‘Grieving’ Dog Hides A Secret In The Grave Of Her Deceased Owner

The loss of a family pet leaves an emptiness in our hearts. Animals that provide humans companionship usually have a shorter lifespan and the emptiness that follows the loss can sometimes be hard to bear.

But what if the opposite happens? What if the owner suddenly comes to the end of his/her life and the animal is left behind?

Well, dogs also feel loss quite deeply. There have been many incidents where a dog refused to leave the site from where the owner was buried. Sometimes they go away and return to spend time in the graveyard with their deceased owner.

A heartbreaking photo appeared on Facebook back in 2015 that showed a grieving German Shepherd seeking shelter over her owner’s grave. The poor animal created a small den under the gravestone in a cemetery in Siberia and was sleeping there.

Initially, people thought that the dog was grieving. That’s why she was spending all her time there, even sleeping overnight. However, when Vesna Mihajloski went to investigate the gravesite, she was surprised at what she found!

The dog wasn’t grieving at all. Actually, she’d delivered a litter of puppies and created a warm, safe nest for them beside her late owner!

Vesna, a dog lover herself, took the pups and their mother her home for proper care. The mother dog was exhausted trying to provide for her and her pups all by herself.

Vesna’s team of animal rescuers administered food, shelter, proper medical attention and care for the canine family. Day-by-day they started to look like the beloved pets they were and less like strays due to life’s hardship.

Many a time, strays are unable to provide proper care for their litter. The family that Vesna rescued would’ve faced death in the cold Siberian weather if they hadn’t been found.

Thanks to dog lovers like Vesna, who decided to investigate a photo from the Internet, the lives of the German Shepherd and her litter were saved.

Over 6 million dogs are left homeless or abandoned every year. Please contact your local shelter if you ever come across a stray dog, especially if they have a litter or young animals with them.

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