Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls – Gift Ideas & Buying Guide

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At 4, your little angel emerges into a little lady. She becomes far more articulate, demanding and of course very independent. She also develops a variety of skills and likes to manage everything on her own.

When it comes to choosing the best toys for 4 year old girls, choose something that enhances her already developing skills, whether it’s social, communication, cognitive or so on.

Choose toys that allow her to interact with other children while letting her know about the importance of sharing and teamwork.  Toys that boost her imagination, creativity, and brainpower are also essential.

There are way too many options in the market today, so it’s natural to be overwhelmed. But, worry not!

We at FeedFond have carefully explored and formed a list of the best gifts for 4 year old girls that you’ll later thank us for. Plus, they have also been lauded by other parents.

Our Top Picks of Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls 

 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls -Top recommended products

When purchasing the best toys for 4 year old girls or getting the best gifts for 4 year old girls make sure you choose something that’s both educational and fun. Of course, your gift should match the sentiments of a 4 year old princess.

Not only that try also to choose something that sparks the development milestones (mentioned later in the article) of a growing 4 year old child. Here are our top picks to assist you to make the right choice!

#1. Fisher-Price Little Home – Best Toys for 4 year Old Girls 

best Toys for 4 year old girls-Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home


The Little People Surprise & Sounds Home is a great toy for a 4 year old girl. Its immaculate design not only excites her but also gives her a basic idea about how a house works.

The 2-level, 4-section house contains toilets, refrigerators, and even an alarm clock. This is a great gift to improve your daughter’s fine motor skills while her imagination and creativity.

Why We Love It

This is a great toy if you want your 4 year old girl to realize the basic concepts of everyday life. It boosts her skills and overall critical thinking by helping to strengthen her overall personality.

  • Improves small muscle movements
  • Boosts imagination and creativity
  • Folds up to save space and easy to carry around
  • Has over 50 songs, sounds, and phrases
  • Inspired by real-life experiences
  • The audio quality may not appeal to everyone
  • Some items are not detachable

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#2. Learning Resources School Set 

 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls-Learning Resources Pretend & Play


If your 4 year old girl has a sense of leadership and loves to learn about new things, then the Pretend & Play School set is a perfect gift for her.

It comes with all the necessary equipment that prepares kids for learning and is a fantastic toy to augment your child’s social, communication and cognitive skills.

Why We Love It 

This a great toy for preschoolers as it gives them an inside look at what school and teachers are going to be like. It makes them more comfortable and excited about the thought of going to school.

  • Makes children more eager for school
  • Plenty of teaching tools
  • Promotes social and communication skills
  • Facilitates role-playing
  • Promotes critical thinking
  • Not built strong
  • Some of the accessories may get lost
  • No dry erase markers

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#3. ALEX Discover Button Art 

 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls-ALEX Discover Button Art


If you’re looking for a toy that sparks your daughter’s excitement for painting, but also her love of puzzles, Button Art is the perfect gift. There is no mess plus your daughter learns how to mix and match colors like a pro.  

With 40 buttons and 10 pictures, it can keep your 4 year old occupied for hours. It’s a great gift or toy to enhance your child’s fine motor skills, intelligence, and hand-eye coordination.

Why We Love It 

This is a great toy to develop your child’s attention span and inquisitiveness. The “pop” sound helps drives your child to finish the button art.

  • Fosters creativity
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Convenient storage
  • Develops small muscle movements
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • May not be challenging enough for some kids
  • Kids may choke on the little buttons

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#4. Little Tikes Shopping Cart 

Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls-Little Tikes Shopping Cart Overview 

If your 4 year old is a girly girl and likes dressing up, give her a Little Tikes Shopping Cart. With this toy, she can have hours of pretend-play doing the one thing women never get tired of, shopping! It has a deep basket to fit almost anything plus a fold-down seat to accommodate any of her favorite toys.

Why We Love It (H4)

This toy resembles a grocery cart, so your daughter will have fun pushing it around at home. Pulling and pushing the cart will enhance her gross motor skills.

