Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys – Gift Ideas & Buyer’s Guide

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At the growing age of five, boys interests and tastes are constantly evolving. It becomes increasingly challenging for parents to keep up with their boys. Toys can help a lot in this regard; however, buying the best toys for 5 year old boys is no easy task.

It’s important for parents to remember that around the age of 5, it’s a time when boys will show their creativeness, imagination, and initiative—all of which work wonders. So, it’s imperative to make sure that the toys they receive will aid their developmental process.

FeedFond is here with the complete guide to the best gifts for 5 year old boys. We’re going to be discussing various factors and developmental aptness of toys. In addition, we’ll be reviewing 10 toys most suitable for 5 year old boys.

Let’s start with the reviews first.

Our Top Choices for the Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

best toys for 5 year old boys - top gift ideas

This list contains the ten best toys that are highly recommended for 5 year old boys. At this age, they need toys that can stimulate their mental and physical development. This selection of toys here has been carefully researched based on reviews from parents and child experts.

In order to make things easier for the parents, we’ve also included a detailed child development guide at the end of this article. See here.

#1. Haktoys HAK101 Turbo Twister RC Car – Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

Haktoys HAK101 Turbo Twister RC Car - Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys


HAK101 is a remote-controlled car developed by Haktoys. It’s a perfect toy that can help your 5- year-old develop good hand-eye coordination. The car can be conveniently charged via USB and has longer play time than its previous model. The flexible antenna is safe and the music and lights can be turned off for quieter play.

What We Love About It

Toddlers look and feel great when they play with this toy. They have a lot of fun mastering the spins and stunts.

  • Unique features that attract kids
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Well-built frame that can withstand falls
  • Short recharging time, longer play time
  • Delicate battery life
  • Same color frequency problem

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#2. Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies

Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies - Best toys for 5 year old boys


The Kidzlane set of Walkie Talkies is easy to use; it and comes with a 2-mile range and 3 separate channels. These toys are long-lasting, fun and have crystal-clear audio quality. It contains LED channel indicators which allow them a 9 hour back-up and a nonstop play time of 3.5 hours.

What We Love About It

This toy is a tool to help create improve communication and teamwork skills. It also boosts their imagination by helping then pretend.

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Long-range functionality to ensure constant communication
  • Sharp sound quality with no static
  • Non-rechargeable batteries
  • Plastic, cheap body parts

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#3. 7 Pieces IQ Challenge Set 

7 Pieces IQ Challenge Set - Best toys for 5 year old boys


This IQ Challenge Set is perfect to help toddlers get a head start in brain development. It comes with various components: a metal puzzle, four completely different plastic puzzle balls that are 2.5 inches each, an IQ puzzle ball and a wooden cube puzzle that are 3 inches and 2 inches respectively.  Your 5 year old will gain decision-making capabilities. Re-assembling the puzzle ball helps to build deduction powers and is great for regular mental exercise.

What We Love About It

The toy will challenge your child. It’s also neat and perfect for building their mental stamina and self-confidence.

  • Offers a variety of puzzles
  • Highly stimulating brain teasers
  • Keeps child engaged for hours
  • Vibrantly colored set.
  • Plastic, cheap body parts
  • Package instructions hard to read

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#4. Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball

Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball - best toys for 5 year old boys


Fisher-Price brings three fun ways to help your kid hit baseballs like a pro in no time. Appropriate for ages 3-9, this the best gift for 5 year old boys. The balls pop out from the base one after another and shoot up to 10 feet. This machine comes with a battery-powered trainer, a bat, and 3 balls.

What We Love About It

It helps build confidence and fine motor skills, including hand-eye coordination. It’s easy to use, no matter which stage of learning they are in.

  • Developing gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible, strong and sturdy
  • Two playing style options
  • Provides only 3 balls with purchase
  • Loud noise from the machine

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#5. Diggin Active Dodge Tag – Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

Diggin Active Dodge Tag - best toys for 5 year old boys


Diggin brings the ultimate 2-player DodgeBall game! Active Dodge Tag comes with 2 air mesh vests and 6 soft, safe balls. Players try to dodge and stick these soft balls to their rival’s vests. It’s a fun and fast-paced game that is both safe and non-violent. Not only does this help build hand-eye coordination, it also helps them get a sense of when to time a throw.

What We Love About It

We love this toy because it gives kids hours of fun. And it’s not only for kids—parents can join in with them as well. It’s a fun activity to share with your child and the best gifts for your 5 year old boys.

