Top 12 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World that can be Tamed with Care

While there are no hard and fast rules to label any dog breed as dangerous, it’s hard not to take Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds into consideration. These tenacious dogs are fearsome by nature, but “nurture” also plays an undeniable role in whether a particular dog will act aggressively or not.

Proper care along with a strong, loving bond and good training from an owner make these dogs safe for most households.

FeedFond has compiled a list of the top 12 most aggressive dog breeds. But keep in mind that what we reap is what we sow.


#1 American Bulldog


Originally used for hunting, American bulldogs are fighter dogs and have a strong jaw. They don’t let go of their bite easily. So, training them is key to avoiding accidents. These are banned in Denmark and Singapore.

#2 Rottweiler


This heavyweight breed make good service dogs and were originally used for pulling carts for butchers. Because of their size and weight, they have been used as fighting dogs too. So, no wonder this naturally aggressive breed are often guard dogs. But with proper attention and care, there’s no reason they can’t live in the house with you.

#3 Caucasian Ovcharka


Historically, the Caucasian Ovcharka was trained to herd and guard livestock. As the name suggests, they are popular in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. Known for carrying out their duties loyally, this breed may attack other animals or humans when they feel threatened. So it’s good to train them from a young age to prevent unwanted accidents in future.

#4 Doberman Pinscher


Characterized by  strong jaws and a narrow head, Dobermans are large in size and have an intimidating presence. They have been used in police departments around the world for their alertness and intelligence. However, due to their excessive aggressive nature, they have been discontinued from this service. 

We’re not saying that it can’t be done but it’s best not to have them around small children. It is recommended to train them to be obedient from a young age.

#5 Wolf Dog


This breed of dog is on this list because of their unpredictable behavior. They have been known to attack young children, mistaking them for animals. So building a strong bond from an early age and taking care of them lovingly is probably the most  important factor in determining how they’ll turn out as adult dogs.

#6 Siberian Husky


Known for their nearly mystic beauty, Siberian Huskies are playful, agile, and athletic. No wonder they make great sled dogs! While not known for being aggressive, they do have a strong hunting drive, so it’s best to keep them away from cats, guinea pigs, and other small pets.

#7 Alaskan Malamute


Akin to Siberian Huskies in terms of looks, the energetic Alaskan Malamutes were originally used to haul freight and as sled dogs. They have an innate need to attack their prey. So don’t leave them around small animals and be sure to give them plenty of outdoor time.

#8 Great Dane


Great Danes are also known as German Mastiff and Danish Hound. This breed was originally used for hunting. They are an emotional and sensitive lot. Because of their weight which can be a whopping 200 pounds, they have made it on the list of one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world.

Their size and weight have caused some fatal incidents. Therefore, they have to be handled gently and need to be trained from a young age.

#9 German Shepherd


The lightning speed at which German Shepherds move can be a cause for alarm. This breed of dogs is bent on taking the object of danger down and so it’s best to train them properly and with some love. Their energy needs to be harnessed with enough activities to keep them busy and away from causing potential harm.

#10 Boxer


This breed comes originally from Germany and was trained to hunt. Their powerful physical stature makes them look aggressive. And they can be aggressive if they are not trained with love and affection. They are used as attack and guard dogs because of their power-packed jaws and unrelenting bites.

#11 Dalmatian


This spotted breed of dog is often born without hearing ability and hence, finds it difficult to understand commands. They are naturally not too obedient, have powerful jaws, and are on the large side.

Some have claimed that they are not safe to be left with children. Hence, proper training and daily exercise are two ways to tone them down and channel their energy in a positive way.

#12 Chow Chow


This is originally a Chinese breed of dog that some say has a resemblance to a lion. Somewhat stocky in shape, its weight can reach up to 70 pounds. Over a span of nineteen years, 238 fatality cases from this breed have been registered.

Chow Chow dogs are aggressive and stubborn by nature. They’re also known for being possessive toward their masters, thus making it difficult for other animals and humans to come near their master. As this breed reaches adulthood within a year of its birth, it’s extra essential to start training them at the earliest.

Although this list may contain some of your favorite dog breeds, there’s no need to feel disheartened. In the end, we are responsible of how we treat our dogs and what we teach them. It’s the same with our own children. So, keep enjoying the company of your German Shepherd or your Rottweiler!

We would love to hear from you so do share about any dangerous dog breed you’ve come across! Please share your comments with us in the comments section!

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