Dad’s Awesome Rule for Dating His Daughter Takes Internet by Storm

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When it comes to daughters, dads are usually the most protective. They are the ones that worry the most and obsessively protect them from ill-intentioned boys or girls.

According to most dads, the world is a dangerous place. And if you are a woman, it’s even more so.

But that ‘gun-wielding’, protective dad routine has become out of date. It’s high time that dads trust their daughters to make the correct choice.

Jeff Warren Welch is one of these modern dads that strongly believe this.

In his Facebook post, he shared a simple rule:

“You’ll have to ask them what their rules are. I’m not raising my little girls to be the kind of women who need their daddy to act like a creepy possessive badass in order for them to be treated with respect. You will respect them, and if you don’t, I promise they won’t need my help putting you back in your place. Good luck pumpkin.”

His rule captioned ‘”I ain’t raisin’ no princesses.”

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Welch’s post went viral and gathered support from thousands of parents across the world.

The father of three girls and stepdad for two more truly believes that teaching daughters to make wise choices in regards to boys is an important lesson. More so than obsessively threatening their choices. It’s his hope that the positive reaction will help get rid of the antiquated mindset from dad and thus, begin a new generation of modern parents.

“I think the stereotype of the overprotective dad routine really is rooted in a genuine protective instinct that any good father SHOULD feel toward their daughters,” he writes in an email. “But it can also plant a mindset in our daughters that they need a man’s stamp of approval on major decisions they have to make.”

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So dads, leave the aggression behind and greet your daughter’s boyfriend with a smile. Lock away the shotgun, the scowl, and the vice grip handshakes.

Your daughter is strong and empowered. Believe in her!


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