  • Can play outside or inside
  • Safe, non-violent
  • Strong velcro, well-made product
  • Adjustable vests
  • Small target area, hard to tag a moving target
  • Small and cheaply made

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#6. The Fisher-Price Super Soccer

The Fisher-Price Super Soccer - best toys for 5 year old boys


Grow to Pro Super Sounds Soccer makes learning to play soccer fun, easy, and rewarding. Every time a ball hits the net, you can hear encouraging sounds. The goal net is 2 feet wide by 3 ½ feet high, so anybody can easily score. “Gooalll!” I mean who doesn’t love to use this expression while playing or watching soccer?  As your child starts becoming a pro at this game, they’ll get to hear this phrase for themselves, taking their self-confidence to the next level. To keep things more challenging, you can place the adjustable target anywhere along the goal post.

What We Love About It

This is another one of those toys that helps build your child’s motor skills. It’s a perfect outdoor sports activity with a friend, parent, or sibling.

  • High-quality net and metals
  • Adjustable, interactive target
  • Size is perfect for children
  • Compact enough to use inside as well
  • Non-labeled parts, making it harder to assemble
  • The ball is small and made of plastic

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#7. Toy State Caterpillar Construction Mini

Toy State Caterpillar Construction Mini - best toys for 5 year old boys


The Toy State Caterpillar Construction Mini Machine comes with a five pack of free-wheeling mini CAT machines. This toy includes a wheel loader, backhoe, road compactor, a bulldozer and a dump truck. It also comes with a complete construction site!

What We Love About It

This is a very simple yet fun toy to give to a 5 year old. If they are interested in construction, they will automatically be intrigued by all the different types of machines. All the toys have movable parts for your child to interact with.

  • Sturdy and long-lasting toys
  • Variety of machines to play with
  • Each car has a movable part, making them unique
  • Lightweight, plastic toys
  • Some people comment they are too small cheaply made

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#8. Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick - best toys for 5 year old boys


If your 5 year old is energetic, effervescent and loves to monkey jump, then this Flybar Pogo Stick is calling their name. The pogo stick has foam covering the metal frame, increasing the safety measures for those just beginning to bounce around. This awesome toy is meticulously designed with handles that are easy for children to grasp and deep footpads to ensure that the rider stays in balance.

What We Love About It

It’s a perfect and safe toy for a beginner who wants to jump around; overall, it’s a fun activity your toddler can share with his friends for hours on end.

  • Well-built frame ensures durability and stability
  • Safe to use on hard surfaces
  • Perfect for a beginner
  • Parts can be easily replaced
  • Rigid, hard, firm to bounce for a lightweight.
  • Pedals made with cheap plastic

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#9. Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor A Kick Scooter - best toys for 5 year old boys


The Kick Scooter is the original kick scooter made of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame. It folds up for easy storage, and the urethane wheels deliver a smooth ride. Its rear fender brake enables quick stops. The kick scooter has adjustable handlebars with foam grips which adapts for children of all different heights.

What We Love About It

It’s sturdy and its ability to adapt to varying heights is amazing. Parents can share a fun outdoor activity with their child very easily.

  • Sturdy, very strongly built
  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • Easy to store and travel
  • Small, plastic wheel wears out too fast
  • Folding/unfolding is very stiff

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#10. Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 FPV Headless Quadcopter Drone

Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 FPV Headless Quadcopter Drone - best toys for 5 year old boys


The Cheerwing Syma Headless Quadcopter Drone is the perfect toy for a beginner learning to fly drones. This drone educates the user about the precise directions of the quadcopter by curtailing the angle of the learning curve by utilizing its Headless function. While enjoying flights, users are can also take pictures and make videos with the HD camera, 3D lock system and do other exciting things with the amazing additional features.

What We Love About It

Although this might not be totally suitable as the best toys for 5 year old boys, however with the help of a parent, they can soon learn the wonders of flying the drone. This is also a toy that can help with parent-child bonding and make lots of memories.

  • Easy to use, perfect for someone who is just learning to use a drone
  • Long battery life that ensures longer playtime
  • Convenient USB charging
  • Excellent quality, well made, long lasting
  • Remote control glitches
  • Need parental guidance

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Now that we’re done with the reviews, let’s go over some very important elements you need to know when buying the best toys for 5 year old boys.

Developmental Milestones for 5 Year Old Boys

best toys for 5 year old boys - developmental milestones

Children at the age of 5 are set to begin their kindergarten years. They start to develop a “big kid” phase, which includes having much more self-control than a toddler. However, as they are still learning to control their emotions, there might be instances where they break down or don’t manage to stay calm.

