Fairy Tale Come True: Couple with Down Syndrome Celebrating 22 Years of Marriage


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Many people look at individuals with Down Syndrome as people who can’t fall in love and live normal lives. Well, here’s a fairytale of Maryanne (45) and Tommy (59) who have been married for 22 years. This power couple proves that love can be everlasting, even amongst those living with Down Syndrome.

Thanks to social media, stories like this are helping to break taboos around the genetic disorder. Maryanne’s sister has a Facebook page dedicated to the loving couple. The pictures and videos show how happy Maryanne and Tommy are—they are blessed to lead a life of independence, filled with love.

The beginning


In 1995, the couple tied the knot. Prior to that, they dated each other for 18 months. Tommy had asked Maryanne’s mother for permission before popping the question. He had a toy ring from a vending machine, but Maryanne’s mother wanted things to be proper—she took him to a jewelry shop. Although her mom faced questions about the feasibility of the marriage, she stayed by their side and supported their decision.

The wedding


Maryanne never doubted Tommy; she didn’t think twice about agreeing to his proposal. The couple had a nice white wedding, just like Maryanne had dreamt about all her life.

The fairytale continues


22 years down the line, the couple is happy and lives independently with their family living close by. Maryanne says that Tommy is her best friend and they never argue. They have proven to the world that people with Down Syndrome may look and act a little different, but deep down they’re the same as the rest of us.

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