Top 15 Bad Habits to Get Rid of for a More Fulfilling Life

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If you have heard of Dalai Lama, you are most likely aware of the peaceful life he leads; the Tibetan spiritual leader observes some strict principles. There are some handbooks published by Dalai Lama where he imparts deep thoughts and simple ways of living a more rewarding life.

FeedFond has compiled 15 bad habits and how to get rid of them to achieve a more peaceful life. Read on!

#15 Realistic Expectations for Others

Although you have a best friend you know will have your back if you’re ever in need, don’t expect too much from others all the time. Learn to take control of your own life without looking around for someone to depend on.

#14 Don’t Jump to Assign Blame

When things go wrong, don’t try to pin it on someone else. Look at yourself first—try to figure out what you could have done better.

#13 Don’t Be a People-Pleaser

Learn to say “no” when you think it is appropriate. Don’t try to be a people pleaser, always feeling pressured to say “yes”; don’t let yourself be short-changed.

#12 Don’t Exaggerate

Take a look at things the way they are—be realistic Don’t blow things out of proportion and give a wrong impression. Nobody will thank you for it. And people certainly won’t believe you the next time onwards.

#11 Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Life has bumps and forks in the road, with all its little flaws—so do we and the things we do. Learn to overlook the small things that don’t affect the outcome. Don’t get bogged down so easily; keep looking forward.

#10 Don’t Procrastinate with Bills

This will only add to the discomfort. Get it over with, paying your bills first; you’ll find yourself at peace with the world and yourself.

#9 Focus on Things You Love Doing

While sometimes we luck out, we can’t always have a profession we love. The best thing to do is to pick the parts of your work you enjoy and delegate the rest to others, as you’re able and as is appropriate.

#8 Aim to Be Clutter-Free

If you want to have peace, reduce the clutter in your home—in your closet, your drawers… anywhere! Let go of things that are no longer useful.

#7 Don’t Neglect your Health

Health is wealth—this adage is true. You won’t be able to enjoy all that you love in life if you don’t have good health, to begin with. Eat nutritious food and exercise regularly to keep diseases at bay.

#6 Don’t Break Your Promises

Commit to a promise only if you mean to keep it. Don’t go around making random promises with no intention of honoring them—this will only hurt you and your reputation in the end.

#5 Let Go of Toxic People

Toxic people can be negative about your promotion or your new house, when it’s hot or when it’s cold, or when they’re sick or healthy and the list goes on. If you find yourself with companions who always put you down, it’s time to search for a better company. Seek out positive people who make you feel good about yourself.

#4 Forgive

Forgiveness frees your mind of negative energy and replaces it with peace. Learn to forgive others and move on.

#3 A Time for Everything

Divide your time between work and recreation. Remember: all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So, have a routine in place for both.

#2 Tackle Adverse Situations

Learn to take the good with the bad. Face any misfortune or any negative situations head-on; don’t let things fester. Sit and think things through, be calm and try to figure out a solution. Look around and you’ll find your answer.

#1 Go With the Flow

Let life move at its own pace. Accept what life gives you and learn to go with the flow. Just take a deep breath and relax.

Share your favorite tip on how to break a bad habit in the Comments section below. You might also like to read 9 Daily Actions That Have the Power to Influence Our Brains.

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