Vet Clinic in Ireland Pays People to Cuddle Cats All Day!


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Just Cats—a vet clinic in Dublin—is looking for professional cat cuddlers! It’s true, believe it or not! Now, who wouldn’t want to be paid a monthly salary for cuddling cats all day?

Just Cats hires cat-friendly staff who are experts at handling cats before they are treated for various conditions. Staff must meet some criteria before they can be hired. They have to be cat crazy with oodles of cattitude, feed stray cats in the hood, count cats before they fall asleep, and love the warm and fuzzy feeling that only comes from cuddling cats. That’s not a tall order, is it?

It’s more important for the professional cat cuddlers to have gentle hands. A pair of gentle hands and a mind ready to cuddle cats for a long period of time.

Another beneficial qualification is their ability as a cat whisperer. They must be able to soothe and calm the feline patients with lots of cooing and coaxing.

Besides, the cat cuddler must be proficient in recognizing the meaning of different types of cat purrs—hurt, anger, or happiness.

However, the catch is that anyone who wants to apply for the post of a professional cat cuddler must be a qualified vet!

Not as easy as you thought, right!

Scroll down to see some amazing cat cuddling moments at Just Cats.

# A cat cuddler at work


# Let me out!


# Cat Whisperer


# You can’t find me!


# Handle me with care!


# Please be nice!


A cat cuddler’s main responsibility is to calm the nerves of the patient cats at Just Cats. Although it’s normal for us to drive in a car for long hours, the experience may be unnerving for cats. In fact, cuddling a cat can also relieve the stress we go through every day. 


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