Complete Dog Care Resources from Around the Web

Owning a puppy is exciting. Not only does it come with its own excitement; owning a puppy also means you’re now responsible for a life.

For novice dog owners, this can be overwhelming. Many people get lost in the sea of information, searching for basic information to get started. There are so many responsibilities that come with owning a dog, and for newbies―the first-time dog owners―it’s even harder.

It takes a lot of love and care to raise a dog, and as an owner, it falls on you to do so correctly. You have to understand the requirements for your dog for proper dog feeding and nutrition, as they require.

You also need to be able to train them properly. As you know, dog training includes socialization, potty training, crate training, house training, obedience training, etc. You as a parent should have excellent knowledge or at least resources for these training practices to raise a good dog.

Finally, dogs are prone to many health issues and it’s best to be informed so that you stay up-to-date about what your dog may encounter.

Keeping all these facts in mind, we at FeedFond have compiled a list of resource guides to complete dog care, starting from puppy to senior dogs.

So, let’s start with the nutrition and feeding resource guides first!

Dog Nutrition & Feeding Resources:

Resources to dog feeding

Dogs need proper nourishment to be healthy, same as humans! It’s one of the most essential things a dog owner should know and understand. Not only that, dogs need age-appropriate food which changes at various stages of life.

A lack of nutrition will make your dog sickly and prone to various diseases. Many owners prefer to feed their dogs homemade dog food rather than buying from the store.

Here are some resources for you to follow:

Feeding Guides for Dogs with Special Needs:

Resources to caring dogs with special needs

Some dogs need special attention when it comes to food. The diet of a pregnant dog will be very different than that of a dog with sensitive stomach.

Besides selective dog diets, a good owner should always know what kind of food their dog can or cannot eat.

Here are a few resources of feeding guides for dogs with special needs:

Dog Training Resources:

Resources to complete dog training

No matter what breed your dog is, they will need proper training before they can be around humans. It’s always best to start training from an early age. Of course, the personality and trainability will make a difference in terms of how long you need to train them.

In addition to socialization training, you can add leash training and crate training for mischievous dogs. Most dogs react well to positive reinforcements and love treats in exchange for a trick!

There are many cases in which some dogs have unique abilities and are able to help people with disabilities, comfort the sad and even serve their country by joining law-enforcement and military.

Here are some resources for dog training:

Dog Care Resources:

Resources to dog care and exercise

Every dog needs carethat means proper grooming and exercise. Adequate dog care has a substantial effect on their mental and physical health.

In addition to a dog’s fur, their nails, teeth, and paws also need proper looking after. And as dog owners, it’s your responsibility that your pet gets the best care possible.

Dog Health Resources:

Resources to dog health

A healthy dog is a happy dog. As an owner, you need to make sure your dog stays healthy and disease-free.

There are many health issues a dog might face; understanding each of these diseases will help you tackle those problems swiftly and efficiently.

Other than understanding about each disease, you need to carefully select your vet and vaccinate your dog on time.

Here are a few resources for a better dog health care:

There you go, we have laid out all the possible resources from around the web that you may need to grow a healthy and happy dog.

We are open to any suggestions; please feel free to let us know if you have any important resource in mind that should be enlisted.

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