10 Reasons You Should Share Your Bed With Your Dog

We often suffer from the misconception that sleeping with our dogs is unhealthy and perhaps not the cleanest environment for catching zzz’s.

Although there may be certain cases where sleeping with dogs may not be ideal, for example, in the case of allergies, there are more weighty pros than cons that support our choice of sharing our bed with our canine friends.

Here are 10 reasons why sleeping with our furry friends can actually prove to be beneficial for us:

#10. Stay Safe!

Dogs in bed ensure our SAFETY. When we’re asleep, we are not conscious of what’s going on in our surroundings. Having our dog share our bed can save us from possible threats like fire and burglary.

#9. Have a Sound Sleep!

We love our dogs, don’t we? Sleeping with the object of our love releases a chemical called serotonin that helps regulate sleep. So SLEEP BETTER with your canine friend beside you!

#8. A Natural Body Warmer!

Dogs provide body WARMTH that can help us sleep better on chilly or wintry nights.

# 7. Let you wake up in a Better Mood!

Want to feel happier and wake up in a BETTER MOOD? Sleep with your pup or dog as this helps to release chemicals in the body responsible for happiness.

#6. Say Bye to Insomnia!

If you’re suffering from insomnia, the best solution is to have your dog sleep with you. The presence of your dog in your bed will make you more RELAXED, feel CALMER, and help you doze off easily as you start to enjoy and fall in pace with the body rhythms of your dog.

#5. Depression? What’s That?!

Dogs really are a man’s best friend and love us unconditionally, no matter what. They can even help us FIGHT DEPRESSION with their unerring loyalty and affection for us. So what’s a better way to shoo away depression than to have the love of our life sleep with us?

#4. Reduce Blood Pressure!

Want to LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE? Sleep with your four-pawed friend to reduce blood pressure and stay in the pink!

#3. Ensure Emotional Support!

Wind down after a hectic day with your dog in your bed to get an extra dose of EMOTIONAL SUPPORT.

#2. Healthier Heart

Sleep your way to a HEALTHY HEART with your best friend sharing your bed. Research has shown that dog owners who cuddle up with their dog in bed have lower levels of harmful triglycerides.

#1. Reduce pain!

You can LESSEN PAIN by having your dog snuggling up with you in bed as it releases oxytocin that reduces physical pain.

Sleeping with dogs can be an alternative form of physical and emotional therapy that does not require doctor visits or fees. Dogs are indeed a blessing for us and continue to cherish and protect us from the first day to their dying breath.

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