There’s No Denying That Dog Moms Are Real Moms Too

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It’s a hotly debated topic on social media – no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump’s hair. It’s whether dog moms can be considered as “real” moms. In other words, does raising a pup, taking care of her, and feeding her as if she were your own child earn you the title “mom”. For those who treat dogs as part of their family, being a “dog mom” is no less than being a mom of two-legged children. Read on and see why!

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#1 Caring and Sharing


Dog moms care for and nurture their pet dogs the same way they would do for their own children. They also share their bed with their dogs.

#2 A Lifetime Bond

Moms and kids share a special bond that lasts an entire lifetime. Same with dog moms and their dogs. The emotional and physical bonding is too strong to snap, even after death.

#3 Born in the heart, not in the belly


Dog moms obviously don’t go through the birth pains with their dogs. But that doesn’t mean they cannot be called moms. If people who adopt kids can be referred to as parents, so can dog moms!

#4 Anyone can be parents


It takes a loving heart, sturdy shoulders, and a gentle soul to be a parent. So, anyone can be a parent to both human children and pets, proving that dog moms are “real” moms too.

#5 Dog moms work equally hard

Dog moms feed and potty train their dogs, take the dog out for a stroll, give them medicine when they’re sick, cuddle them when they feel down, and also give them baths. That’s six reasons dog moms are no less than real moms with human kids.

All in all, dog moms do qualify as real moms. They provide shelter, warmth, love, food, and medicines to their dogs. When their dog is sick, they worry. They are happy when their dog is happy. At the end of the day, it’s the emotional attachment and physical closeness that reward any parent-children relationship. Be it human kids or dogs.

What’s your take on the debate that dog moms are real moms too? Please let us know your opinion in the comments section below! Don’t forget to read about real dog moms!

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