Dad’s Illustration of His 2-year-old’s Words Storms the Internet!


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Kids. It might seem like a simple four letter word, but in reality, it’s so much more for parents. Their logic defies nature or man.

And that’s the same with the story of Harper, aged 2. Her father Martin Bruckner realized that she says the most darndest things.

Martin first noticed this strange phenomenon at dinner time.

#1 Is That A Mirror Or Is That A Way Of Of Here?


#2 I’m A Lover Not A Pillow Fighter.


Harper casually said, “Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes.”

Later, when Martin was getting her ready for a bath, she dropped another: “Did you just drop your cheese in the tub again?”

He found the phrases amazing and wanted to capture as many as of these fleeting moments as possible.

#3 Mommy, Your Hair Is Nice And Soft, Just Like A Raccoon.


#4 I’ve Been A Lot Of Places, But Inside The Box Ain’t One Of Them!


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As a lifelong artist, he began to illustrate Hanna’s ‘moments’—the best, sweetest and most hilarious.

Her unique way of viewing the world brought interesting, unforgettable visuals to his mind.

#5 Mommy, Are You Still Wearing Your Angry Eyebrows?


#6 Daddy, I Just Love Your Belly Button. It’s So Deep A Fairy Could Live In There.


Bruckner initially made only 8 images and presented them to his wife as a Mother’s Day gift.

He shared a few on a Facebook page aptly named “Spaghetti Toes“.

It went viral overnight and Bruckner was flooded with emails from well-wishers and even one from a notable book publisher!

#7 Crumbs Just Follow Me.


#8 Cuddling Makes Me Hungry.


He found out that parents everywhere are familiar with the unique and twisted brand of toddler honesty. Maybe these are the brief, fleeting moments of hilarity that make parenting worth the trouble.

Bruckner filled a book ‘I Love You with All My Butt!’ with his daughter’s quotes and it just recently hit the shelves.

#9 My Dinner Tummy Is Full, But  My Dessert Tummy Is Waiting.


#10 Mommy When You Wake Up, Sometimes Your Face Looks It Needs To Be Ironed.


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“The world we live in today… I think everyone can agree it’s not great,” Bruckner says. “The news brings you down. But even people that don’t have kids, they say, ‘Thank you for this.'”

“It brightens their day,” he adds. “That means a lot.”

#11 Janie, Hoe Come I Am Full Of Courage And You Are Full OF Worries?


#12 I Like Makeup & I Like Bad Guys


As Harper is growing older, her bizarre non-sequiturs are getting fewer and farther apart. But as a dad, Bruckner is not ready yet for these moments to end.

Just the other day, Bruckner overheard her giving her barbies an Easter pep talk. “Ladies, we have all day to have fun,” she said. “But Jesus is coming soon, and this house is a mess.”

#13 Dad, Why Don’t Humans Wear Cheese Pants?


#14 I Love You With My Heart And Soil.


We are truly in awe with the level of unconstrained imagination kids have. Children’s creativeness and logic also leave us speechless at times.

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While others may remember those a different way, Bruckner chose to draw them so that they last forever.

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