Boyfriend’s Response to Viral Photos of His “Fat” Girlfriend


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These days, social media is an open space where everyone can post pictures and posts. Since the platform is open, nobody can stop people from posting totally random and rude comments. However, such comments can launch a major reaction or issue that people should be aware of.

Madison and Booker are a couple who posted pictures of themselves just before going to their prom. Some people called Madison “fat”, but Booker’s responses to such comments are commendable. He takes his stand firmly by his girl’s side and reassures her on the social media about how much he loves her and that her size doesn’t matter.

Such heartwarming and meaningful relationships are very reassuring for plus-size women. In addition, to all the people who make rude comments, it just proves that there’s more positivity than negativity among people all over the world.

Scroll down to take a look at the cute pictures of Madison and Booker and how Booker responds to the “fat” comments.

# 10 Prom

#9 Haters will hate

#8 Does size matter?

#7 Perfect

#6 Blessed

#5 What’s cookin?

#4 Forever in love

#3 Celebrating

#2 Happy happy

#1 Together forever

What’s your take on this “fat” issue? Please share your opinions with us in the Comments section below.


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