Top Three Facts About C-Section Moms That Everyone Should Know

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All mothers cannot go through the natural birthing process to bring their children into this beautiful world. Because of medical and health situations, it becomes necessary at times to perform a Caesarean or a C-section operation on some women.

Though it has become common in many parts of the world to conduct a C-Section, it is not as easy as it may sound or seem. Neither for the surgeon nor for the mother in labor.

FeedFond has compiled three very valid reasons why we should give three cheers for all the C-section moms out there. Read on to find out why.

#3 C-Section Is A Major Surgery

Getting a C-section is never an easy decision. It is as good as any other major surgery and involves risk for both mom and the unborn kid.

During a C-section, the mother’s family and spouse are not allowed to stay in the operating room. At this point, the mother can get very nervous and crave for family support.

However, the mother braces herself to face the surgery as she looks forward to positive things about her baby when it arrives. So kudos to all the C-section moms!

#2 The Suspense that Comes with Waiting

Until the patient and the newborn child leave the operating room, everyone is in sheer suspense. Nobody really knows if everything is fine. It takes some time for the anesthesia to wear off and until it does, nobody can be absolutely sure if the mom is fine.

During the surgery, the mother is anesthetized partially, so she actually feels some of the movements going on inside her. This can be unnerving for some. But, they are ready for the rough ride as they hope to have a beautiful baby in their arms at the end of it.

#1 Post-operative Pain

The pain of a C-section does not end with the birth of the baby. It remains for a few weeks, even after going home. So you can imagine the pain a C-section mom goes through when she has her own physical pain to deal with along with the hundreds of chores a newborn at home demands.

A C-section mom endures all the physical pain with her head held high. She enjoys the love and affection she pours on her brand-new baby and tries to shoo away the abdominal pain.

She is also carrying the scar of surgery on her abdomen and it never goes away. For them, this is a scar of bravery, not pain.

So for all the C-section moms out there, three cheers for you! And may your selfless love for your children never be forgotten.

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If you would like to share your C-section story, please use the Comments section below!

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