5 Reasons You Should Never Let Anyone Sit On Your Bed With Outside Clothes

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When you get back from work or school, sit down and think calmly about the places you’ve been during the day, from the time you left in the morning until you got home. You’ve probably been on public transport, had lunch in a cafeteria, met some friends in a bar, and took a taxi back home. In the process, you’ve handled dollar bills and coins. So, if someone asks you not to sit on their bed in your outside clothes, don’t be offended.

Scroll down to read how you can persuade people not to sit on your bed in outside clothes.

#5 Tons of germs

Your clothes and bag have been placed on different surfaces all throughout the day—cafes, taxis, bars—just to name a few. You don’t know who sat there before you. These places could be teeming with germs. You don’t want to catch them, would you?

#4 Your bed is the place for peace and comfort

The last thing you want on your bed is a zillion germs. The bed is your sanctuary, where you daydream, read a book, cuddle with your partner, and fall asleep. Why defile it?

#3 Your PJs should be clean

Don’t go to bed in PJs you’ve worn while traveling in on a plane. The plane seats are a hotbed of germs. You don’t know who sat there before you or what was kept on your seat.

#2 Take a bath before going to bed

It will help you relax and keep your bed clean. Wash away all the sweat and germs you accumulated throughout the day and get a clean feeling before going to sleep.

#1 Make it a house rule

Not sitting on the bed in outside clothes should be made into a house rule. Have it written and framed somewhere your guests can see and understand. Ask them to consider having the same rule in their home too.

Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below. For a germ-free home, check out Top 15 Ways Of Chemical-Free Home Cleaning For A Healthier Home.

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