Firefighters Were Surprised by What Came Out of This Burning House

There are very few things in this world that are as strong and precious as a mother’s love—it doesn’t matter if you are human or animal. A mother will always have overwhelming feelings of love towards their children.

They will make huge sacrifices just for the sake of their children, including laying down their own lives.

We at FeedFond were moved by such strength of love when a canine mother ran headfirst into a burning house to save her puppies.

A house in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile recently caught fire. Firefighters were called immediately and started working on taming the fire that was consuming the house fast.


Thankfully, the residents were safe apart from minor burns.

The brave firefighters were heading back to their trucks after rescuing the family when they found someone else has survived the fire! Someone they hadn’t even thought of looking!


The family’s dog, Amanda, mother of 4 puppies, ran back and forth between the house rescuing her 10-month old puppies. She piled them up in the safest place in the entire area – the firetruck!

After she rescued all four, she lay close to them, protecting them and making sure they were alight.


Veterinarians were called on scene to make sure that puppies were safe and unharmed.

Unfortunately, one of the puppies suffered serious burns and had to be treated immediately. However, it was alive solely due to the incredible instincts of the momma dog. Her motherly love saved all of them from the raging fire that left the house in ruins.


Mothers are truly incredible! Share this beautiful story with your friends.

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