22 Brilliant Test Answers From Children That Will Make You Go ROFL

“The true sign of Intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”- Albert Einstein

Schools definitely test “intelligence”, so some kids decided to think out of the box and provide the perfect solution to the problems presented to them during the school test. Thereby, these geniuses proved Einstein absolutely right.

Go ahead, have a look at the answer scripts and evaluate for yourself. Warning: besides teaching you a new subject, they will get you rolling on the floor, wishing you were cooler and as heavily armed with authenticity and life skills as these kids.

Also, never underestimate the power of “Realistic Imagination”.

#22 “X” marks the spot

#21 Clear Illustrations

#20 The name game

#19 Verbs are an integral part of history

#18 Reasoning Skills

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#17 A very developed visual Cortex

#16 Health is important

#15 Expanding equations

#14 Behind the “cells” 

#13 Gender issues?

#12 Looks matter too!

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#11 Cause and Effect

#10 A new word for classification

#9 Lifeforce Rule

#8 Animal Rights 

#7 Until the second one came along

#6 Life as it is

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#5 Managing world crisis

#4 Social Etiquette

#3 Point

#2 Brief Explanation

#1 In the end

Spread the knowledge.

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