7 Different Ways You Should Dry Your Hair

Different Ways You Should Dry Your Hair

Hair is a pretty important feature we all care about. Unfortunately, it’s also the most problematic. For instance, you might walk into the shower with silky fabulous curls, but somehow end up with a frizzy mess afterward.

This leads to the common belief that your hair has a mind of its own. But in reality, it’s probably because you’re not drying your hair properly.

While drying may seem like a simple process,  it’s actually more serious than you think. Your drying methods can affect your hairstyle, hair fall patterns, and overall hair health.

Don’t worry, though. Whether you have short or long hair woes, Feedfond has you covered. So, keep reading for some drying tips that will completely change your hair game!

1. Blot Your Hair Dry

We’ll start off with one of the best ways to dry your hair, that involves no products. Right after washing your hair, use your fingers to gently squeeze out the water. Your goal is to get rid of the dripping mess.

Then, flip your head upside down. Using your fingertips, massage your roots for two to five minutes. Afterward, take a section of your hair and use a towel to blot and squeeze it. Start from the roots and then go to the tips. Keep doing this in sections for your whole hair.

By the end, your hair will be dry, but still a bit damp. Make sure you’re not to rough with the blotting. You shouldn’t be ringing or rubbing your hair with the towel as this will just make it frizzy. It’s also wise to use a small towel so you can dry the roots properly.

2. Make a Towel Turban

This method is the most commonly used and needs the least amount of effort. Although it’s a bit of a longer process, it’s perfect for getting your hair out of the way while you get ready. It’s also completely heat free.

First of all,  blot your hair to make sure it’s not dripping wet. Then, put on any styling products you use and comb gently. Wet hair is more susceptible to damage, but is also the easiest to style. All you have to do now is drape a towel over your head like a turban. 20-25 minutes should be enough to let it soak up all the water.

When drying your hair turban style, always use a microfiber towel or a t-shirt. These are soft, so they won’t damage your hair. They also absorb more water and prevent that frizzy after look we all hate.

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3. Get a Handy Blow Dryer

Blow dryers are a savior when we’re short on time. They also do a really good job of styling the hair. But if you don’t follow the right technique at home, your hair can end up looking extremely dry.

To prevent this, blot your hair with a towel first. Then, comb the damp hair with a wide tooth or round brush. Before starting, adjust your dryer’s settings. The ideal setting will obviously vary with different hair types. But make sure to never start off with the highest heat level.

Keep blowing until your hair is 80% dry. Then, take all your hair on top of your head and fasten it with a clip. You should now dry your hair in smaller layers. Start with the lower sections and end with the top layers for the best results. Also, make sure the nozzle is angled downwards.

4. Plopping Really Helps

Plopping is a relatively new method of hair drying. It took the internet by a storm and made a permanent place in our daily routines. This is a really good technique for thin and curly hair to look more voluminous.

Before plopping, scrunch out the dripping water using a microfiber towel. Then, apply some leave-in conditioner to your damp hair. Use your fingertips and put it on in a circular motion, concentrating on the ends.

Afterward, place a t-shirt or a microfiber towel on your table or bed  Flip your hair upside and shake it. Then lower your hair onto the cloth, letting it coil naturally.

Finally, wrap up the t-shirt or towel over your head, securing your hair. Wait for your hair to dry completely. This might take 20 minutes to 2 hours. In the end, you’ll be left with beautiful and healthy looking natural curls.

5. Try Out the Bonnet Hair Dryer

Have you heard of a Bonnet Hairdryer before? If not, get ready to be amazed!

This is a more advanced blow dryer, which  uses an ion infused airflow to dry your hair. You can adjust the heating levels according to your needs. It also comes with a bonnet cap that covers your entire head, explaining the unique name.

Cool right? Well, it’s one of the most efficient ways to dry your hair. It’s also super quick. And the best part is, when you use a Bonnet dryer, your hair isn’t completely sucked out of all the water. Meaning it’s dry, but it still has some necessary moisture. This helps your hair stay shiny and frizz free. 

Before getting this dryer, you should definitely do some research of your own. Check out some buying guides and make sure you get pick a good brand.

6. Air Drying is Effective Too

Air drying may sound fancy, but it basically just means letting your hair dry naturally. If you’re someone who’s looking for a hassle-free, heartless way to dry your hair, then this is the right method for you. It’s also perfect for people who have chemically treated or colored hair.

There’s not much to do for this technique, which is why we love it. It relies on the air ability to evaporate moisture. After washing your hair, get rid of the dripping water. Then, apply some leave in conditioner and let it dry.

Final Thoughts

Hair drying is an everyday activity that’s often overlooked. Sure, there are more pressing matters at hand. But you’d be surprised at how much a proper drying technique will actually do for your hair.

Be it blow dryers, or natural methods, the fate of your hairstyle  depends on how you dry your hair. So, you should try giving this part of your hair routine some proper effort and time as well. This way, you won’t have to complain about a bad hair day later.

We hope these tips will help you live out your hairstyling dreams. Although they seem very simple, they’ll surely make a difference. Make sure to try them out and don’t forget to thank us later!

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