8 Creative Pastimes to Take Up This Year

8 Creative Pastimes to Take Up This Year

We all had the opportunity to try out different hobbies as kids. Now, with ever-advancing technology and declining attention spans, we’ve resorted to watching TV, listening to music, and even sometimes sleeping as our hobbies. 

But there is more to a hobby than being passive entertained or resting.

The prerequisites for a productive hobby include doing active work, the motivation of enjoyment rather than earning money, and they must relieve us from the monotony of our everyday lives and calm our inner selves.

If we are careful in picking our hobby, we can easily choose one that is both productive and creative, ones that enrich us in various ways. In this post, we will talk about some creative pastimes and how to get started with them.

01. Playing Instruments

While playing an instrument itself is a creative activity, it is also the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout. According to recent research, playing an instrument engages practically every area of the brain at once. No other form of art has the same effect on our brain.

So, along with the satisfaction of creating music, we also gain a higher level of executive function and enhanced cognitive function. If not anything else, at least try using the instrument you already have within yourself and try singing!

02. Learning a New Language

Learning a new language takes a high amount of dedication and a lot of effort, no doubt about that. But in that process, a bilingual brain gains some exceptional advantages. 

The increased workout a bilingual brain has to go through can also help reduce the possibility of developing conditions such as  Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

The required dedication level also leads to enhanced concentration and focus, not to mention the flexibility a multilingual gets in a practical conversation.

03. Cooking

At the get-go of civilization, cooking came as a necessity for survival. But these days, it has become more of a skill to some, and to some, it is a favorite hobby. 

I once heard an amateur chef say that cooking is nothing but a delicate art that keeps him calm. I have also heard a musician comparing the process of cooking with the fine composition of music. 

Almost anyone can take up cooking easily and naturally because it is related to our survival element, food! 

Plus, cooking is the only hobby that comes with both the satisfaction of creating something and eating it later on!

04. Painting

Another artistic activity, painting will help you focus, analyze, and express yourself more. Taking the brush and paint in your hands and standing before a canvas naturally brings out your artistic soul. 

You never know what awaits you until you explore. 

With a dream to facilitate the creation of art, custom paint by number kits are available to make the painting process easier for newbies. Painting is a hobby that has a strong influence on ones’ life because it can totally change the way we see the world.

05. Photography

Photography is the art of capturing memories. Sometimes, a photo is 10 times more expressive than a novel. Other times, photos become powerful weapons.

With developing technology, high-quality cameras have become very available, making photography an art form that anyone can practice. But there is more to photography than simply taking pictures of rainbows with a Canon-1DX.

First of all, photography requires a pair of eyes that see beyond the scenario. A photographer, with their aesthetically sensitive eyes and a regular smartphone, can take pictures that suggest more than what meets the eye.

06. Growing Bonsai

Here comes a thousand-years-old art form that also makes a wonderful hobby. Bonsai is the art of taking any type of tree or plant and trimming it in ways so that it remains small with the proportions and looks of its actual size intact. 

Unlike other hobbies, growing bonsai needs extra patience and long-term commitment. Practically, it doesn’t need much to start this hobby except for some basic knowledge and tools.

07. Miniature Art

Remember the Harry Potter or Tintin figurines you longed to buy in the toy shops when you were a kid? How would it feel to make some of them yourself? Well, take it from me, it is as relaxing and interesting as it sounds.

Miniature art dates back to the scribes of the medieval ages. Any creation, be it a book or food or toys, that covers less than 25 square inches is considered to be a miniature art piece. You can follow some YouTube channels to draw inspiration from.

Regardless of what you make, miniature art itself is incredibly intricate and requires a lot of concentration and patience. The needed dedication leads to attaining a desired skill, attention to details. 

It naturally brings out the perfectionist in you. But the best part is it puts the anxiety and stress of everyday life totally out of the way for a while.

08. Writing letters

If you are an avid reader and also have an interest in solitude, writing is the creative hobby for you to pick up.

Maintaining a journal or scribbling in notebooks has its own measure of productivity. But writing for passing the time is something else.

To begin with, you can write letters to your loved ones rather than writing expressive or creative stuff. Writing letters will relax you and also remind you of the bond you and the receiver of the letters share.

So, let’s pretend we live in the 60s and take a walk down memory lane by writing each other instead of texting!

Final Thoughts 

Our leisure reveals what kind of people we are. Pursuing an engaging hobby can make our daily life happy and satisfied. The saddest people are the ones who don’t care deeply about anything at all. 

It is said that passion and satisfaction go hand in hand. Finally, practicing a hobby regularly is the key to getting good at it. Make it a normal part of your day and reap the reward to your mental and physical health.

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