Why It’s Good To Cry During Movies As Proven By Science

Are you one of the people who cried when Mufasa dies in the Lion King movie? Admit it!

Well, if so, it’s good news implying that you are probably empathetic and you likely feel other people’s pain. Empathy by definition is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes. An empathetic person is someone who possesses this particular characteristic. So, instead of choking up their emotions and clogging their ability to feel, empathetic people embrace their own feelings; this is what makes them so strong and, in the process, fulfills them as human beings. The display of tears often expresses the extent to which we feel our emotions.

Tears are indicators of not only sorrow but also of joy. We should never disregard our emotions because they shape us and make us truly human. If emotion is bottled up, it causes a great amount of stress and unrest. Bottling up emotions can actually weaken us from the inside. They have a negative impact that manifests itself in not only our minds but our bodies.

Some studies have shown that crying acts as a catalyst for relieving stress. Those people whose eyes well up with tears every time their heartbreaks due to the suffering of themselves or others, tend to have lower levels of stress because they deal with the emotions as they feel them.

Exposing ourselves to works of fiction such as movies and novels help us to completely engage in situations that are not similar to our own. This can help make us more open-minded and understanding, in turn helping to improve our levels of empathy.

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Science has proven it

A study conducted by a student of neuroscientist Paul J Zak, concluded that people who had an emotional reaction while watching movies experienced an increase in the oxytocin level in their blood. Later, when volunteers were presented with different situations, it turned out that those with higher oxytocin levels have a tendency to be more charitable and giving than their counterparts. This makes them highly reliable and congenial as they devote their energies to understand others.

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Dealing with one’s own suffering may be difficult. But it also takes a lot of psychological energy and strength to be able to truly care for others and to be able to live their emotions as well. And that is why next time, you shouldn’t be scared or ashamed to grab a tissue paper or a full box if required while watching a movie.

Tears only symbolize your strength.

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