Dog Rushes Into Bathroom And Bites Mom – Saves Her Life In The Process

Dogs are not only intuitive, they’re also incredibly protective of the ones they love. There have been many cases where dogs gave warnings of impending danger. This is one of the primary reasons families feel safer—having a dog acting as their guardian at home.

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. It’s easily 1000 times stronger than that of a human. They also have 18 muscles in each ear, enabling them to hear about four times the distance of a human! With these enhanced senses, they can become aware of things long before humans.

The incident we are about to present is about Patch the dog who became a hero in the Davis household, despite biting his mistress.

Richard and Nola Davis adopted Patch so that their children could have a furry playmate. Patch fit seamlessly into the Davis household and immediately became a part of the family.

He was always by his family’s side, whatever the activity. But one thing he didn’t like was water. He hated taking baths and avoided bathrooms for that reason as much as possible.

With time, he grew to be a large dog and it started to get difficult for the Davis family to accommodate his size. They realized that adopting Patch was a mistake. As difficult as it was, they sat down together for a family meeting to discuss the possibility of finding him a new home.

Andrew, their son, was against the idea from the start. He loved the dog deeply. His strong protest bought Patch a few more days before a decision was made.

However, one cold January day, everything changed.

Nola, home alone on this particular winter day, decided to enjoy a relaxing bath. She made all the preparations—lit some candles, put on some relaxing music, etc. She was enjoying her long soak in the bath when suddenly, something unexpected happened.

Patch busted through the bathroom door and ran to her side. Nola was instantly taken aback because of his aversion to water and the bathroom.

Patch softly bit Nola’s arm and tried to pull her out of the bathtub. Nola was worried because the behavior was so out of character for Patch. She got out of the tub and after putting on her robe and went to investigate.

The moment she opened the bathroom door and stepped out, she instantly realized what was wrong!

The entire Davis home was engulfed in flames and full of smoke. Nola panicked! But Patch was there by her side. He remained calm and strategically led her from the bathroom out of the house to safety.

He even prevented her from going inside to get the car keys, growling until Nola moved away. Moments later, the windows exploded and flames grew.

After she calmed down, she was in tears. She realized that Patch came to save her and without his help, she might’ve died in the fire.

Patch—undoubtedly not going anywhere now— is the Davis family’s furry hero and savior. The whole family is now settled in Montana, including Patch.

See the video of this amazing story.

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