13 Photos That Prove Cats & Dogs Are Very Different


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Dogs and cats are undoubtedly the most popular pets on the planet. They aren’t just considered as pets, but also loving members of the family. Maybe it’s because they can express emotions and react to situations in their own ways.

However, even as pets, their approach to life with their owners is very different.

Take a look at the images compiled by FeedFond that show how it feels to live with both cats and dogs. Either you are like dogs, cats or both you’ll find them hilarious!

#1 This is how they treat water…

Cats & Dogs

#2 And behave on a walk…

Cats & Dogs

#3 When we’re trying to work at home…

sleeping style of Cats & Dogs

#4 How they choose a comfortable place to sleep…

pet sleeping

#5 Ride in a car…

travel with the pet

#6 Eat…

Eating style of dog and cat

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#7 Welcome owners home…

Welcome dog and cat

#8 React when we pet them…

React when we pet

#9 Sleep with their owner…

pet Sleep with their owner

#10 Behave when they did something wrong…

different behave of cat and dog

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#11 Ask to be held…

dog Ask to be held

#12 Chase after the light…

dog Chase after the light

Funny cat gif

#13 Treat an owner…

Cat vs dog

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