Does CBD Oil for Dogs Treat Pain or Anxiety?

Does CBD Oil for Dogs Treat Pain or Anxiety?

Use of medical marijuana is authorized in some states across the country to treat different ailments in patients seeking relief. As research evolves, veterinarians and pet owners alike have become alert of the possibility of using CBD oil to deliver the same results in dogs.

This oil is now a notable option for treating pain and anxiety in these pets and the details will be discussed below.

How it Can be Used?

CBD oil is the liquid extract from the marijuana plant. Once the trichome glands are separated, they are formulated in a way to find the right ratios of the medical component- cannabinoids.

While making CBD oil, the THC component that has psychoactive properties is eliminated to prevent users from developing addictive tendencies. This subtraction ensures that dogs are not on a treatment regime with psychoactive effects.

Depending on the nature and dosage of medication administered, the dog consumes little or no THC, and it won’t get high.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil for dogs is used to treat a variety of conditions. It is recommended for the treatment of conditions such as epilepsy, cancer symptoms, arthritis, and anxiety.

Anxiety in dogs is different, and every dog may project the traits differently. Some dogs have subtle signs like shaking and panting, which can be easily dismissed or missed.

Other dogs will have aggression and excessive barking, which are the most common symptoms of anxiety. Either way, visiting a veterinarian is the best way to confirm your suspicions and get an accurate diagnosis.

Anxiety in dogs is treated either using pharmaceutical medication or therapy- antidepressants or SSRIs prescriptions are common.

Cannabinoid compound in marijuana interacts with the dog’s endocannabinoid system to provide relief. The endocannabinoid system is a combination of receptors found throughout the body- the vertebrate nervous system, including the brain.

These receptors modulate feelings, pain, nausea, and anxiety. CBD oil in the treatment of anxiety in dogs offers relief without resulting in side effects brought by conventional medicine like liver, kidney and GI tract damage.

The absence of THC makes CBD oil safe for anxiety treatment without sedating or giving the dog a high effect. In most cases, dogs treated with antidepressants develop a dependency on the drugs and maybe on medicines throughout their lives.

Risks Involved

Like any other medication, overdosing has its risks regardless of the type of drugs administered. The most noticeable effects are as a result of THC toxicity, which means the dogs will get high at some point due to the THC traces present.

Depending on how much a dog overdoses, the effects can run for quite a long time. Although during the overdose period, the dog may be feeling no pain and no anxiety, standing up or walking may be a problem.

If you suspect an overdose, always consult a veterinarian instantly to get proper treatment.

Life-threatening risks are infrequent, but toxicity is more common when a dog has consumed products containing coffee, raisins, and chocolate. Even if the intoxication levels may be reasonably low, the presence of other compounds may trigger other problems.

There is a risk with pet owners thinking that CBD oil is a ‘cure all’ and with the rising popularity from unreliable sources makes them over-rely on cannabis oil.

Even if proven to work as pain and anxiety relief medicine, you must visit a specialist to ensure that the dog is viable for CBD oil treatment regime with the correct dosage. For more visit this website

How it is Administered?

Although there are topical treatments, CBD oil is administered orally to dogs. It may be used together with other traditional forms of medicine depending on the severity of the condition.

Since every case is different, scientific research suggests that there may be synergistic benefits between conventional medicine and CBD oil when used together. If there are significant drug interactions you may need to know about, the vet will advise accordingly.

In cases where the concerns are not well-established, the dog is put on a low dosage cocktail to monitor its response before progressing with treatment.

Like in any medical cases, success heavily relies on the dosage. When the dosing is accurate, there should be positive results. Otherwise, toxicity is the result. Both low doses and excessive doses are harmful to the dog.

The burden of proof still lies on scientists to determine a standard dose for dogs suffering from pain and anxiety. Even worse, FDA results have shown that most CBD oil products have tiny CBD compounds present if any.

To be sure that dogs get the right treatment, pet owners should consult experienced vets and get the CBD oil from reputable manufacturers.

Where to Get CBD Oil for Dogs

Obtaining the CBD oil for dogs depends on the state laws. Some states have prohibited medical marijuana and all of its products. In an area like California, where medical marijuana is permitted, a person must have a medical marijuana card for them to acquire marijuana products.

However, a veterinarian cannot provide a CBD oil card for a pet.

Pet owners who want to put their ailing dogs on a CBD oil treatment regime should consult veterinarians in their states to get advice. From there, dog owners can visit reputable drug stores to buy the products they need to meet the dog’s needs.

Those in regions where medical marijuana is illegal, they can try hemp products because they have low amounts of THC.

Final Thoughts

Scientists are a long way off from effectively using CBD oil to treat dogs suffering from anxiety and pain.

For dogs already under other forms of treatment, dropping the said medication may have drastic negative impacts, and it is wise to explore the potential effects of combining traditional medicine and CBD oil at the same time.

Though praised for chronic pain management, CBD oil has faced several challenges like; lacking a standard dosage, sub-standard products with little of the needed compound, and sophisticated methods of attaining CBD oil where vets cannot issue cards for dogs under treatment.

Nonetheless, CBD oil remains one of the best treatment regimens out there for dogs suffering from anxiety, pain and other diseases.

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