Cute Little Spider Called Lucas will Make Your Arachnophobia Disappear


Most of you are afraid of spiders and some of you are thankful that they don’t have wings in addition to those eight spindly legs that can make them move at the speed of sound. Did you ever think that you could get over arachnophobia? Well, actually if you look at Lucas the spider, you will probably get over your fear of spiders.

Joshua Slice has made a short animation starring Lucas, a very cute spider. The voice has been given by Slice’s nephew, who shares the name with the spider.

Scroll down to watch the video and enjoy the comments left by the viewers who strongly recommend that Pixar make it into a full-fledged animation.

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See the Video here:



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Share your version of the film on Lucas in the Comments section below. Don’t forget to check out How Would Disney Princesses Look Like In 2018?

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