Physical Development

Five-year-old boys become more precise and coordinated in their movements. They have long left behind their “chubby-cheeked” toddler years and become “lanky grade-schoolers”. Key physical milestones include growing 2-3 inches in height, gaining up to 6 pounds and having 20/20 vision.

A 5 year old’s ability to jump, run, hop and skip also increases dramatically. Their small muscles become more finely-tuned, gaining better balance. They can get dressed on their own and handle buttons and zippers and such. They also become more proficient in handling fork and knives, further boosting their fine motor skills.

This is a great time to teach them new skills and give them tasks to keep them entertained. E.g. teaching them how to use laces and tying their shoes.

Emotional Development

One of the biggest changes 5 year olds go through is having better control of their emotions. Many of them actively try to please adults and seek to make friends; however, as they are just starting to learn, there are prone to occasional tantrums, emotional breakdowns and contradictions.

They can also express their feelings in a more meaningful way. They can usually articulate their likes and dislikes. 5 year olds begin to develop empathy, mostly through a declaration. This is more like saying exactly what they are thinking.

As they learn to play and share at this growing age, it’s a great time to teach them how to behave socially. Bottling up emotions such as anger and frustration can be harmful; teaching them to channel emotions through creative outlets can keep them from breaking down.

Social Development

At this growing stage, 5 year olds will begin to make new friends and form new relationships. This may include peers, teachers, relatives, neighbors and they’ll start blooming as an independent person. This development, along with their physical and emotional milestones, will make their transition easier when they attend kindergarten.

They will also pay attention to certain relationships and will form close bonds with some friends. 5 year olds will tend to notice their peers and have an urge to be like them.

As parents, we must take note of the dynamics of the group they interact with. Even 5 year olds are bullied and adult intervention is essential in handling such cases.

Cognitive Development

One of the major developments children gain during this stage of life is their ability to understand the difference between”right” and  “wrong”. They begin to grasp the concept of set rules and follow them to please adults. Also, they are more open-minded and can express themselves clearly. Their interest will also grow if they attend kindergarten and learn to tackle academic and behavioral expectations.

Five-year-olds can use words to express their needs and wants. They also understand positional vocabulary and know terms like “below”, “next to”, “on top of”, etc. Most 5 year olds also develop the confidence to play with their peers without adult supervision. The slight arguments they experience with each other, they learn to fix them themselves.

This is the perfect time to introduce new crafts and sports, which will help 5 year olds flourish. The variety of experiences will help them understand the world around them and learn new skills.

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Criteria For Choosing the Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

best toys for 5 year old boys - buyer's guide

There are many factors you need to consider before selecting the best toys for 5 year old boys. This guide will make sure you choose a toy that you and your child can both be happy with.

Types Of Toys

There are so many types of toys out there, no wonder parents have a hard time choosing! There are toys that are just educational, which basically help with developing skills and brain activity. Others are just strictly fun, without any educational component. Then there are toys that have both of those qualities. Naturally, most parents would prefer the third category; however, sometimes “just fun” toys are great for relaxing.


It is one of the most important, crucial factors for a parent to look out for when they are buying the best gifts for 5 year old boys. Whether or not the toy is safe to play with is a huge issue. Most children are left unsupervised when playing, so it’s important to check the toys before giving it to them to play with.

Poor quality plastics, rough and sharp edges are the most common thing to look out for. Also, many toys have small parts that can pose a choking hazard. Parents also need to look out for toys that are verified safe and non-violent by the toy company.


Toys’ performance is also a big issue to look for. A toy that doesn’t meet the expectations of the price and branding is obviously not a good toy. Most parents look for a toy that will last longer and deliver a smooth performance so that they know they bought something worth their money. While buying a toy for your child, parents should test them out themselves before buying it.

Toy Quality

There are many toys that are made poorly with cheap parts to save time and money, but toys that are made with cheap plastics don’t last very long. Eventually, after a few hours of playtime (if that), they break. Parents need to make sure they are buying products that are well-made, durable and most of all safe.

One of the ways to ensure this is by looking up reviews from others who have bought them. Watch out for the pros and cons of a toy before buying them.

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Final Thoughts

Well, we hope this list has provided you with some insight as to what the best toys for 5 year old boys could be. We also hope this article has helped you get a better understanding of what to expect and look for when you are buying a toy. The list of toys mentioned here are all amazing and fun; however, we would recommend you select a toy that goes with your child’s personality—you obviously know them best!

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