How to Keep the Home Clean & Manage a Full-Time Job

How to Keep the Home Clean & Manage a Full-Time Job

You have kids, a pet and on top of that, you have a full-time job keeping you outside the house at least 40 hours a week. This makes it a super difficult task to keep your house organized and clean.

But it’s not an impossible task, following a few simple steps and sticking to a routine will enable you to achieve a neat and clean home even after maintaining a full-time job.

You definitely will be tired and your temper might be shot at the end of a particularly tiring day. On top of that if you have to clean up after kids and a pet then it becomes doubly tough.

Read on below to find out how you can easily manage a job and a consistently clean household.

Try to Clean a Little Every day

It won’t be possible for you to allocate a big chunk of your everyday routine to clean the house, especially if you work full-time and have to put aside time for friends and family.

Trying to do all the cleaning at once will make it seem like a daunting never-ending task. Instead, clean a little portion of your house each day. There are two ways you can go about this.

You can take up completely cleaning a particular part of the house each day, like the living room on Tuesday and bedroom on Wednesday. Or you can take up a task for the entire house for a day, such as vacuuming on Thursdays and dusting on Fridays.

Utilize Little Pockets of Time

Being a working parent can leave you occupied with a lot of activities, but you will still have times when you will be waiting for someone or some task to be completed. You can get small tasks done within this free time. Pockets of time between activities can prove great to get your little tasks done.

While waiting on a friend to pick you up for a date you can go through the mail and sort the important ones from the ones to toss out. While waiting for the washing machine to finish you can pre-treat the next load.

You can spot clean the kitchen floor while your spouse is taking a shower before heading out for the evening.

Make Cleaning More Frequent

Working full time doesn’t leave you with a big chunk of time to clean every day. So the smart thing to do is to clean more often whenever you can manage time. This way you can keep your house cleaner making it easier to keep clean on a daily basis.    

You can wipe down the hard surfaces of your toilet, glass table and kitchen in as little as 30 seconds. This way dust, grime or waste does not form for too long, making it easier to clean. This way your full-on cleaning sessions will be a lot quicker and less taxing.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

To be able to clean regularly you need to have your cleaning supplies handy for ease of work. Keeping it far away in a remote corner of the house will make it a lot more hassling to clean in small pockets of time as you will have to go get them every time.

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most essential cleaning tools. There’s nothing like a good vacuum cleaner to suck the dust, dirt, and grime off your floors in one quick go.

You need to decide on the best vacuum cleaner for your house by comparing a few alternatives. The Dyson brand has a few excellent choices. You can compare between Dyson v10 vs. v7 to see which one suits your needs better.   

Start Putting Things Away

Since you’re already busy, you need to make life easier when it comes to cleaning. You can put your dirty clothes out of sight in the laundry basket. Make your bed every morning after you wake up. This daily habit will save you a lot of time. Fold away your blankets or quilt after you have slept leaving your bedroom looking clean and tidy.

Pile your washed dishes on the dish rack after you’re done cleaning them and do the same with your cooking utensils after you’re done with cooking.

Your kid’s toys can be neatly put away in the toy chest at the end of the day. Picking up after yourself daily enables you to avoid a mountain of undone work.

Unwanted Stuff Has to Go

It’s inevitable that it will take you longer to clean your house when you have more stuff. It’s simple logic that the more stuff you have the easier it is for your house too cluttered.

So make your cleaning easier by getting rid of stuff you no longer need or don’t love as much anymore.

Getting rid of unrequired stuff results in less clutter for you to clean. That means you need to put in less time and effort to clean your house. So make your life easier by weeding out stuff you no longer need or use.

Get Family Involved

You have helping hands available if you aren’t living alone. Since the people you live with is also responsible for the messy state the house gets in, they should also help to clean it up. You can set a good example by cleaning up yourself, inspiring your kids or spouse to join in the act.

You can also make it clear to them that they are expected to contribute to cleaning up the house.

The kids should be taught that they need to clean up after themselves as a part of growing up to be responsible adults. Try to create an environment where all members are inspired to take part in cleaning the house.


Working full-time and maintaining a clean home with kids and a pet is no simple task. But you need to live in a clean and tidy house too. So follow the simple tips above and have a clean home in a faster and an easier way. Happy Cleaning to you!  

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