20 Puppy Pictures That Will Change Your Day For The Better

Feeling down?

Is there anything better than cuddly puppies to cheer you up? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got puppies – lots of them.

Because these puppies have an almost magical way to make us smile. The more you see, the wider your smile gets.

Additional side effects may include satisfactory sounds such as ‘Ooo’, ‘Aww!’, ‘God! That’s Cute!’

Disclaimer: View them at your own risk!

#20 Meet these Black Lab pups with the sweetest eyes

#19 The Dalmatian pup trying to be superman

#18 Aww! Look at their cute little tongues

#17 French bulldog pup with bunny ears

#16 This German Wirehaired pup enjoying nature

#15 Lonely Newfoundland puppy wants to play

#14 Sammy mother and daughter

#13 Super cute English Springer Spaniel

#12 Hugable Westie Terrier

#11 Adorable bulldog pup climbing big steps

#10 One, Two, …. Eleven Weimaraner puppies!

#9 Yorkie practicing her “gazing longingly into the distance” look

#8 That adorable smile

#7 Malamute squad goals

#6  Twins!

#5 Corgi hide and seek

#4 Shih Tzu puppy with a cute bell collar

#3 Another pair of twins

#2 Rottie puppy playing with flowers

#1 Sleepy puppy


See how this 8-month-old puppy share her blanket with a stray

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Picture Source: AKC


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