14 Famous Celebrities Who Lead a Surprisingly Modest Lifestyle

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Most of us assume celebrities lead classy and posh lifestyles, eat at expensive restaurants and drive fancy cars.

But that’s not the case with these Hollywood superstars. Despite their unbelievable incomes, they lead a surprisingly modest life—just like the rest of us.

Here at FeedFond, we’ve found 14 celebrities who rarely go overboard, spending money on themselves.

#1 Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games superstar has a habit of spending her money carefully. She drives a Volkswagen Eos, uses discount coupons and keeps and an eye out for sales in stores. She donated $2 million to the cardiological unit of Kosair Hospital in her hometown of Louisville. The children hospital renamed the unit to Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

#2 Keanu Reeves

The Matrix superstar is legendary for his humble lifestyle. Reeves prefers to stay in hotels and rented apartments. He travels in public transport, often surprising commuters and without security to boot! He gave away 90% of his income from The Matrix movie (around $80 million) to the backstage movie staff. Additionally, he also presented the 12 stuntmen with brand new motorcycles.

#3 Sarah Jessica Parker

The Sex And The City lead is very careful with her money. She teaches her children to do the same. Sarah has a fascination with shoes—it’s her one vice; but other than that, she wears secondhand clothes and sews her children’s clothes herself. She donated all the money from selling her Carrie Bradshaw Shoes at an auction to a school that teaches music and arts.

#4 Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge is often seen wearing the same dress to different events. She loves inexpensive brands. The blue dress on the left is by Zara and the one on the right is by Hobbs, all for $45. She is all about charity too! Her latest project is called “Heads Together” and it’s dedicated to the psychological health of young people, war veterans, the homeless, and other people at risk.

#5 Vincent Kartheiser

The star of Mad Men doesn’t own a car— he uses public transports and lives in a very modest house. He became annoyed by the growing number of things around him as the show’s popularity grew. He decided to give them away for free to get rid of them.

#6 Christian Bale

Bale, even with his successful career being “Batman” lived with his family in a one-room apartment. “Wealth doesn’t mean anything to me. If a robber broke into my house, he’d burst into tears,” the actor said in an interview. He also doesn’t own a cell phone or has a bodyguard. Bale donated all his royalties from the movie “The Promise” to charity.

#7 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo, already an established actor, used to drive a Toyota Prius. He still prefers commercial flights over personal airplanes. He founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998 and donated more than $15 million to it. 30 different charities benefited from his generosity,  including Amazon Watch, National Geographic: Pristine Seas, Save the Elephants, and the World Wildlife Fund.

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#8 Jennifer Garner

Garner is a Hollywood star and an American housewife all rolled into one. She is often seen browsing local shops with her kids. The actress is also involved with charities like Save the Children Foundation.

#9 Keira Knightley

Keira is disciplined with money and sets a monthly budget for herself. If she wants to purchase something over budget, she thinks hard about how badly she needs it. She believes a luxurious lifestyle prevents you from understanding people who live otherwise. Did you know that she sells the dresses she wears at various functions and gives the money to charities?

#10 Russell Crowe

The Oscar winner left the posh lifestyle and moved to Australia for a simple life. He bought a ranch and an old jeep and is very happy now. He also regularly sends large sums of money to various organizations including the Jewish school in Montreal that suffered a terrorist attack in 2004.

#11 Hayden Christensen

The Star Wars lead moved back to his homeland in Canada and bought a farm. Christensen is now the proud owner of his own vegetable garden, a henhouse, and stables. He himself works on the farm! He also cares for the environment because his farm runs on solar energy.

#12 Reese Witherspoon

This Hollywood actress has a habit of saving money. She does not believe in living a luxurious lifestyle and raises her children the same way. Witherspoon takes part in campaigns for collecting clothes for deprived children in the USA and Canada. She organized a charity screening with Matthew McConaughey for the screening of Sing and raised $100,000 for charity funds.

#13 Jessica Alba

Forbes named Jessica Alba in their Top 100 richest women in the USA who made their fortune themselves, but she is very careful with her money. She is the founder of an eco-friendly diaper company. Jessica isn’t ashamed of buying inexpensive clothes or using public transport. She even keeps the clothes her elder daughter grew out of and gives them to her younger one!

#14 Quentin Tarantino

The world-famous director has a hobby of collecting movies, but he has zero interest in cars. He drives inexpensive cars like Chevy Malibu or Geo Metro.


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