  • Enhances gross and fine motor skills
  • Promotes pretending play
  • Resembles a grocery cart
  • Has a big storage space for dolls and other toys
  • Encourages creativity and imagination
  • Kids may topple over the cart
  • Difficult to assemble

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#5. Little Tikes Shopping Cart – Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls 

Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls-Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball SetOverview

If your little girl likes to be active, then this T-Ball Set is one of the best toys. It makes for a fun family game and gives little girls to go outdoors and bring out their sporty side.

Why We Love It 

It makes for a great toy since it improves both your daughter’s small and big muscle movements and provides an excitement for outdoor sports.

  • A good medium of exercise
  • Improves both fine and gross motor skills
  • Gender-neutral
  • Hang-on-the-wall storage
  • Adjustable height
  • Not suitable for indoors
  • The build is not very sturdy

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#6. Fisher-Price Grow with Me Skates 

Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls-Fisher-Price Grow with Me 1,2,3 Roller SkateOverview 

If your daughter is a fan of Michelle Trachtenberg’s Ice Princess or Frozen or is a Barbie fanatic, look no further!

The Grow With Me skates is a totally rad gift for your 4 year old as they can be easily attached and adjusted to her sneakers, unlike real skates.

This is a great toy to encourage your daughter to take part in more outdoor activities while learning the art of balance in the process.

Why We Love It 

This toy will instill the love of skating in your daughter from a very young age. This will make her a more poised, coordinated and well-balanced.

  • Burns energy
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination
  • Easily adjustable for shoes
  • Grows with kids as they develop
  • Enhances gross motor skills
  • Teaches balance
  • All the stages may not work on the same level
  • Kids may tip over
  • May not be suitable for advanced skaters

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#7. My First Flybar Foam Pogo Stick 

Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls-Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper Overview 

Does your active 4 year old girl like to jump on the bed? If you answered yes, we have something that makes better use of daughter’s constant energy.

The Flybar Pogo Stick has a first-class bungee cord with easy, convenient foam grip handles. It is a fun game that’ll help your daughter stay healthy and active.

Why We Love It 

It’s another brilliant toy for 4 year old girls as it facilitates physical activity both outdoors and indoors. It reinforces their leg muscles and teaches them the art of coordination and balance.

  • Sturdy, secure and long-lasting
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Helps develop balance and coordination
  • Great for exercise
  • Strengthens leg muscles
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds, so suitable for the whole family
  • The squeakers may stop squeaking
  • May cause accidents

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#8. VTech Little Apps Tablet 

Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls-VTech Little Apps Tablet Overview 

With the digital age progressing faster each day, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets have now become a reality of life. This Vtech Little Apps Tablet is a great gift for your 4-year-old girl as it is a realistic toy.

It comes with a backlit LCD screen and a variety of melodies and songs that make it a very fun learning tool.

Why We Love It 

With the variety of songs, phrases and melodies present it can improve your daughter’s vocabulary and communication skills.

  • Promotes fine and gross motor skills
  • Pretend play improves social and emotional skills
  • Enhances vocabulary
  • Volume control and automatic shut-off
  • Easy to carry
  • Content can’t be expanded
  • The screen is not bright enough

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#9. ALEX Discover My Giant Busy Box 

 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls-ALEX Discover My Giant Busy BoxOverview

My Giant Busy Box is a good gift for your 4 year old if you want her creativity to shine. It comes with a lot of crafts like crayons, doilies, playdough, flowers, glue stick and a whole lot more!

This box is perfect to be played anywhere and can easily involve older people like parents! It is a great gift to boost your daughter’s imagination and creativity.

Why We Love It 

It helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and is a great activity for kids on a rainy day or a party.

  • Parents’ Choice Approved Award winner
  • Develops fine and gross motor skills
  • Useful both outdoors and indoors
  • Promotes creativity and imagination
  • Can create up to 16 different projects
  • No instructions available
  • The elements are not very durable

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#10. LeapFrog Scribble and Write 

Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls – LeapFrog Scribble and WriteOverview

To introduce early writing skills, LeapFrog Scribble and Write is the best toy to give your 4 year old girl. With this, your daughter can trace the lights with a stylus and learn her ABC’s and numbers.

It helps improves her cognitive skills as the visual medium of the toy helps things get in her head faster. A great toy for your daughter to prepare for school!

