Giant German Shepherd Becomes Friends With Tiny Owl and Protects Him

Friendships can be found in unlikely places. It’s a relationship that brings together different beings. This story is about Ingo and Poldi—an incredible pair of unlikely buddies. Ingo is a beautiful Belgian Shepherd and Poldi is an adorable little owlet.

It looks strange to see a large Shepherd getting along so well with a wild animal like an owl. See the incredible pictures taken by professional animal photographer and artist Tanja Brandt from Germany. Through her lens, she showed the world the beautiful friendship of the two unlikely pals.

According to Tanja, Ingo always keeps Poldi close by. He loves and protects him as Poldi doesn’t know how to live free, on his own.

Poldi hatched two days later than his siblings and as such, is more vulnerable compared to other owls. His delayed birth means he requires more attention and care than others.

However, that’s a perfect job for Ingo, who has experience protecting others. The Belgian Shepherd comes from a family of police dogs and has definitely had his tough moments in life.

“They respect each other and they can read each other,” Tanja wrote on her website.

Although Poldi needs extra care,  it’s clear from the pictures that he also takes care of his four-legged best friend. He always snuggles up to Ingo and keeps him very close.

The heartwarming moments captured by Tanja shows just that.

She regularly posts updates of Ingo and Poldi on her Website and Instagram. All of the pictures are truly unique.

Tanja is an animal lover, but she’s especially keen on canines and birds of prey. In other words, Ingo and Poldi aren’t only perfect for each other, but for Tanja as well!

She also takes care of other birds such as hawks, falcons, and tons of other owls. Even though Tanja refers to the owlet as “Poldi”, it’s actually short for “Napoleon”.

Check out a few pictures of their beautiful friendship

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