Why Losing A Dog Can Be Harder Than Losing A Friend Or Family Member

For dog owners, losing their furry best friend can be excruciating. Words alone cannot describe the friendship that a dog and his/her owner shares. If you’ve ever lost a dog, then  you probably know that no matter what everybody says, it’s not ‘just a dog’. Your pet is never ‘just a dog’.



It’s probably like what we’ve seen on movies like Turner and Hooch, Peter and Hachikō, Penny and Bolt or Shepard and his 8 snow dogs.

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Your Dog As Your Companion

Dogs understand you based on your facial expressions and emotions. They comfort you when you are sad, play and wag their tail when you are happy. They basically understand you. If they sense threats, they will protect you. The unconditional love they provide is what makes their loss unbearable.



The bond we share with our dogs gets stronger with time. They are the ones you spend most of your time with, probably even more than your relatives. There are researches that have successfully proven that the loss of dogs is closely comparable to the loss of a beloved family member.

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Difficulties After They Pass Away

In most cases, owners who have suffered recent losses find themselves with disrupted daily routines. Many plan their entire vacation around their pets needs. Unfortunately, there are no rituals in our culture nor any religious services to help us get through this ordeal.



Dogs leave a mark on our hearts when they pass away. Trust me, there is no timetable and you will remember your companion for years to come. The memories you make during your time together becomes symbiotic. When they die, you feel as if they have taken a part of you with them.

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Remember The Good Times



Many are publicly embarrassed to express grief after losing their pet dog. But don’t be! There are many ways you can express your love. Make holiday cards and photo albums, exchange stories with other dog owners and you will see that you have started to heal. The loss will probably never go away, but the memories of ‘your best friend’ will remain with you forever.

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