Border Collie Lab Mix – Dog Breed Guide for 2020

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Border Collie and Labrador Retriever are two awesome dog breeds that need little introduction, even to those who are not dog enthusiasts. But what happens when the two breeds are combined?

Awesomeness unified!

There are many popular cross-bred dogs like Chorkies, Labradoodles, and Gerberian Shepskies, but very few are as reliable as the Border Collie Lab Mix, also known lovingly as “Borador”.

FeedFond has made the complete guide for Border Collie Lab Mix in 2020. Later in the article, we’re going to cover the physical characteristics, temperament, training potential and the health profile on what makes a Border Collie Lab Mix a great dog!

What is a Border Collie-Lab Mix?

What is a Border Collie Lab Mix? - Borador Mix Breed Dog Guide

A Border Collie Lab Mix is a designer breed dog with Border Collie and Labrador Retriever.

Designer breeds are basically when two purebred dogs are mixed together to parent a new hybrid dog.

They make a great mixed breed dog—few dogs can match the size, looks, and personality of their parent breeds. Breeders have high hopes that Lab Border Collie Mix will become a loving and hassle-free family dog.

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Origins of Border Collie Lab Mix

Origins of Border Collie Lab Mix - Borador Mix Breed Dog Guide

To understand the origin of a mixed breed dog, we need to know about their parent breeds.

Mixed breed dogs aren’t always a perfect mix and many a times puppies tend to favor traits of one partner over another—that is to say, they end up looking much more like one of the two breeds.

Knowing the basic traits of the parent breeds will help understand how the puppies, in this case, a   Lab Border Collie Mix, differ from its parents.

Origins of Border Collie

Origins of Border Collie - Borador Mix Breed Dog Guide

The history of Border Collies goes back to the time of Romans when the Romans occupied Britain. During that time, their influence spread everywhere, including dog breeding.

The Roman army brought large herding dogs they brought helped them keep the livestock in check.

Much later, when the Vikings invaded, their army brought smaller, quicker herding dogs. The modern Border Collie you see today is the mix of these Roman and Viking dogs.

Collies are compact and sprightly—capable of working in the hilly areas of northern UK.

Borders are known as the “world’s greatest herders’—they are the perfect shepherd dog. They’re also amongst the most intelligent breed!

In the 1995 movie “Babe”, Border Collies became famous again.  

They hold the highest number of dog-sport achievements in fast-paced agility-based sports, not to mention getting featured in the top lists of world’s smartest dog breeds.

Origins of a Labrador Retriever

Origins of Labrador Retriever - Borador Mix Breed Dog Guide

Originally from Newfoundland, Labs have a long career of retrieving ducks and helping fishermen.

They caught the eyes of British nobles who were visiting Canada during the 1800s.

No one knows why they were called “Labrador dogs” or their association with the “Labrador” name, but the name stuck. Later, in the second half of the 19th century, British breeders perfected and set the standards for the breed.

Labrador’s natural water-repellent coat makes them ideal for working with fishermen and around water in general. Their retriever instincts also make them great hunting companions.

As per breeder standard, a Labrador is kindly, outgoing, tractable, easy to please and non-aggressive towards people or animals.

No wonder Labrador Retrievers have reigned as America’s top dog breed since 1991!

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Physical Characteristics of Border Collie Lab Mix

Physical Characteristics of Border Collie Lab Mix - Borador Mix Breed Dog Guide

Most Border Lab Collie Mix dogs are fairly similar in terms of appearance and personality. Let’s start with their physical characteristics first.

Size and Shape

Being a medium-sized dog, a Border Collie Lab Mix grows up to 15-17 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 35-65 pounds. Keep in mind, some dogs will fall outside this range. They are generally built like a Labrador but on the thin side.

Coat & Color Patterns

It’s not unusual to see a Border Collie coolie Mix with black and white markings, similar to their Border Collie parents. They are commonly seen in a brown, yellow or black coat. They also take on the three color coat and hair length from their parents.

Their piercing, striking dark eyes are also one of their noticeable features.

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Personality and Temperament of a Border Collie Lab Mix

Personality and Temperament of a Border Collie Lab Mix - Borador Mix Breed Dog Guide

Descending from two smart parent breeds, Border Collie Lab have a loving and sweet personality. Not to mention, they are also very intelligent.

Studies conducted by the  American Psychological Association shows that a Black Lab and Border Collie Mix has the mental abilities similar to a 2-year-old human.

