Blind Dachshund Jumps into the Arms of the First Person She Meets


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Being old and abandoned is most people’s worst nightmare. It’s no different for pets! Most have spent so much of their life with their family, it’s heartbreaking when they’re abandoned in a shelter by the same family. Even more so when the pet is physically challenged.



18-year-old Muneca is blind. She was left at a shelter by her human family who no longer could take care of her. The feeling of losing a home, a family, and her eyesight was extremely difficult for the pooch to deal with, especially all at once!

And found


The moment Muneca entered the shelter, she jumped into the arms of Elaine, a volunteer. You see, Muneca was longing for human touch. So, the moment she was near Elaine, she seized the opportunity!

Photographer John Hwang took pictures of Muneca and posted them on Facebook, which was noticed by an animal rescue group: the Frosted Faces Foundation.


The rescue group took Muneca to a vet for a check-up and are now actively looking for a home for her. Dogs should be well taken care of through to the end of their life.

What do you think? Share your views in the Comments section below. Don’t forget to read Blind Love: Family Gets Back Blind Lab After Over A Week.


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