Artist Illustrates Modern Disney Princesses & They Are So 2018


Previously we showed you how old Disney princesses would look like today. Now, let us show you versions of Disney princesses if they lived in 2017-2018.

Fernanda Suarez, an artist from Chile, reimagined classic Disney princesses in a modern world. One look at these princesses will tell you they are nothing like the classic versions we’re all familiar with. They’re busy taking selfies with their princes on Instagram and thoroughly caught up on latest makeup and fashion.

Not to mention their non-stop campaign on social media for the equal rights of dwarfs, marine wildlife, and big cat conservation.

Suarez started working on her first princess back on July ’17 and she is slowly working on the series. Scroll through the pictures to see her amazing work and vote for the ones you love!

#1 Princess Mulan

#2 Princess Belle

#3 Princess Jasmine 

#4 Princess Ariel 

#5 Princess Pocahontas

#6 Princess Snow White

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#7 Princess Cinderella

#8 Princess Nala

#9 Princess Aurora

#10 Princess Rapunzel

#11 Princess Merida

#12 Princess Megara

#13 Princess Tiana

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