Black German Shepherd – Dog Breed Guide for 2020

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German Shepherds may be one of the most common dogs in the world, but what about the Black German Shepherd? This dog has been shrouded in mystery as many mistakes it as a separate or mixed-breed dog.

This is asides the fact that the “black” color has a negative stigma when it comes to Black German Shepherd dogs.

But what’s the truth?

FeedFond has debunked the speculations and mysteries surrounding Black German Shepherd dogs. This complete guide for 2020 will also help you learn all there is about this dog. 

Black German Shepherd – Truth or Myth?

Black German Shepherd: Truth or Myth? - Are Black German Shepherd dogs real?

Black German Shepherd is a common German Shepherd, it’s just that they have a black coat. They are commonly mistaken as mixed-breed or different variations of German Shepherd dog breed.

So, yes… German Shepherds black also exist; it’s not some mythical creature. In this article, we delve into all there is to know about this special German Shepherd and look at the differences between “regular” German Shepherds.

Black German Shepherd Genetics

Black German Shepherd Genetics - Where do Black German Shepherd dogs come from?

Only 6.8% of all German Shepherds in the world are black—it all comes down to the genes. The black coat comes from the dominant or recessive genes.

Usually, German Shepherds are a brown and black mix, but some carry the recessive black gene and end up giving birth to a Black German Shepherd puppies.

However, for this to happen, both parents must carry the solid black recessive gene. This rarity makes a Black German Shepherd one of the most expensive and sought out dogs in the world.

Physical Characteristics of a Black German Shepherd

Physical Characteristics of a Black German Shepherd - What do Black German Shepherd looks like?

Although Black German Shepherds are rare in terms of existence, physically they aren’t that different than “regular” German Shepherds.

They are a large breed dog weighing 66-88 lbs with a height of 55-65 in inches.

Their backs are a little straighter than the typical German Shepherds (the genes at work again), but it’s not uncommon amongst puppies in a litter.

Black Shepherd dogs have a flowing silky coat ranging from short to long in length.

Comparison with a Normal German Shepherd Dog

Difference between Normal and Black German Shepherd - All you need to know about Black German Shepherd dogs

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Personality and Temperament of a Black German Shepherd

Personality and Temperament of a Black German Shepherd - How do Black German Shepherd dogs act?

A pure black German Shepherd is not an aggressive dog. Although German Shepherds typically have a reputation for being aggressive—that’s to say, they are highly trainable and can be made aggressive.

Usually, German Shepherds can be friends with a stranger, it’s just that they’re cautious.

Within a family, a solid Black German Shepherd will be easy-going and approachable. Their protectiveness and loyalty make them excellent guard dogs.

They need attention from their family and companions. This special trait makes them ideal candidates to work as service dogs. As you know, service dogs need to be specially trained.

A Black German Shepherd’s trainability, paired with the need for companionship, has led to many of them helping blind, deaf and otherwise impaired individuals.

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Training a Black German Shepherd

Training a Black German Shepherd - So that your Black German Shepherd can act civil

All German Shepherds, including Black and brown German Shepherd dogs, must go through training before they can be around people.

Socialization training is important as it will make the German Shepherd calmer when suddenly exposed to new experiences—it helps them be calmer.

And by the way, if you haven’t already seen it, we have a puppy development guide complete with puppy growth chart and everything that can help you get started on what to do when you get a puppy.

In addition to socialization training, large dogs like pure Black German Shepherds need crate training and obedience training. They also respond well to any agility-based training.

No wonder German Shepherds are one of the most sought out dogs in law enforcement and military!

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Health Concerns for a Black German Shepherd

Health Concerns for a Black German Shepherd - Common Black German Shepherd ailments

As purebred dogs, Black German Shepherd dogs are prone to usual breed-specific health issues—they aren’t avoidable.

However, with sufficient preventative care, proper nutrition and exercise, these health problems can be minimized.

German Black Shepherd dogs will commonly have:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)

It’s safe to say they are ladened with almost all of the same health concerns of a normal German Shepherd dog. A healthy Black Shepherd dog will typically live an average of 12.5 years.

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Buying a Black German Shepherd Dog

Buying a Black German Shepherd Dog - Are you looking to buy a Black German Shepherd Puppy?

Before buying a Black German Shepherd dog, realize that they come with a lot of negative stigmas. However, as we’ve stated previously, they are simply a normal German Shepherd with black coloring. The color absolutely does not affect its temperament.

If you’re convinced you’re going to get a Black German Shepherd, just remember that due to their rareness, they can be quite pricey. The price will increase in correlation to longer, silkier hair.

Many bad breeders may take advantage of you by selling you a bad puppy for way cheaper than normal but beware of such scams. Only go to reputable breeders who are qualified and have the proper paperwork.

Any responsible breeder will be able to show the history of the puppy and its parents; they should be able to walk you through the dog’s health and complete history.  

Normally, they would insist you meet the parents of your puppy and ask a lot of questions about the match, so don’t hold back. If they’re legit, they should be more than happy to give you all the info.

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Black German Shepherd dogs are beautiful and just as loyal, trainable and energetic as any other German Shepherd.

It’s true that the black color does make it a little intimidating; however, with proper training and all the love you can give, this dog will become your perfect companion before you know it.

First-time dog parent? You’ll be needing a few things for training, grooming and taking care of your dog properly. Here are a few products we reviewed for you:


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