4 Carpet Cleaning Tips – How to Clean Carpet Yourself at Home

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Struggling with a pesky stain on your carpet? Whether it’s that wine stain you need to get out, or your pet decided it was a good place to do its business, the fact is you have to clean it. Carpet cleaning sounds like something that could be very laborious work. 

Yes, it’s a time-consuming chore. But with the right amount of care and attention and the right tools, carpet cleaning can be done efficiently. All the build-up of dirt and dust will finally clear out, along with that coffee stain you might have hidden away beneath a rug.

At this point, if you’re wondering how in the world it’s possible to clean a carpet without much hassle, you don’t have to wonder for much longer.

Here are 4 carpet cleaning tips that will make your life easier.

#1. Vacuum Cleaning – Effective Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips - vacuum clean your carpet

Everyone knows if you’re going to clean a carpet, you go for your vacuum cleaner first. But did you know there is a method of cleaning a carpet with a vacuum cleaner?  If you didn’t then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what you need to do before you start vacuuming. Put away all the stray toys lying around, papers, shoes, or any other objects that might interfere with the vacuuming.

Look for items that are small and easily missed, like coins or stray buttons. They could get sucked up and cause harm to the cleaner. Always check under any furniture you have in the room.

Do an initial sweep around the room before you vacuum. For instance, beneath the curtains, furniture or window panes.

How to Clean Carpet Yourself with Vacuum Cleaner

Start by cleaning areas that are difficult to reach, using a nozzle attachment, then work your way out. Dust collects in large amounts under furniture, and at the edges of the carpet. If you’re unable to move your furniture, then use a craning extension. This way you can reach under sofas and other furniture for a thorough cleaning.

Randomly vacuuming is not the fastest way to clean your carpet. There’s a trick to it. Use the vacuum in an up and down motion first. Then do it again by going in a side to side motion. The fibers that get twisted with time will come loose and you’ll clean up more dirt this way.

How Often Should You Vacuum?

In truth, how often you decide to vacuum clean your carpet depends on you. It’s recommended to vacuum once a week, but if you have a few animals in the house then you need to vacuum more regularly. One of the main reasons for vacuuming then would be to get rid of the pet’s hair and dander from the carpet. 

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#2. Spot Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Tips - spot cleaning tour carpet

Spot cleaning doesn’t fall under regular carpet cleaning tips. It’s done to clean up a small area of the carpet that might have a fresh stain. For spot cleaning, it’s recommended that you use a clean white cloth – one that doesn’t have any patterns and isn’t dyed. Patterned or dyed cloths may make things worse by spreading the stain instead of removing it.

Paper towels that have no patterns on them are acceptable and will get the job done.

Cleaning Products and the Type of Stains 

While most popular carpet cleaners are labeled with the words ‘all purpose’ on them, it’s equally important to know which one might be perfect for you. Read the labels carefully and look out for cleaners that specify the particular problems you’re looking for. Test it out on a small part of your carpet, somewhere that is hidden by furniture. 

For instance, blood stains or pet urine will need special care to clean up. Use cold water to clean fresh blood stains. Dab it with hydrogen peroxide. For a dry blood stain, use hydrogen peroxide first and then use a detergent that is enzyme-based.

A similar kind of cleaner is used to clean pet urine. Although, this enzyme-based cleaner is specifically made for this particular type of stain. If you can’t find the cleaner, then dab the stains with an ammonia solution. Finish it off with a detergent mixed with warm water.

The Method 

Put on a small amount of cleaning product on a plain white cloth and gently dab it on the stain. Apply only what is necessary to clean the stain. Remember not to use an excessive amount of product. 

Excess soap can make the carpet dirtier; it can spread the stain around. Never scrub or rub the carpet forcefully as this will make the stain penetrate deeper into the fibers. 

Make sure to dab fresh stains first with a clean white cloth to soak up excess fluid. y. Use another clean cloth using cleaning products when you are removing the stain.

Rinsing the Carpet 

Make sure you do not use water on an already soapy carpet. Simply, use a clean cloth to soak up the soap by dabbing the affected area. Using water will make your carpet absorb it into the pad underneath it. This will lead to other problems such as mold or mildew. 

