Dog Can’t Stop Hugging His New Mom After Getting Rescued


Meet Kylo Ren, a big goofy dog is a total mama’s boy. As soon as his human mother Meghan Sweers comes home he climbs onto her lap and hugs her. And won’t stop following her until he gets his dose of love.

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This is Kylo


Kylo had a rough time in his early years. He was sheltered when he was only 10 months old. And spent a long time in a foster home, with no one really wanting to adopt this loving pup.

This adorable dog was rescued …


Meghan and her husband already had a little corgi named Nellie, but when she saw Kylo on Facebook, she couldn’t help but reach out! In the trial run Kylo crawled up to his new mom and comfortably fell asleep. Meghan and her husband knew that the dog finally found the perfect home.

And found a loving home with Meghan …


Kylo quickly adjusted to the lifestyle with the Sweerses. He disliked hardwood floors, but his family provided him with floor rugs so that he can move around comfortably.

The grateful dog always hugs Meghan after she comes home …


“He navigates the house by jumping from rug to rug,” Sweers said.

A total mama’s boy …


Kylo not only loves his family but other people he meets. “He wins people over a bit forcibly… by climbing into their lap and falling asleep.” Meghan said, “Many of our family members who were very prejudiced against bully breeds have changed their tune after spending time around him.”

Kylo hates hardwood floors and jumps around the house …


The love that Kylo shows is truly inspirational and touched the hearts of people who read about them. So, share the love!

He wins people over a bit forcibly … by climbing into their lap and falling asleep.


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