Why We Love It

It helps develop your daughter’s printing and hand-eye coordination with a lot of practice.

  • Has both left and right-hand functionality
  • Fun and educational
  • Helps memorize things faster
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • 2-part learning system
  • The music may not appeal to all kids
  • Not very durable
  • The eraser can get jammed

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Development Milestones for 4 Year Old Girls 

 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls-Developmental Milestones


When your little girl reaches 4 years of age, whether she’s going to preschool or not, she likely becomes somewhat of a grown up. Her vocabulary and reasoning improve and she becomes curious and demanding.

She’ll enjoy dressing up and role-playing games and she’ll like spending time with herself just as much as she enjoys it with others. She’ll experience some significant milestones, so observe carefully.

If she’s not all showing such signs, do observe her better and if no ends meet, consult your doctor.  Here are some of the things you might witness in your 4 year old girl:

Social, Emotional and Language Development 

At this age, 4 year old girls develop a set of social and emotional skills. They start sharing their toys with other kids and prefer spending time with them over themselves.

Girls at this age like trying new things like being an imaginary citizen of fantasy world and other make-believe games. They love to sing, dance, act and imitate others in the process.

4 year old girls also start developing a basic knowledge of grammar and vocabulary while learning to recite and perform songs, poems, and stories.

So, it’s important to get the best toys for 4 year old girls to enhance these social and emotional skills.

Cognitive Development 

Like in any other age, children develop in distinctive ways. At 4, they get closer to being academically inclined. They can count to higher numbers, the alphabet and start understanding bigger words.

4 year old girls identify colors, people’s names and are curious about most things. They tend to ask a lot of questions, from basic concepts of time and the difference between what’s right and wrong.

Girls at this age form an inclination towards books, stories, and even TV shows and base themselves in their favorite characters. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to details when purchasing the best gifts for 4-year-old girls. Try picking something that enhances these skills.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills 

It’s important to get the best toys for 4 year old girls because, at this age, they develop a handful of fine and gross motor skills.

4 year old girls learn to dress, do their own hair, brush their own teeth and so on. They learn how to hold a pencil, learn basic table manners and how to use essential tools.

These girls also enjoy physical activities both outdoors and indoors. Whether it’s hopping on a pogo stick, playing frisbee with their dogs or skating.  

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Criteria For Choosing the Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls 

 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls-Criteria for choosing the best toys

Choosing the best gift for your 4 year old girl shouldn’t be too overwhelming if you are aware of what skills you would like her to enhance and what stage in growing up she is at.  Here are a few points you should check before making your choice:

Choose Toys That Widen Are Skill Set and Make Her More Active

At this age, kids tend to learn a lot of new things. Like math, writing, reading, pretending play, mingling and so on. So, when choosing the best toys for 4 year old girls, pick something that further enhances those skills.

Also, try to picking something that motivates your daughter to be more active by purchasing something that both she and the family can have fun with while burning energy.

Choose Toys That are Educational and Realistic

The best toys for 4 year old girls aren’t just educational but also realistic. Don’t prepare your daughter just for school, in fact, prepare her for life. Gone are the days when toys were just meant for leisure.

Today, toys should be realistic too. Toys like shopping carts, cash registers, and home sounds expose your daughter to essential life skills.

Choose Toys That Allow Her to Socialize 

It’s also important to remember that there are more than toys. They may be designed to teach a lot of things, but nothing really teaches more than experience.

Try choosing a gift that allows your daughter to share this toy with other children. If children learn to share, they become more empathetic and how to have relationships with others.

Choose Toys That are Sustainable 

It has become our responsibility as global citizens to be environmentally aware and sustainable. So, why not start with our children?

When choosing the best gifts for 4 year old girls, choose an eco-friendly option. Pick something that either teaches them something about the environment or is made of recyclable products.

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Final Thoughts

We’ve suggested the best toys for 4 year old girls currently available on the market and the different aspects and features to keep in mind when you’re choosing an appropriate toy.

We really hope you find this article helpful. Always remember, choose toys that not only meet but also boost your daughter’s development milestones.

After all, as parents, your daughter’s development should always be your utmost priority!

Important Read:

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