7 Cool Useful Tricks You Can Do With Your Smartphone


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Smartphones nowadays are full of functionality and apps. There are so many things that unless you are a full-time techie, you’ll have a difficult time navigating it all.

But, that’s not all. Smartphones are really capable of so much more than they seem.

FeedFond has compiled a list of 7 smartphone tricks you never knew they were capable of doing!

#7 Turn your smartphone into a listening device

With just a few simple tweaks, you can turn your phone into a listening device. You can use this as a baby monitor too! Just call the ‘spy’ phone from any location and it will answer automatically. You’ll be able to easily hear what’s going on on the other side! Click here to find out how to set it up properly.

#6 Lock your phone forever

Dial the key combination *#06# and store the unique 15-digit number. This number is your device’s unique IMEI—and every phone has its own number worldwide. If your phone gets stolen, call your network operator and they will block service to that number; it will become useless to the thief. You can also find the IMEI number on the box or manual of the device.

#5 Turn your phone into a magnifying glass

You don’t need expensive equipment to see things in detail. With any camera smartphone and a lens found in any laser pointer, you can turn your phone into a magnifying glass. Click here to learn how to do it.

#4 Take underwater pictures

If you want underwater photos, you will need a specialized underwater camera or a waterproof smartphone. However, you can easily make a case made of polythene to take stunning underwater images. See how it’s done here.

#3 Unlock your phone with your face

You can unlock your phone with a pin, password, drawing patterns or simply with a swipe. But the most interesting of all unlocking methods include a face unlock (available on some phones). It’s more secure than a pin or password. To set it up, Go to Settings > Scroll down to Security > Tap Screen lock, and select the option you need.

#2 Make holograms with your phone screen

This is absolute magic! You can make beautiful 3D holograms with just a little creativity and patience. Take a look at the instructions here.

#1 Taking care of your smartphone

Just like any devices, your smartphone needs maintenance too. Clean the phone regularly, and always use original chargers and cables to ensure battery longevity.

Few people know that you can extend the life of your smartphone just by cleaning the charging port. Over use, it collects a lot of dust and prevents proper charging. To clean it, just take a syringe full of air, insert its needle into the power jack, and inject the air. This will easily remove the dust and make charging a lot easier.

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