See the 6-Month Massive Transformation of This Chinese Family

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Losing weight is not just a physical struggle, you also have to be mentally strong to achieve weight-loss goals. Families are great in these matters, the support and push of a family makes things a lot easier. In this new year, strengthen your resolution by taking a page from this Chinese family.

32-year-old Chinese photographer Jesse decided to shed his unwanted fat and set his goals with the help of his family. His entire family supported each other during the 6-month period and their before and after transformation photos look amazing!

It all started when Jesse’s mother moved in with him and his pregnant wife to help with the early stages of pregnancy. Jesse invited his father, who ran a small bamboo factory, to strengthen familial bonds between the four of them.

Alongside Jesse’s father came his alcoholism. Jesse thought a weight-loss program would help his father regain his lost passion for life.

Initially, they only took fast-walks. Gradually that turned into jogging and later more exercise and regimen were added. Later they joined a gym and tracked their results every 10 days.

The routine they followed in their short visit from 10th of March to the 30th of September became their way of life. Jesse and his dad claimed that they will be sticking with the regime.

What Jesse is happiest about is that he got to see his father become a confident man again.

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