Dad Trolls His Daughter On Instagram Gets 2x Followers Than Her

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Dads are protective by nature. And it goes without saying that most dads would be horrified and immediately rush to stop if they saw their daughters posting sexy selfies on Instagram. However, a 48-year-old Washington-based father found a much better way to keep his daughter under control.

Chris Burr Martin, father of three is a comedian and podcaster. After seeing his daughter Cassie’s scandalous selfies he had to take action.

He said,“So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better,”.

Martin started to troll his own daughter by recreating them himself and posting them on Instagram. The hilarious pictures were an instant hit over the internet. Not only does he continue to do so, he managed to amass astonishing 60k followers on Instagram which is almost double the amount Cassie has.

While Cassie may disagree, her father is a prime contender for Dad of the year award! The pictures are definitely worth a look! See how Chris trolls his daughter and you can even vote for the ones you like the most!

#14 Dopey Punk

#13 Evergreen Duckface

#12 Puffed-up Boyfriend

#11 Hammer-head to Flat-nose

#10 Mascara-ra-ra

#9 Plus Size Extra

#8 That Same Skirt!

#7 Extra White

#6 Duckface Encore

#5 Spirited Away

#4 Stockings ???

#3 On The Couch

#2 With shades

#1 Totally Smoked!

Check out his Instagram for more. It’s not just Dads, Husbands can be Funny too! 



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