10 Best Dogs Breeds Suitable For Active Lifestyle!

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It’s not unusual for dog owners to have an active lifestyle. Most of them choose dogs that are suitable for hiking and adventure too. In these cases, choosing a dog with superior physical characteristics is just as important as their behavior. There are various breeds that have been specifically bred for working long hours in any conditions.

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#10 Portuguese Water Dog

‘Sea dogs’ – that’s the most apt description for this breed. They were traditionally trained to herd fish into nets. They can recover lost tackle and can act as ship to ship courier. Portuguese water dogs are fast learners and prefer activity with their partners. They’re great if you take them out on a canoe or a rafting trip!

#9 Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is an ancient breed of dogs known for their pulling strength. They are highly energetic and enjoy the cold outdoors. They have exceptional endurance but relatively slow speed. If you are into hiking over long distances, there is no dog more suitable than the Malamute.

#8 Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a breed developed in Africa and they were used to hunt large game. They have excellent endurance and stamina. Ridgebacks are dignified in nature and reserved towards strangers. But laid back and love doing activities with their owners.

#7 Bernese Mountain Dog

These dogs were originally used to drive cattle in the Swiss Alps. Bernese Mountain Dogs are large working dogs with a gentle personality and they make excellent hiking companions.

#6 Weimaraner

These dogs are specifically bred for hunting and working long hours. Weimamaners are loyal and affectionate. Their bodies are built for stamina and speed and can withstand long trips.

#5 Australian Cattle Dogs

As the name suggests, these dogs are cattle dogs used for herding. They are still used for this purpose. They are obedient and do very well in agility-based dog sports. With boundless energy, they are perfect for your active lifestyle.

#4 Vizsla

The Vizslas were developed in Hungary and are still used today as hunting dogs. Their exceptional drive for hunting has made them very energetic and athletic. They are always ready to go and are an ideal choice for someone looking for an active companion.

#3 German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointers were developed as hunting dogs and they are still used as such today. They are capable of adjusting themselves in various climates and can stay active for long hours – perfect for an adventurer. They are very social and eager to please their owners.

#2 Australian Shepherd

When it comes to athleticism (and cuteness!), the Australian Shepherd is no slouch! They are an intelligent, adventurous breed originally used as herding dogs. They also excel in agility and obedience-based dog sports. Australian Shepherds are very friendly and well suited for almost any activity.

#1 Siberian Husky

Huskies are working dogs originally bred to pull sled and carts in the extreme climates of Russia. They are bred primarily for endurance. Huskies can make long distance hiking trips interesting. They are powerful but have a lively playful spirit. They are very social and enjoy spending time outside.

What breed suits you the most? Let us know!


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