15 Pictures Proving C-sections Are Not an Easy Way Out for Moms

When people hear of women undergoing a C-section surgery, some assume it’s the easy way out. Many don’t even understand that it’s a major surgery and has associated risks. Not only is it difficult for women to go through, it’s also a long recovery process. The stitches around the abdomen take a few days to heal and until they do, it’s very painful to move around AND take care of a newborn.

FeedFond has collected 15 images of what’s it like to have a C-section. Scroll down to see these images and become informed. It may make you change your views and opinions on moms with a C-section.

#15 “Rummaged through like a handbag”


Vanessa Yeomans from Wales shares her selfie right after she had a C-section. She explained how raw she felt after the C-section surgery. Here’s how she explains what she felt like – “rummaged through like a handbag”. In fact, her bowels and bladder had to be moved to take out the baby.

#14 The scar that remains


Raquel Renteria from California shows the C-section scar immediately after she had surgery. She chose to post photos of her scar instead of her newborn. Raquel wanted to tell all the moms with C-section that they should be proud to wear their scar.

#13 Know your rights


Women who are about to undergo a C-section surgery should be educated and fully-informed as to their choices. Most doctors won’t suggest a C-section unless it’s absolutely necessary. Women should know about something called a gentle C-section that allows the mom to have skin-to-skin time with her baby unless there’s a medical emergency. Many women who have had C-sections feel they have not given birth in the true sense of the word and so, they should be allowed to have some skin-to-skin time.

#12 Serious infections


Like all other types of surgery, C-section has associated risks of getting an infection. For a C-section, a doctor has to make 6 to 7 incisions in the mom’s body to get to the baby. So, there’s plenty of chances that bacteria and other germs might end up inside the mom’s body and cause infections. Antibiotics are used to treat infections. But for new moms who want to breastfeed, taking antibiotics is not an option.

#11 More than the scar


It’s not always the C-section scar that remains. There can be other traumatic experiences associated with a C-section. For example, in the case of Sarah Cawood—who took a selfie—her internal organs somehow got entangled with her scar, cutting off all blood supply. At one point, she was on the brink of death.

#10 Staples are not only used as a stationery item


C-sections are a major surgery and are at the same level as that of a heart or a brain surgery. In a C-section, staples are used to close the body parts that have been opened. A woman’s abdomen and uterus are cut during a C-section and the stomach walls are pulled apart. Imagine having parts of your body stapled. It’s not pretty, and certainly not easy.

#9 Too posh to push?


Olivia White took this selfie to prove to people that moms who have a C-section are NOT “too posh to push”. In her blog, she wrote about what it’s like to have a C-section – “try having a six-inch gash in your abdomen like a gutted shark whose had the body parts of the surfer it ate retrieved. That is then sewn back together with fishing wire while it feels like your vital organs are trying to escape.”

#8 Belly binder


Belly binders are worn by moms who’ve just had a C-section to keep it all tucked away. It’s painful after a C-section to make the slightest movement. The belly binder supports the abdomen and helps in the recovery process.

#7 Accident


Sometimes accidents happen. This baby was accidentally cut while her mom was undergoing a C-section. This kind of incident happens in 2 babies out of 100. It’s scary and heartbreaking for the C-section mom.

#6 A different experience


Although the dad looks happy, the mom who has just had a C-section looks tired and worn out. She is also missing the skin-to-skin moment with her newborn baby, which delays the mom-baby bonding that is so important for both.

#5 Distressing


Some women can’t deal with the emotional stress caused by a C-section. They choose to cover their scar with a tattoo. These women might do so to hide that they’ve had a C-section. They don’t want people to think that they chose an easy way out or that they didn’t give birth in the real sense.

#4 Stomach corset


It’s not easy to have something tight around the abdomen all the time. C-section moms have to wear a stomach corset during their recovery process to give adequate support to their abdomen. It’s painful to move around when the stitches are still raw and on top, having a stomach corset adds to the discomfort.

#3 The gash


Some C-sections are vertical and can look even scarier than the more common horizontal scar. This is a scar selfie by an Instagram user who hoped to change people’s opinions about moms having C-sections. With a fibroid and a low-lying placenta, she had no choice but to say “yes” to a C-section.

#2 How exactly is it convenient?


Lee is a mom who has had a C-section and was taunted for it after she posted pictures of her scar on social media. She wants to know how a 38-hour long labor could be seen as easy when her child was almost dying. Lee wants to let people know that C-sections are not a part of the birth plan, but sometimes they are the only way out when a medical emergency occurs.

#1 Happy family


This happy family shows what’s it like to be a real family, whether or not the mom went through a natural birth or a C-section. Everyone should rejoice in the birth of a new life and not criticize moms who had to go through a C-section.

If you have a C-section story to share, use the Comments section below!

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