10 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair


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The world of Games has gone through a massive change in the past few years. Gone are the days of playing Prince of Persia, Doom 2 and Super Mario on your TV. Now, you need specialized graphics cards, mechanical keyboards and ultra smooth mice for faster response rate and leaderboard-worthy scores.

So, What’s your poison? Are you an action gamer who prefers PUBG, Battlefield, and Call Of Duty? Or maybe you like exploring in Tomb Raider or a nitrous chaser in Need For Speed.

If you are a gamer, you know that your setup will be incomplete if you don’t have a proper chair to go with your gear.

A suitable chair goes beyond its attractive features. Below are the considerations you need to have before you cop one:

1. Manufacturer

The same company manufactures a lot of gaming chairs but they are rebranded by other companies. If you visit sites that do product listing, you’re likely to note lots of similarly designed gaming chairs from different manufacturers.

This concept is known as private labeling where anyone can approach the main manufacturer with a custom design and branding to use on the chair, purchase them in bulk and retail them as their chairs. Virtually, the market is flooded with the same chairs with different branding and design.

If you are asking where this comes in, it means that before purchasing a chair you should thoroughly consider other options. Given that the only difference is the design and the logo on those chairs, there is a possibility to find the same chair from another company cheaply.

Buy chairs from well-known brands so that if you have a problem down the road with your chair, you can easily have an easier time with reputable brands as compared to other small and random companies.

2. Adjustment Features

Adjustment features vary from one chair to the other. The most common are armrests, tilt and recline adjustments. While almost all chairs espouse these features, high-end chairs can recline ever further than low or mid-range options. Their armrests can typically adjust in multiple directions; they can easily tilt at the base and be locked at certain titled angles or be unlocked to rack forward and backward.

Well, adjusting gaming chairs can provide more comfortable positions during gaming sessions. Going for chairs with additional adjustments will offer ideal gaming positions and better gaming experience.

3. Design

When buying a gaming chair, comfort should not be your only concern. Gaming chairs have different configurations, using various components to provide you with the design that you like. Bucket-style seats made for these chairs are conducive for holding gamers in place during racing but are terrible when it comes to long-term sitting.

4. Height and Weight

If you are 6’6 tall, and you weigh 300 lbs, many chairs can’t accommodate your body type. A lot of gaming chairs get negative reviews because someone bought the wrong size which didn’t suit their body size resulting in an uncomfortable situation.

There is no one fit-for-all size for gaming chairs. Check on the weight and body size requirements that each chair to find your perfect fit.

5. Lumbar Support Pillows

Many gaming chairs lack perfect lumbar support systems. It is an enormous task to find a chair with excellent lumbar support as this varies from one individual to the other.  Even high-end chairs do not offer perfect lumbar support that can fit your needs.  Shopping here and there and looking at other people’s reviews can get you a chair that comes close to offer a perfect solution to your specific needs.

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6. Storage and Portability

Unless you have a big house and gaming space, the best choice for your chair should occupy minimal space and be able to be stored easily when not in use. Most of these gaming chairs are light to move or carry. Keep in mind that easy storage is also a huge advantage when you’re short on space.

7. Price Tag

As you’ll discover, gaming chairs are expensive. You can find one from $80 up to $400. It is good to wait for holidays or sales to get your desired gaming chair.

If you’re going to spend hours gaming, you better find a good chair that offers extreme comfort. This means you’ll have to pay more. A good chair is good for not only comfort but also your general health.

8. Compatibility

This is a big issue as you need your chair to be compatible with your gaming accessories.  It should be compatible with your console.

9. Connectivity

Gaming chairs feature two types of connectivity systems- wired and wireless. Free hassle gaming is superb when you have the wireless option. This also comes with a price. Some wireless chairs support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Other considerations include a sound system, ports, vibration system, color, ergonomics, value, technology, and material used.

10. Try Out the Chair Before You Commit

Many people will offer this great piece of advice; that you sit on a chair before you buy it. The truth of the matter is that most of these chairs can only be purchased online.  The luxury of you sitting on it for testing before purchase is a long shot dream.

If you can’t face this fact, then find a store that sells gaming chairs where you can visit and test out certain chairs to find the perfect one. This is the reason why it is recommended to spend a little more to buy chairs from reputable companies that offer solid return policies.

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