The combination of smarts and their happy-go-lucky attitude is what makes a Lab Border Collie Mix a highly positive, friendly dog.

This attitude allows them to quickly make friends with people and other dogs. They are really gentle with children—many think it’s their hearing ancestry at work.

Trainability and Exercise Needs of a Border Collie Lab Mix

Trainability and Exercise Needs of a Border Collie Lab Mix - Borador Mix Breed Dog Guide

Lab Border Collie Mix dogs, like their parent breeds, have high-level intelligence. That with their love to work and please their owners tend to make them very fast learners. They are also lead a very active lifestyle and loves to play and exercise.


And training them can be fun too! With consistency, gentle firmness and a handful of treats, you can easily teach you Lab Mix Breed new tricks. Some may act headstrong— it’s mostly due to their intelligence—but they respond well to training based on positive reinforcement.

It’s likely that a Border Collie Lab will get bored and disruptive very easily. That’s why training is essential for smart dogs like this.

Try out some dog puzzles! They work great!

It’s best to train them using agility-based exercise. This will also control the rate of problematic behavior and other anxiety issues in the future.


When it comes to exercise, a labrador Collie Mix will need a decent amount of exercise daily.

They are extremely active (not hyperactive!), but will not run off looking for sheep to herd. This also means a simple walk in the part will not be enough to fulfill their exercise needs.

The good news is a Border Collie Lab will help you in getting fit and staying active. And really, who doesn’t love the outdoors and adventures? The level of exercise will vary by age of the dog, but generally, an hour or two of running usually does the trick!

A study conducted by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health shows that by helping your dog meet their exercise needs you are 34% more likely to get the exercise you need.

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Health Concerns of a Border Collie Lab Mix

Health Concerns of a Border Collie Lab Mix - Borador Mix Breed Dog Guide

 Lab Collie dogs are generally a healthy breed without any specific health problems consistent with particular breeds; that being said, there are still some general dog problems you should look out for.

Obesity is always a concern for active breed dogs when subjected to overfeeding and no exercise. This can lead to diabetes and joint problems. One other fatal ailment is bloating – it’s relatively common with dogs with deep chests. A slow-eating bowl or a hand feeding routine will help you out here!

It’s highly recommended that you check out the health problems of the parent breeds before getting a Lab Border Collie. The good news is—unlike many other breeds—both Border Collies and Labrador Retrievers have very few serious health issues.

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Border Collie Health

According to the American Border Collie Association, Border Collies are susceptible to congenital deafness. This occurs when the inner ear fails to receive the proper amount of blood leading to impaired hearing.

Border Collies aren’t the only breed that has this disorder. Researchers have found that dogs with white heads and blue eyes frequently have this problem. A double merle gene pattern has been identified for the deafness.

Other than congenital deafness, Collies are also prone to joint problems like hip or elbow dysplasia.

Labrador Retriever Health

Labs also have a number of congenital disorders and most of them are related to joints. Problems like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, knee dislocation, osteochondritis (joint cartilage inflammation) and general arthritis are quite common.

Labs are also prone to eye problems like cataracts caused by poor retinal development.

Border Collie Lab Mix Lifespan

A dog with proper veterinary care, healthy diet and exercise will generally live longer. A Lab Mixed with Border Collie lives between 10 to 12 human years. So, as owners, it falls on us to make sure we provide the best possible care and all the love in the world for them.

How long do you think 10 years is in dog years?

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Border Collie Lab Mix Puppies

Border Collie Lab Mix Puppies - Borador Mix Breed Dog Guide

By now, if you are sold on the idea that you are getting a Border Collie Black Lab Mix, it’s probably a good idea to get a puppy.

Look for a qualified, experienced dog breeder. They are reliable and will provide you with the complete health profile of the breed. Make sure you try to meet the parents of the puppy to get a feel for the temperament of what the dog might grow up to be.

If you have previous experience with dogs, why not consider adopting a Border Collie Lab Mix rescue? There are many organizations that specialize in designer dogs.

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Border Collie Lab Mix dogs are simply one of the coolest mixed dog breeds out there. They are especially suited for large, active families but known to get along with others too. Boradors are great with kids and the loyalty they show towards the family.

This unique dog breed is full of life and will make your life entertaining, to say the least. Bear in mind that dogs are a responsibility, no matter the breed, so love them with all your heart because they are doing that too!

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