It’s important to dry the area completely. If you want your carpet to dry fast, make use of your fan or hair dryer. Invest in a carpet dryer to dry it quickly. 

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#3. Carpet Shampooing – Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips - carpet shampooing

This term is often associated with ‘steam cleaning.’ However, that is not the case. A carpet shampooing machine uses hot water and detergent to clean the carpet.

This is one of the best carpet cleaning tips we have – and it actually works! The first thing you need to do before shampooing your carpet is to prepare the room to be cleaned. That means, removing all furniture and doing a primary sweep.

If you have heavy furniture then take precautions for them as well. Wrap the furniture legs with plastic to avoid getting them wet. If you don’t have plastic, aluminum foil or wax paper are great alternatives. After preparing the room, let’s take a look at the other things you will need.

How to Clean Carpet Yourself with a Shampooing Machine

There are many hardware or grocery stores that sell or rent out a carpet cleaning machine. They already have the detergent that is necessary for the machine stored inside them. For renting, make sure you’ve prepared the room beforehand. This way you can avoid paying for a longer rental.

These machines have built-in heating cores that keep the water hot. Consult with a salesperson or read up on the instructions before buying or renting one. 

Precautions and Planning

Planning an exit strategy and taking precautions before starting the actual cleaning is an important step. There are a lot of factors at play here. For instance, once you’ve cleaned the carpet you must make sure nobody walks on it before it has dried properly.

Do you have an exit strategy planned before you start to get to work on the carpet? Start from the place in the room that is farthest from the door. Then clean your way out towards the door and make sure you’re not wearing any shoes.

If you walk over a damp carpet, the dirt from your shoes will be transferred to the carpet. Protect your feet by covering them with plastic bags or socks. There are some detergents that may turn out to be harmful after direct application. Remember, don’t be barefoot either.

The Cleaning Method

Since we’ve talked about precautions and preparations, let’s focus on the cleaning method. Read the directions from the bottle and prepare your solution accordingly. Fill the container in the machine with water, then pour the detergent in. Use the detergent sparingly.

Too much soap may damage both the carpet and the machine. A damp carpet will cause the water to soak through to the pads placed beneath it. This will cause mold and mildew underneath.

Push the machine forward and lay the water down in the carpet. Pull back slowly so that the machine sucks in all of the water.

The Drying Method

After cleaning the carpet, the next important step is to dry it. A full 24 hours is needed to dry your carpet. Start by opening windows and doors for the air to circulate properly. If you can’t open doors or windows, turn on your air-conditioner and set it to a moderate setting. Remember to keep the door open.

For fast drying, you may use fans, blowers, carpet dryers or any other method of drying you can think of. Remove the plastic wrappings off of the feet of your furniture only AFTER your carpet has completely dried.

How Often Should you Shampoo your Carpet?

Most professionals recommend cleaning carpets that are used frequently twice a year. Carpets that are not used frequently can be cleaned just once a year. Colored carpets can look dirty pretty quickly, so clean them as soon as you can. 

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#4. Preventing Future Accidents

Carpet Cleaning Tips - prevent future accidents

Let’s face it, you can never be too careful and it’s very natural to have accidents. But there are ways you can prevent that from happening. If you are a pet owner, train them to not do their business on the carpet. While one or two accidents can be overlooked, any more than that will only cause you to keep cleaning up after them. 

Place their litter box somewhere far away from a carpeted floor. If your whole house is carpeted or if you can’t place a litter box away from it, place the litter box on a mat.

Contain the Mess ASAP!

If you can contain accidents and messes as soon as possible, you’re halfway to prevent long-lasting damage. Don’t let a stain sit on the carpet for too long; get to it immediately. Use a plain white cloth to clean up colored liquids. Never scrub side to side,  always use up and down motions.

For small areas of dirt and dust, use a vacuum cleaner. Use a blunt knife to scrape up things that are solid, like chewing gum. 

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Final Thoughts

A carpet that is clean and dirt-free can change the complete look of your home. Clean things make us feel better and encourage us to keep things clean as well. 

So, follow these carpet cleaning tips diligently and you’ll see that it’s not laborious at all. A little bit of smart and quick thinking will go a long way, trust me. Along with the right amount of effort from your side, anything is possible! Keep your carpet and home clean and bacteria-free! 

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