwrapping—however, your little darling will be greeted to the dream of most 3 year old girls.

Why We Love It

The Barbie Dreamhouse encourages cooperative play. It promotes creativity, fine motor skills, social interaction and so on, that enhances cerebral abilities in 3 year olds.

  • One of the most popular girls’  toys on the market.
  • Multifunctioning parts for more interactive play.
  • Dolls and furniture from other Barbie sets can also be used with this Barbie Dreamhouse.
  • Not easily portable.
  • Needs to be assembled by a parent.

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#10. Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline

Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline - best toys for 3 year old girls


For energetic little girls who just need some activity to use all their extra energy out, this is the good toy.

It has a large jumping surface as well as a handlebar, which ensures the safety of your little angel, while also making sure she gets fun for days bouncing on it.

Why We Love It

Not only is it a trampoline—which is in itself an amazing toy for children—but it’s one made specifically to cater to the needs of 3-year-old girls as it lets them strengthen their leg muscles while learning balance and coordination.

  • It’s a trampoline, enough said! Any child out there wishes they had a trampoline to bounce around on.
  • It has handlebars for safety.
  • Its large jumping surface helps for stability.
  • It’s only recommended for indoor use.
  • Children can outgrow this toy in a year or two.

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Development Milestones for 3 Year Olds

Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls - development milestones

To decide if your 3 year old girl is developing at a healthy pace, it’s helpful to get acquainted with skills that are typically built  at this age. It can be tested through the developmental milestones mentioned below. All the best gifts for 3 year old girls should focus on at least one of these developments.

Physical Development

Toys that keep your toddler active are vital for her sound physical development, both now and in the future.

As at this age, 3 year old girls experience growth of gross and fine motor skills; for this reason, toys like bicycles and other sports activity sets can be very helpful.

This helps to strengthen their muscles, provide great exercise and increase stamina, which is so beneficial in the long run.

Cerebral Development

It’s not only important to choose toys that boost your child physically, but also mentally.

Toys that help develop your daughter’s cognitive abilities and kindle her imagination and creativity are extremely beneficial.

Dollhouses, kitchen sets, and similar toys help your child develop their imagination and actually foster their ability to understand the consequences of actions and decisions, aka rational abilities.

Verbal and Communication Development

While the level varies, by the age of three, most children have developed some amount of social, communication and language skills.

They understand the concept of partaking, solidarity and taking turns during cooperative play. This helps them feel more comfortable in their own skin and promotes their resilience and self-assurance.

Interactive toys that have buttons to press and instructions to follow are particularly beneficial as it helps children interact with other children, reinforcing their connection and mutual understanding.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls - buyer's guide

After looking through the product reviews and developmental milestones, let’s jump straight to the criteria you need to think about before making any purchases.

Is It Budget-Friendly?

It’s a pretty obvious question, but knowing how much you’re willing to spend—or even a portion of the money you’re willing to splurge on toys—helps you find the best possible deals within your budget.

This list does not pertain to a singular budget; rather, we’ve opted to focus on toys across different price points. Each toy in the list will be ranked based on their pros and cons, and the final list will make it easier for you to find the best bargain for your price.

So, make sure to read through the entire list of the best toys of 3 year old girls and then pick based on your preferred price range.

What to Look For?

Knowing what you’re looking for when shopping for the best gifts for your 3 year old girl is of utmost importance.

If your daughter wants a bicycle, but you purchase a meal prep set, you might end up disappointing her. This is why our list has different categories, to better serve the interests of your daughter.

The point is: don’t put the category of “best toys for 3 year old girls” into just one particular niche of dolls or cooking sets; rather, consider a variety of toys to ensure that every little girl gets what she wants.

Each child has different talents and interests, but our aim is to list the toys that are most popular amongst this general age group, and therefore the best toys for 3 year old girls.

Does It Ensure Quality?

Giving a toy for the sake of giving a toy isn’t the best thing to do. You want to ensure that not only do you get the best value for your money, but also that the toy you purchase lasts a long time.

So, instead of just picking out a random, cheap toy we recommend going with the best toys for 3 year old girls from reputable brands. Our compilation of toys is all from well-known brands that have been making toys for both girls and boys for decades.

Is it Durable?

At this age, your child is an active explorer. She’ll often get either bored easily or become overly curious about everything.

So, it’s important to choose toys that are not only durable but also stay relevant through her childhood years. It should hold her interest and inspire her to learn more.

Toys—like books, puzzles and so on—have proven to have a direct, hands-on approach to your child’s intellectual abilities from a very young age.

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Ideally, this list will help you get the best toys for your 3 year old girls. However, if you’re even more confused than you were at the start of this article, then here are my final recommendations.

Pick the highest ranked item on the list which fits within your budget. The list contains only the best toys for 3 year old girls, and anything in your budget that is ranked highest will in all likelihood be a great fit.

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