10 DIY Dog Toys That Cost Nothing And Are Loads of Fun!

The best thing about owning a dog is the hours of sheer entertainment they can provide us with. Hand them a tennis ball or lead them into a dizzying merry-go-round by pulling a water hose through their mouth, or run with a trailing end of a broom or just a piece of cloth – most dogs love to play and especially with things they can catch with their mouth and sink their teeth into.

So, whatever toys we give to our dogs, we should make sure these are soft, pliable and immensely enjoyable.

Here are some ideas for making your own dog toys at home that cost next to nothing!

#10 Make tugging more fun!

Make two lengthwise slits in an old kitchen towel or a t-shirt and braid it to make a tugging toy for your dog.

#9 Chew on!

Put a tennis ball in the toe-end of a sock and use it as a pulling and chewing toy.

#8 A stuffed toy without stuffing!

Remove all the stuffing from inside an old stuffed toy and sew up the sides to make a perfect companion for your pup.

# 7 Treasure hunt!

Fill a plastic bottle with dog treats and remove the cap. Your dog will spend hours on this one trying to get all the treats out!

#6 Pull away!

Drill a hole through two sides of a tennis ball and put a rope through. Voila! You have a great pulling and chewing toy!

# 5 Make some noise!

Wrap an old t-shirt around a plastic bottle and watch your dog go at it for hours on end!

# 4 A Knotty Toy!

If you have some old jeans around the house, just cut off a part of it, tie a knot in the middle and it’s good to go!

# 3 Homemade chewy!

Cut a section of a water hose and put a branch inside that fits well. It makes a good chewing toy.

#2 Have a ball!

Cut a slit half across a tennis ball and put small dog treats inside for a dog toy that will come in handy when it’s cold outside.

#1 Toss and Turn!

If there is nothing else in the house to make a dog toy with, just hand any old piece of cloth to your dog and watch while it enjoys tossing it from side to side with its mouth!

Simple and fun dog toys can be easily made at home with zero extra cost. Some of these can be strategically placed around the house to keep your dog busy when you have chores to do. Alternately, you can also use them when you’re in the mood to keep both yourself and your furry friend entertained on a long, summer day.

Here’s something else you can make at home – doggy treats! Read to know more. 

Care to share with us how you keep your furry one busy? Please use the Comments section below!

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