Here’s What People From “Shithole” Countries Replied To Donald Trump

With another controversial speech, US President Donald Trump sparked unprecedented outrage as he called Haiti and El Salvador as well as a few other African nations as “shithole countries”. He made his speech in a meeting with lawmakers at the White House while resisting immigrants from Haiti and other African nations.

While his speech was globally condemned, a major comeback was on social media by people from these so-called “shithole” countries as they highlighted their achievements which are nothing less than motivational and liberating.

Using sarcasm and dark humor in a series of tweets, these people totally owned social media. Nobody has the right to look down upon and dismiss other human beings based on where they are from. This is plainly offensive.

The series of tweets show the strength of these people and how beautifully they have directed their passions to overcome obstacles and become the incredible people they are today. Not to forget they have their amazing success stories as well.

Scroll below to see for yourself. 











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